Gary “nutty” Newton
AGE; 34


BIRTHPLACE; Peterborough


SCOOTERS OWNED;     ’98 T5 used everyday, standard apart from a Sito plus exhaust and some chrome: rear rack.  Sito plus bought after the Leo Vinci I had fell apart halfway to work one morning.




PX125.  Basket case that was given to me as a half attempted cut down. Still a basket case but now in a box!


EARLY INFLUENCES;  ’79 onwards was my era as I’d just discovered music and the charts through lusting after Debbie Harry! The mod revival happened when I was at the most easily influenced time of life, the early teens! This lasted right through until I joined up in ’82 aged 16.


MUSIC; Obviously all the revival sounds, especially Secret Affair, Squire, The Circles etc.  In ‘79/80 Mods in my area were listening to Mowtown, Northern Soul, Ska, ‘60s The Who so all of these are in my collection.


AIMS; To do at least one Isle of Wight before I get too old to appreciate it! I say this every year but something crops up to stop me going.  Get more involved in the scene, rally more.


BEST BITS OF SCOOTERING; knowing you can go to a rally anywhere in England even if you don’t know anybody and still be accepted and enjoy yourself with people who’ve got a similar addition to scooters.


WORST BITS; Thieving bastards who are ruining the scene.  You should be able to go to a rally and leave you kit/scooter unlocked and unguarded all weekend without worrying if it will still be there in the morning.


COMMENTS; The scooter scene is something we can be proud of and all enjoy so let’s get out there this summer and so just that!  Who knows what we’ll be doing or where we’ll be next year.  I was looking forward to the ’99 season but ended up spending it in Macedonia and Kosovo, what a waste! We should be thinking of all meeting up on odd weekends as a club.
"A Beach is a place were a man can feal he's the only soul in the world thats real!"