Kyle Partlow

Kyle and his scoot "Major Malfunction"

1 .... Name.... Kyle Partlow

2 .... Age.... 41

3 .... Town.... Gloversville, NY USA

4 ....Occupation Fire-fighter / SSgt USAFANG

5 .... Married? Wife's name, kids? ages etc... Divorced ..Kids (2) Kevin 21 & Megan 19

6 .... Hobbies other than soul/Scootering Snowboarding, Firearms, magic ( the stage not the occult)

7 ...-..Plastic Scooters yes, no not bothered not bothered, the more small wheels on the road the safer it is for all of us , because they start looking for us.

Hell, I don't have allot of scooters to ride with here and some of my friends have motorcycles so I end up riding with Harleys & Indians.

8 .... 3 Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the past.... Niagara (Thanks to the Tundra Schmucks for 10 Years of Mudslinging goodness)

Boston Stranglers Eviction Rally (were else do the cops come and try to shut you down at 2 AM every year.)

Chequered Demons Narrowsburg Rally

9 .... Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the present.... All of the above are still going and getting stronger

10 .... 5 Favourite Scooters Custom or model

1. TV 200 Lambretta

2. "Major Malfunction" My frankenbretta made out of parts on my workshop shelf

3. Woody of the Boston Stranglers custom Lammy chopper

4.SX200 Lambretta

5. Durkopp Diana

11 .... 5 Favourite present sounds.... "3rd shift relieved of duty " (that's what the PA says when I get off of work and am free to ride)

12 .... 3 Favourite albums....

Kinks best of

U2 Rattle & Hum

Stevie Ray Vaughan "Texas Flood"

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group....

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island with (Apart from Janine!).... Liz Hurley

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert island with.... Hillary Clinton (she would be even more useless there)

16 .... Pet hates....

Old ladies who don't signal left turns (We drive on the RIGHT side of the road over her) and Trucks/SUV's that push into your lane

Newbee Scooterists who "Know it all" first afternoon of the rally, but want you to be their personal mechanic on the side of the road, or 3 minutes before the big ride out.

17.....Best dealer

Chelsea at SCOMO in Virginia, cause she is the party that rocks my scooters world. She has all the parts to keep my 8 Lambrettas and 1 Vespa running.

Thanks Chelsea

18.....Worst dealer experience

Rather not say ..

19.....How did you find out about the

GOOGLE searching for scooter related sites.