1 .... Nickname.... I used to get called "Bone"  when I was a wee bit younger due to my shaved head but I'm older now, so Dave will do 

2 .... Age.... 30 

3 .... Town.... Dundee , Scotland 

4 ....Occupation  CNC Programmer/Setter 

5 .... Married? Wife's name, kids? ages etc...

Not any more , 2 daughters Chloe aged 7 and Jaye who is nearly 5 

6 .... Hobbies other than soul/Scootering .... Computers, clothes and 60's memorabilia 

7 ....Plastic Scooters yes, no not bothered ... 

Doesn't bother me as long as I'm not expected to ride one

8 .... 3 Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the past.... 

Ah , well I'm a bit young for that! 

9 .... Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the present....  

The only 3 I've been to recently are,  Stoke , Belmont in Aberdeen and The Grosvenor hotel in Edinburgh 

10 .... 5 Favourite Scooters Custom or model....    

Well top of the list would be Vespa PX125disc ( cos that's what I've got ) then the phoenix GS 150 as featured in last months Scootering, I've always wanted a lammy so, I suppose GP200 , that's all really 

11 .... 5 Favourite present sounds.... This changes day by day!

Charles Sheffield - It's your voodoo working

Patience Valentine - If you don't come

Etta James - Seven day fool

Tami Terrell - lone, lonely town ( I love Tami Terrell )

Debra Anderson - Funny how we've changed places 

12 .... 3 Favourite albums....  

Kent's magic touch 

Four tops second album

Kent's Footstompers , ( cos it's the first album i bought from my own money 1984) 

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group....  Beatles 

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island with (Apart from Janine!)....

At this present time I don't like anyone enough to be stranded with them! 

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert island with....

My (soon to be ) ex-wife 

16 .... Pet hates.... Anyone who lies and is insincere 

17.....Best dealer... 

My favorite record dealer is Grouchos in Dundee , he hasn't got a clue and sells me some great stuff for pennies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

18.....Worst dealer experience...   

The arsehole who took 8 weeks to fix my scooter when it was kicked and trashed 

19.... how did you find out about the AFSC....   

From a nutter who's a regular in the Nightowl Chatroom , what's his name again ..........oh yeah , Simon :-)          "Oooooooooh The Cheek!!!"