the afsc at Exmouth 2008
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by andy

It started on Thursday with a trip down to Uggys in Bulford to meet up with John Gumbo, Uggy , Jeanette, Chris and Chris and then straight on it.
Friday met up with Taff and Bish and off to Exmouth. Uneventful journey except for Uggys scooter playing up. arrived to find the
AFSC Banner up and Viv and craig secured the area. Trip to supermarket beer beer beer. Before you knew it was Saturday, a quick trip to the parts fair followed by more beer, then Uggy did his CQ bit and we had a barbeque with Fozzy , Shane and Rod, on the go and it was damn fine indeed and of course more beer. The evening was filled with mess party games involving a tray and large amounts of port and then into town for more beer and fun ,the rest as they say is history. Sunday was upon us and time to go only to be told the old bill were stopping and breathalysing all scooterists going out of town. A quick breakfast and coffee and off we set. we stopped to help a seized lammy on the way only for Uggy to seize as we pulled away so recovery called off we set and home we went. Another fantastic weekend with superb company so roll on IOW!