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AFSC A Way Of Life

the Great London Rideout

pictures by Danny Siggers
AFSC Afghanistan
left to right  Marcus Jones, John Foskett, Aaron Culley
Heavy Istar detachment for Herrick 12/13
May to November 2010


Murph at the Scooter Dive 20 in Ubach Pallenberg Germany
dave buff's afsc ink

some from The A2aces

and the Help for hero's day

mark flies the colours down under



Some thing for the weekend




view from a bridge

Zak on his first ccf camp


viva las Vegas  
daz, Steve and damage  
ginger's easter egg run  
carry on regardless 3  
wills chippie's new leg mik n sue
carry on regardless 3
Mark Adams
run to Brighton H4H 23rd May 09
And Twickenham watching England win
the International Rugby 7s competition 24th May 09
Dave Wilkinson  
AFSC wins special award

 David Blower at the

9th Vespa Brunch Japan

The Agrati Capri
Karl's immaculate 1960 reg. Agrati Capri 80cc
a mega afsc well done to Dave Hall

for winning a trophy at cheek monkeys

Nicole Cooke wins Britain's first gold of the Games and Dave picks up a trophy at Cheeky Monkeys, brilliantttttttttttttttttttt!!!

cheeky monkeys
Zak cuerden aged 14
on his first lambretta
and first ever ride
Our Gaz is now in the clear
Thank god you are now back amongst us, all of the AFSC now wish you a speedy recovery and we are all thinking of you, Helen and the children
AFSC Annual thrash is rapidly approaching
AFSC At bangers n mash


AFSC at st gorges ride out Cambridge
Uggy at Anfield Simon at northern aces Uggy at Anfield 
  booty at northern aces  
Raided from Jeanette's Facebook
Alfie's Jack Daniels LI150 back on the road
the afsc forward as one
John Gray Back to basics tour 2007

 John Gray "logdumper",  Back to basics tour 2007 "no van how stupid that?" Started in Leicester Thursday rode to Harwich Went TO Oysterbank for the week end then Sunday rode down through Belgium to Ypers to attend the last post at 8 o'clock Sunday night loads of people there very moving. Monday morning rode to Dunkirk got the ferry and rode up to Leicester got back about 18.30 went for a beer at me m8's pub [scooter lad] just over 600 miles in all on a TS1 225 that's it 6th trip abroad 3 Holland 3 France an only 1 broken clutch cable out of all of it.[ M25 yesterday ] I never had me arse whacked with a cricket bat but I imagine this morning that's how it must feel. Any way off to Amsterdam next weekend scooter racing then I reckon I.O.W an Mersea on the cards.

John sounds like a marathon of a trip! Look forward to a cold frothy one at Mersea mate!

This is our Roann just about to chuck a load of stuff out of a plane!

And this is her PX 150 back in the US

Karl's sons, Connor n Kieran with Totty

earned by honour
worn with pride











          Click to see the bigger picture - Photographs provided by - The Armed Forces Scooter Club


These two professional male models
sporting the all new AFSC Polo Shirt


Nick n Sallyanne sporting AFSC colors
I will do business with the AFSC again. Thank You I am now a hit with the ladies just as promised, thank you for my new life I must write and thank the AFSC  we have had a leak in the bathroom for years but no it has stopped Amazingly wonderful, I will definitely purchase from AFSC again. Thanks. Impeccable in every way.
I like my new job, but I dread going to work as I am often scolded for my mistakes. Recently, I bought a AFSC shirt  I am now earning more money and in a relationship with a woman. We were very pleased with the AFSC. Excellent product, excellent service - who could ask for more! My fitness has improved and my snoring has stopped it's great to get a nights sleep again thanks to the AFSC shirt I am 27 years old and am in a rut. I have been working in a job for about two years now, but I feel my chances for promotion are very slim. That was before I bought a AFSC shirt! I am no the managing director thanks to The AFSC.

I ordered on Jan.  I received about 9 days later!. Nicely packed an shipped per Air. 

The material is wonderful and most important they fit!! My husband an I are re born The shirts have changed our lives, I can now fly helicopters and play the piano, thanks to the AFSC.
robo and martin

Ray Kemp of AF Rayspeed working closely with motorcycle ace tuner and engine designer Terry Shepherd developed the TS1 kit. The TS1 kit (TS for Terry Shepherd) revolutionised Lambretta tuning and certainly raised the bar for all the innovative products that followed.

Ray started as an apprentice Lambretta mechanic working for Arthur Francis in the mid seventies in Watford. When Arthur Francis, famous for The "S" Type Special, retired Ray took over the shop relocating to North Yorkshire. Ray was keen to establish himself and used AF from Arthur Francis adding Rayspeed.

In the early days of the AFSC I was keen to give the club an solid image, starting with an "iconic" logo and patch. I used the AF from AF Rayspeed. I also approached Ray to act as our clubs technical adviser and thank him for his kind help, remember this was pre web site and all correspondence was done by steam!

Above is a picture of Ray sat on my GT "S" Type during this years "Carry on Kemping" http://www.afrayspeed.co.uk/ Click here to visit AF Rayspeed's site

haggis n da boyz
Just got back from watching my son Zak do his first Trooping Of The Color!
A little self indulgent of me I know but I am so proud!


Contact Womble HOMENUNEATON@aol.com
  John (fozzy) and Sarah Foskett

Womble's ink

Simon's ink
Gaz “The over grown scooter gnome”,
Douglas Trendle “better known as” Buster Bloodvessel
and Treacle “better known as Treacle”
Buster is proudly sporting The AFSC Colors!!!
The Reading Toy Run
Ian Duffin's eldest, Emma who is a future scooter girl in the making
and very upset that daddies scooter is knackered at the moment
Rod Short and Lionel from Didcot, Rod's lad Mitch in the chair
The toy run is run by the Reading Christian bikers association and this year was the 20th anniversary run. All the toys go to Barnados children's home in Wokingham they get so many toys that they distribute a lot to other charities in the Berkshire area and inner London areas.
RICK 63 AND Baggy at the Lincoln Christmas Toy Run
  Mik Boon 1979  
Lee Baker AKA Biff found some old photo albums

A young Dave Bellis entertaining.

Lee is still trying to find Jasper, Britta and Hammy who appear in some of these pictures, can any one help?
Steve Roney's, most excellent SX150 now restored and on the road
Marshy let me have a spin on his newly restored LD For Bill Anderson - Pochacco riding a little yellow vespa Came back from shopping and some clown was sat on my scooter!
Always mega brilliant to have a new member to join the AFSC and the only thing that ever tops this is a baby! Aaaaaahhhhh This little hansom critter is Dave's son, Jack "The Lad" Plent
click below for
Dave plent's
AFSC IOW 2005 "Rally on the Rock"
Womble's rather fantastic GP, i have just spent twenty minutes staring at it! Wow!!
Rob from Brum
Dave Gibbs n Simon Cuerden
Mik sent this in from his local paper, its a big file so be patient
Mik's scooter along with the AFSC leg shield banner
Simon with the late great
Edwin Starr
Jimmy n Sharon AKA
The Blade & The Hobgoblin
Pictures by John Wymark
Need a plumber? Gaz n Treacle do!
Nick n Sallyanne sporting AFSC colors
Which one of these AFSC crazy frogs isn't our Gaz?
Our Treacle's PX complete with Drive Screen (Rocking Horse poo!)
HFC "Some thing for the weekend?"
The Lincoln Knights Scooter Club
ride out to Brant Broughton
Andy "Baggy" Baggott
Trish, Andy "Baggy" Baggott and Rick 63
Pauline Baker's new ride!
Bagzy's nearly complete "Dressed To Kill"
Pauline Baker's new ride
All hale to the ale, a beer for the gent and a white wine or fruit based drink for the ladies.
A few pics from Yarmuff sent in by Bagzy
Bagzy doing his bit for Biker - Scooter relations
Mik & Sue in Grimsby during the Hospital Easter Egg Run
Treacle's new MOD kit
Mark's Lambretta Silver Special...this is the pic that appeared on the front cover of Jetset last summer.
Danny boon's Lambretta
Mrs 2 Coats RAT
 Mrs 2 coats scoot is now up and running!
Not bad for couple of hundred quid and 2 tins of Hammerite eh!
keeping it cool in the states, your friend, George.
Brooky and the freeloaders! Brooky hosting the Ransoms and Botham's new years eve.
Gianluca "Roccia" Porqueddu
Roccia is the Italian Forces AFSC Rep, these are pictures of Roccia's scooter wedding, and a picture of his Italian Lambretta GP TS1 225. Roccia has his own web site, please have a look here www.leaningtowersoulclub.com  please sign his guestbook.
Borgo and Marion with carol visiting my gaff over Christmas, the snow has settled and made a proper crimbo
I have just finished packing a load of AFSC polo shirts and patches ready to send to AFSC members. You can find the ordering instructions by clicking here: CLUB SHOP We have in the past sold one or two shirts to none AFSC members, please note that from now on only AFSC Polo Shirts are only to be worn by official AFSC members and family. The patches will remain as a "Friendship Patch" that can be given as and when you wish. If you have and thoughts on this then please let me know afsc50@hotmail.com
AFSC news flash
Watch this space for forthcoming news on The AFSC sponsoring Mark Hanson's 2005 racing season. Mark will be racing his AFSC sponsored small framed Vespa SS90 that has been clocked at 62 mph with 18 bhp. Check out Marks web site here: Small frame Racing
Carol Cuerden with her Christmas present from husband Simon, also our dog Max.
The Vespa Primavera 125 ET3 is a four speed small frame, the name ET3 I believe means electronic timing. With three ports rather than two. This gives the scoot some extra kick and needs less tuning due to it electronic timing.  It has a Zirri performance pipe and a Polini 135cc kit with 22mm carb! Just as fast as a rally or a P200 because of its lightness and it powerful 4 speed 3-ported engine. I think the bike weighs about 150 pound where as regular vespa weigh in at 250 and up.

I upgraded the suspension, with the help of Steve Beech, it was a right job trying to cut the old seized shocks off. Also I changed the tiers from the original "Wheal Barrow" to Michelin slicks that are boss in the wet and dry!  The Bike handles very tightly because of it smallness and has a lot of pep when needed.
    AFSC Grimsby Children's Hospital Xmas Run
  • Rick (Rick63)Booth and Paul Green during a very wet and cold Hospital Xmas Run.
    Nice to see Paul on the mend after his accident.
    Bagzy baker's scootz
    Gary Powell's project vespa
    You going to Brighton this weekend?
    Brooky & Marshy
    new photos from the
    tarmac spirits 2004
    new photos from the
    Zottel Zossen Run 2004 – Bremen
    Just been mindlessly surfing the Scooter sites and found these three pictures of AFSC members scoots!
    Sent in by our very own Rob James (his scooter is the one in the centre)
    Rob grabbed a hand full of trophies himself! Watch this space for details.
    More shocking fake pictures uncovered
    These shocking pictures depicting a soldier pointing a rifle at two AFSC members whilst at a German scooter run earlier this year have now officially been announced as fake. The soldiers depicted on the photograph look confused and docile, The AFSC are holding their own internal investigation.
    Dia gets his scooter back from Borgo's and is well over the moon
    "It looks 100% better now! Can't wait to show it off"
    I don't give a monkey's arsehole about Mods and Rockers. Underneath, we're all the same, ain't we?
    No, Kev, that's it. Look, I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a Mod, see? I mean, you gotta be somebody, ain't ya, or you might as well jump in the sea and drown.
    Gary McLaughlin on his new chop with his son Kieron and pal Chris. Kieron was one of the NSRA Little Devils SC and now a member of The AFSC Sproggs! Have a look at our new AFSC Sproggs section and if you would like your own sprogg to join let me know. Yours Simon Cuerden afsc50@hotmail.com
    Click above to see a clipping of Dia Ransom's article as featured in this weeks edition of The Sixth Sense Newspaper! What's more important is that Dia is thee first AFSC member to send a picture of himself wearing our new "Too smooth to move" AFSC Polo Shirt!
    I received this picture from Garry Thomas of Scootering magazine, he has this as his screen saver! Unfortunately it can't be published by the magazine as there are no Scooters featured. Garry by the way is ex REME.
    Rob James gets his scooter in scootering
    Our very own Rob James will have his scooter featured in "Scootering" magazine next month! Ritchie from Scootering Mag did a photo shoot last month of his GP Lambretta "Acid Trip" It picked up a couple of 2nd place gongs last April at the VMSC Show in Walsall for Street Racer and Paint job.
    Well done Rob, bottle of champagne on me next time we meet! Yours Simon Cuerden
    Simon C's GP
    Simon C's GP
    Ian & Borgo
    John & Steve
    Steve Evens
    Jimmy the blade's stuff
    Mick & Heather
    Simon & Mick Holt
    Mick & Simon
    Borgo & Simon
    Simon Brunskill's SX
    My fake tax disc
    These two professional male models sporting the all new AFSC Polo Shirt
    Kerry Webster Gets Ska'd
    Ska singer, Laurel Aitkin, is said to be recovering from bronchial pneumonia "He is still very ill though he is slowly recovering, But the doctors have said that he will not sing again."

    Our very own Kerry was at the benefit concert starring some of his contemporaries at the Club Ska in London. It was a "brilliant night" with Ska legend, Prince Buster, stealing the show.
    Laurel Aitkin is best known for the 1959 hit song Boogie In My Bones.
    He cut Boogie In My Bones in 1959 for the young Chris Blackwell who had recently started Island Records. Boogie In My Bones reportedly entered the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation's chart in October 1959 and stayed at number one for 13 weeks.
    Aitkin never had another hit song of Boogie In My Bones' magnitude, but numbers such as Little Sheila, Boogie Rock and I'm Crying Over You gave him a cult following in the United Kingdom where he migrated in the early1960s. Get well soon Laurel
    Steve Evans
    Kerry Webster
    Mick n Jon
    Mick n Borgo n John
    Our Kerry
    Paul Green left going to Brid.
    Kerry and mates
    Simon, Borgo and Eckie at Belgium Custom Show
    Elaine Ransom's PX50XL
    Nutty, Mick and others at Nico's house
    Simon, Andy and Sticky Hamburg
    Best of show Northern Pearl
    Will Newman printing his own money over in Iraq
    Alreet marra's Hows it gannin...I'm trying to keep the club diggin in Cyprus the hole I've done is f*ckin massive. Here's a couple of my sorry arsed face giv'in it large in Cyprus for the AFSC Cheers Jimmy The Blade
     The official AFSC polo shirts Just £10 or €15 for a super high quality shirt with our official AFSC logo
    Borgo and the Bricklayer
    Kyle and his scoot "Major Malfunction"
    "Good morning sun shine"
    "Spot the Burberry cap" who said our club wasn't controversial?
    Hohne Crew Sunday ride
    Speed Demon, Hidden Power and a baby.....................ahhhhhhhhhh
    Rob and Lizzy
    Kerry n Banana
    Nutty n friends
    Simon n sweat!
    Heide Treffen rally
    The BFPO 30 boys hoopin it up  
    Steve Evens n Ian Botham
    Hohne Crew's Scootz
    Kelle, Borris n Jimmy
    Jimmy, John n The morlocks
    Jimmy's breakdowns!
    Jimmy n Borgo
    John n revellers!
    Boris on the right
    Ian Botham leading the charge
    Borgo n Ian
    Boris, Jimmy
    Borgo, Jimmy n Morlocks
    Boris fixes Jimmy's Scoot
    On the Run
    Boris still fixing Jimmy's Scoot
    Jimmy The Blade
    Simon Brunskill's Scooter Boys!
    Vespa Club Celle
    John Wymark n the Morlocks!
    Jimmy Travolta!
    Could 9 SC Paderborn
    Borgo, Simon and Steve "The Beef"
    Nutty IOW 2002
    filthy & sly 04-06 JULY 03
    Mick Holt throws the tent up!
    Scooter Attack
    Andy & Harry Barlow
    The Crew
    Simon watches the Scooter Attack
    Friday afternoon Mick Holt and Simon Cuerden make a mad dash from JHQ towards Marl. Gortex water proofs were the order of the day but as luck would have it we missed the rain. We arrived at the camp site, ten euros to get in with anniversary patch, good value I think for one of the best runs in Germany. Mick assembled the tent and finished just as Harry Barlow and Andy from Leicester arrived. Within the hour we were joined by Dia and Elaine Ranson. Sören, Christian, Carsten and Borgo were already there and many of the other German members turned up later during the night.
    The drinking pit
    German Scooter Girls
    Is there a bargain here?
    Friday's Nighter was brilliant and the party atmosphere was fueled by cheap beer at one euro a pint! The was also a cocktail bar for those who wanted to see their tent spin and a BBQ for the munchies. A few new faces at this run, no muscles being flexed and a health smattering of young good looking women provided the eye candy.
    Saturday was spent nursing minor headaches and just chilling out. There was a small parts fair, a rolling road were you could try to seize your piston to your barrel or throw your crank out of line! I do not know what possess people to thrash their scoots like that? Scooter football, tire burn outs, a scooter pull and custom show. Saturday had promised an "Elvis" impersonator but he didn't show. We did a bit of Karaoke singing and drank a few beers. Had a few giggles, drank some more beer, had a bit of a boogie, drank some more beers then went to bed. Sunday came around all to quickly, a brilliant run! Good laugh and we are all looking forward to the next one!
    Sören who served in the German Army up until 1991, a member of the Speed Breed SC, Nürnberg and the Steel Axis Welfarianbreed.
    Pics: 1)Sören 2) Sören as Speed Breed SC member with British Foreign Legion member on Corsica (!)
    3) Speed Breed SC patch 4) Steel axis WELFARIANBREED (Welfen, Braunschweig; Barbarians, Kiel; Speed Breed, Nürnberg)------
    Simon, Tom, Brett and Mick had a run out on Sunday and ended up in Roemond sampling the cafe scene, Quaffing just the one beer whilst appreciating the local talent on offer. As usual the day started later than expected, call from Simon, I'm running late, now there's a surprise as my son Jake would say. Finally arrived at Brett's 1 hour late and headed for Roemond. Written by Mick Holt.
    Are these the two rarest photographs of AFSC members?
    Borgo drinking coke
    Mick Holt queuing for a shower at HiH
    There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being really dim, and we sat in a Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.
    Scytheman Scooter Club Rally in Oldendorf Easter (Near Hamburg) 18.-21 April 2003
    The first German run of the year and the coldest by far!
    P1010002.jpg (74649 bytes)
    P1010004.jpg (116387 bytes)
    P1010008.jpg (67047 bytes)
    Ralph on his P200E
    Simon n Ralph at Oldendorf
    On the way back with some Bremen Scooterists
    P1010010.jpg (87927 bytes)
    P1010013.jpg (68510 bytes)
    P1010025.jpg (42921 bytes)
    The long journey home
    Borgo n Simon, the coldest Run ever!
    MayWetTshirt19ostern.jpg (35434 bytes)
    Just as we left the Scytheman Rally, there was a wet t-shirt comp and a girl from Celle decided to dazzle the crowd! Frickin typical, as soon as I leave!
    MayIOW_200.jpg (114106 bytes)
    MayIOW_2001.jpg (121972 bytes)
    Bob IOW 2000
    Bob IOW 2001
    Hamburg Custom Show 2003
    Good day for the AFSC German chapter, we took three Lambrettas to enter in the show winning 
    "Best of Show", "Best Lambretta" and "Best Mod Scooter" 
    big thanks to Borgo and the hidden power sc
    AFSC1.jpg (13446 bytes)
    AFSC2england_b.jpg (36719 bytes)
    AFSC3england1_b.jpg (51800 bytes)
    AFSC4mens_b.jpg (62017 bytes)
    Simon Cuerden with "Best Of Show"
    Best Lambretta
    Best of Show
    New  Colors Heide HEIZER
    AFSC8typ_b.jpg (45257 bytes)
    AFSC9Nichtschlecht.jpg (13892 bytes)
    Nutty Newton's new hat
    The Thong
    cloud9-2002-19.jpg (37286 bytes)
    Cloud 9 S.C. Scooter Run Paderborn
    cloud9-2002-20.jpg (34857 bytes)
    Dia and Elaine were flying the flag on this run
    Harlekins2002-12.jpg (10539 bytes)
    Harlequins S.C. Scooter Run
    Borchen, 19-21.July.2002
    The Durango 95 purred away real horrorshow, a nice warm vibratey feeling all through your guttiwuts.
    Dia and Elaine were flying the flag on this run
    GALLERYMICKnSIMON.jpg (32553 bytes)
    Cloud 9 S.C. Scooter Run
    Mick Holt and Simon Cuerden on the run
    Bigscan4.gif (32835 bytes)
    Bigscan5.gif (30280 bytes)
    Bigscan6.gif (44230 bytes)
    Simon Cuerden and Mick Holt German run near Cologne 2002
    Two bikers posing on our scooters, we didn't want to sit on theirs though!
    Same two, these lads are from the JHQ Bike Club, I think they ride as far as the NAAFI some times?
    On the way back from a run the GP has just had a face lift thanks to Borgo
    Bigscan8.gif (62494 bytes)
    Bigscan9.gif (93496 bytes)
    Bigscan10.gif (91057 bytes)
    I lost three wheal nuts on the way to this run, lucky not to have come off!
    Mick Holt's Vespa P200E with Malossi kit and Taffy pipe
    Simon n Mick at the run 
    Mick talks to his mechanic, Scooter Centre Cologne 
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Ain't you the guy who used to set the paces? Riding up in front of a hundred faces?
    Send in your pictures: AFSC@tafsc.com 
    What time d'you call this?! Oh I don't know, I 'aven't got a watch!
    Every year is the same And I feel it again, I'm a loser - no chance to win. Leaves start falling, Come down is calling, Loneliness starts sinking in. But I'm one. I am one. And I can see That this is me, And I will be, You'll all see I'm the one.
    SHOWP3020015.JPG (177558 bytes)
    SHOWP3020017.JPG (345813 bytes)
    SHOWP3020021.JPG (427748 bytes)
    What kind of a fool do you think I am? You think I know nothing of the modern world. 
    Rows and rows of disused milk floats stand dying in the dairy yard
    And a hundred lonely housewives clutch empty milk bottles to their hearts Hanging out their old love letters on the line to dry 
    What a catalyst you turned out to be, Loaded the guns then you run off home for your tea
    SHOWP3020035.JPG (250170 bytes)
    I am a dull and simple lad Cannot tell water from champagne and I have never met the Queen And I wish I could have all he has got - I wish I could be like David Watts
    As we walked along the flatblock marina, i was calm on the outside but thinking all the time. So it was to be Georgie the general saying what we should do and what not to do and Dim as his mindless grinning bulldog. But suddenly I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones and the oomny ones used like inspiration and what Bog sends. Well now, it was lovely music that came to my aid. There was a window open with the stereo on and I viddied right at once what to do......
    Readers7.jpg (34891 bytes)
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    But I don't wanna be like everybody else! That's why I'm a mod, see?
    I ride a G S scooter with my hair cut neat,Wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet
    I've got a good job And I'm newly born. You should see me dressed up in my uniform.
    Er, don't sing any of that old rubbish eh? That ain't rubbish pal, that's Gene Vincent! 
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    Dave Simon and Dave Gibbs
    Oh why don't you just roll over and do a few underwater farts? 
    Dave Simon's T5
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    You goin to Brighton this weekend?
    We are the mods,We are the mods,We are,We  are,We are the mods!
    You say she's a virgin. I'm gonna be the first in. 
    On the dry and dusty road The nights we spend apart alone 
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    Laugh and say I'm green I've seen things you'll never see.
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    You don't work, you don't get no money. And I like money!
    I'll pay now if you don't mind. You haven't got a pen have you, your honour?
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    "Click to enlarge the picture"
    D'you want some lacquer on that? Nah, poofs wear lacquer
    Well I ain't goin' in there wiv me fackin' parka on, am I?
    "Click to enlarge the picture"  "Click to enlarge the picture"  FAKE3.jpg (30752 bytes)  "Click to enlarge the picture"
    Are these for real?
    Are these for real?  Are these for real?  Are these for real?
      bwcrash.jpg (25818 bytes)
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