Well it was that time, the time when you suddenly realise that your pride and joy looks tired and a little road worn. My Italian Lambretta GP 200 is now having a badly needed rebuild. Due to the fact that I can't change a light bulb without stripping the thread, Borgo of The Hidden Power Scooter Club Germany, has offered to take on the spanner work. The first major part that needed  attention was the engine. My engine consists of a MB Developments Special 235cc race barrel that was once used by Mike Davis on the race track! A Steele liner and a heavily tuned TS1 225 kit has been thrashed by me for the last few years. The carb set up is a humongous 36mm Dellorto carb with a 6 petal Yamaha reed block. Every trick MB development product has been used and of course it was Mark Broadhurst who fitted and tuned the engine including a 6 plate clutch along with 5 mm packing plate making the scooter one of (If not thee!) fastest Scooters on the road. Still, all talk and we have a saying in Yorkshire "When the flag drops, the bullshit stops!" (If you can beat me, I'll buy the beer!)


Borgo approached the scooter rebuild from an enthusiasts point of view. This consisted of a good test ride to ascertain if there were any faults with the handling. The next thing to be done was to jig the frame to check for any buckles or alignment errors. The hydraulics for the front brake were stripped and replaced along with all bushes and bearings. Looking at the exhaust it was agreed that the muffler needed re welding but the fully blown main part was still in very good condition. A new front mudguard was purchased and this was fitted prior to being powder coated, fit before painting/powder coating surely is the tip for the day! The 36mm Dellorto carb is being replaced by a more subdued 30mm item, this has been done to lower the revs and hopefully increase the reliability of the scooter.


All the electrics on the AF 12 volt conversion are checked and all the frame trims and rubbers are removed cleaned or replaced as and when necessary. During the strip it was noticed that the holes in the runner boards had increased, these have been welded and strengthened along with the usual splits in the side panels.


It broke my heart to see the "Northernsoul badges" sandblasted off as did the "Doncaster hunters" Badges, I had paid a lot of money for these to be done almost ten years ago! Still in with the new and out with the old as they say. The Scooter will be finished "touch wood" for my birthday (The wife's present to me) so keep coming back to see the progress as it takes shape.





The painter has finished the first stages, some graphics have now been added to the side panels and head set top. The front leg shields have to be done, the next step will be to cellulose lacquer over the paint then assemble. We are still waiting for the long range tank, the 36mm Dellorto has now been replaced by a 30mm Dellorto in an effort to lower the rev's.


Borgo has done a fantastic job, not forgetting Eckie for the graphics the care and attention that has been taken is a privilege to watch. The graphics have all been done by Eckie and very soon his talents and artistic bent will be available for all Scooterists. Come back soon to see the scooter completed.

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The above picture is of the trophy for best of show at the Northern Pearl Custom at Hamburg 2003.
It is of course a bit self indulgent but I don't care! :-)

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Many thanks to Borgo and Eckie for your skill and friendship

Yours Simon Cuerden.