The AFSC annual thrash 2011
the phoenix nights scooter rally Hinckley, Leicestershire 6th - 7th - 8th May


  The Hinckley Times and Nuneaton Tribune

Riders pay respects to comrades

There was a chance for a quiet moment of reflection at Argents Mead for fallen brothers in arms during a scooter rally in Hinckley. Hundreds of scooter fans turned up at Leicester Road’s Greene King stadium to take part in a rally at Hinckley United’s home and some of those were not just there for the party.


For the Armed Forces Scooter Club, there was a chance to stand in front of the cenotaph at Argents Mead and pay their respects to their comrades. Dave Gibbs of the scooter club said: “It was an excellent day, very good indeed.


We were really lucky with the weather. By the time we got to the war memorial, a ray of sunshine came out. It was quite a spiritual moment. “Perhaps someone was looking down on us.” A service conducted by Rev Malcolm Clarke of the United Reform Church was also held at the memorial. “He put a really nice perspective on it,” Dave added. “Not only was it nice that we were doing it but also that we chose Hinckley to have the Rideout in. The town showed great respect for the armed forces. “A lot of people I spoke to said how much they got from the experience from having done it. This was the first proper organised Rideout that we have done at a war memorial. I think that’s going to set the precedent.”


The club was formed in the late 1990s and boasts membership from all over the world and from every branch of the armed forces, including both serving and ex-members of the armed forces. Many of the club’s members have seen active service in Iraq and Afghanistan with some still deployed on operations. The club’s annual get-together, affectionately known as the Annual Thrash, has become an essential date on its members’ calendars and this will be the second year that it has taken place at Hinckley.


The members of the worldwide Armed Forces Scooter Club were joined by more than 1,500 scooter fans from across the country at the annual rally which this year raised money for the Rainbows children’s charity. The Friday saw a meet-and-greet while on the Saturday people put their scooters out on display and another had Rideout around the countryside. Afterwards the club returned to the rally at the Leicester Road stadium where The Who tribute band Quadrophenia were on stage before everyone departed on Sunday.


By Mik Boon

truck driving school

£612.98 raised for BLESMA



Well we voted early in the year for the thrash to be held at Phoenix nights in Leicestershire , main reasons I think were because its fairly central and early in the season. It suited me at the time cos it also fitted my shift pattern. Then some selfish git at work gets really ill and I’m asked to change shift for six months. Luckily my gaffer is fair enough to say any plans Ive already made will be honoured so Ive got my old shifts rallies off and the new ones as well. I love it when a plan comes together.


Sue has spent the last couple of months organising the ladies secret theme and keeping me in the dark so I can’t spill the beans .



Ive spent them working on her PK 125XL ( reg as a 50 so legal for 16 year old as it says in scootering ads) I really thought we had it sussed this year. So much so that a 100 mile round trip to Boston last week and 70 miles to Lincoln and back without a hiccup we knew it would make it. No worries 100 per cent certain .. So I fitted an extra rack to the LML just in case we needed to transfer luggage again. The Lammy is in bits in the garage having a rebore and full rebuild, I just haven’t had time to do it after the last oil seal blew again after 200 miles . So it was the trusty LML again.


The weather forecast was changing every day and on every site I looked different. So I decided to pick the one that said sunny Friday showers Saturday and heavy rain Sunday.
We planned to leave leafy northern Lincolnshire at 1000hrs Friday morning both scoots loaded and travelling as light as possible , this meant no suits for me but apparently 12 pairs of shoes is essential for Sue. We were up by 0600 excited like school kids so were ready for the off by 0900 hrs , We set off in glorious sunshine with a bit of wind but not too bad. Only 3 miles up the A16 and the PK starts losing power throttle wide open and 20 mph. We made the decision to turn round and dump it at home and come on the one machine. Thankfully Sue had more sense and decided to come in the car behind me. That meant we could bring a decent bed at least.


We set off again just after 10 so were still well on schedule me leading back on the A16 with the wind now getting up a bit harder , being battered by lorry slip streams was knackering so I opted on a short cut I knew through back roads . There must’ve been a double decker down there in front of me because every tree had had branches knocked off into the road. For about two miles. That was a bit dodgy. Got onto the A158 just behind the same lorry I had avoided earlier this time on a freshly laid bed of loose chippings , that was dodgy as well. We stopped off in Lincoln for a fry up and then headed onto the A46 which would take us through to Leicester this has always been a horrible windy country single carriageway so its good to know it is being dualled almost the full length from Lincoln to Leicester ( Why not to Grimsby ?) Unfortunately this means its 50 miles of cones and no overtaking at the moment. I reckon I could have beaten the cars by at least half an hour but Sue was now in the car behind me so we tootled on.


I had a good idea where we were going but I set the sat nax for her just in case . Saying I’ll lead till I’m unsure then we’ll follow the sat nav. We got to almost the M1 junction about 15 miles from Hinckley so we consulted tom tom to make sure and it wanted us to turn around and go back the way had come. , So I Ignored it and carried on following my nose. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or Sue when the camp site hit us and straight in no drama’s Just 3 hours to do 110 miles. That’s good for me.


Mitch met us at the gate with our tickets and showed us where he had already erected the banner for us. A sign of the organisation to come. The Leicester Phoenix crew are so well organised with their annual rally. We got there unpacked the tent and had beer thrust into our hands from Phill , Cav and Hoggy who were already there. I think that was when the grin started , It stayed until … well actually its still on my stupid face. Members started coming in and beer started coming out, Joey arrived with the marquee and bolloxspeed and we all jumped in to get an erection up.


Craig the Blitz kindly came over and donated some ND and SD memorabilia he had left over to sell to raise cash for BLESMA.



The evening arrived and still no sign of Simon. Jinx had already got here so we knew it was late. Then we heard he had broken down on the GTS ( that’s those reliable vespa’s some people ride) Some people panicked, some were openly weeping , women fainted , most just laughed though, sorry mate. J He eventually turned up in an RAC van with an inexplicably clean passenger window.


Onto the do in the clubhouse. My one concern on this rally is the Hinckley United FC club. It is a lovely clean well run place but not the biggest . It was heaving in the band room and the northern room not much better so most people tend to congregate outside the doors and round the rat burger vans.


The Northern room was the first victim of Phill and Hoggy who had recently seen the film soul boy and learned to dance from it. The dying fly was bad enough …. But in a kilt…… with no under crackers….. The Australian Div arrived , Manuel, Jurgen and Alex strangely dint have boomerangs or fosters. Joking aside It was fantastic to see them and a great effort from them and also from the club arranging tents and helmets etc. I know the lads appreciated it. We appreciated them coming and their camaraderie


Saturday morning arrived after heavy rain through the night 49 members saddled up to head to the nags Head in Stapleton for Breakfast. Quite a few more took the advice of more sensible people to not consider riding in the state they were in about 35 scoots some two up including me, plus two big thingy wotsit motorcycles , Quite a spectacle I think in convoy , in a light rain shower . We got to the pub with only two minor hiccups , everyone eventually getting there . A big thanks to Ravey Davey for organising it. The place was full but managed to serve everyone quickly.


Then it was on to Hinckley war memorial with a AFSC wreath . It had been suggested that we were service head dress , I wasn’t sure myself but packed my RAF beret just in case. Glad I did. It felt OK in the end. And I’m sure looked good in the Hinckley local paper who covered the story. A local Padre also came along and said a few words for us. The locals were certainly taken a back at the sight of all these scooters going through the market place…. Mainly because it was pedestrianised. The local law enforcement (PCSO) gave us permission to ride into the memorial gardens itself and the sun came out on cue .


Ravey had spent a lot of spare time organising and reconnoitring ( I know what that means) the ride out and memorial etc. Teflon had made a great effort to make the thrash CD for everyone. Big Gaz sorting the accomodation for the Austrian lads had also brought a load of booze ( about 200 cans!!) selling them at a quid a can all profits to BLESMA. Joey, Coaty and the Chester crew set up the Barbie. A lot of hard graft went into cooking that lot for about 60 - 70 people again all profit from it going to BLESMA . On behalf of the club I would like to say thank you to everyone involved. The traditional BBQ tattooing then ensued , with the traditional visit to med cenres on Monday . An auction of useful items like union flag flip flops a straw hat and bow and arrow sets followed by the girls revealing their secrets… in more ways than one. St Trinians outfits complete with lollipops and short skirts. I was so excited the S fell off my Speedos. They had also brought a waxing kit with them. You may wonder why I look so tired? Its because I daren’t close my eyes near Sue. That woman has got an evil streak. Backs, legs chests, Raveys bikini line and finally poor old Wils armpits. I’m sure you pull those strips fast? It took Sue a good 20 seconds and she still left enough gunk to leave Wils waddling like a penguin with his arm stuck to his armpits.


The girls went off with collecting tins , god knows what they do but they came back overflowing. The tins were quite full too. An announcement here very soon with the total amount raised .

Saturday night saw an excellent Quadrophonia WHO tribute band on in the club, still devoid of air con though instead of being dripping wet inside we stood in the rain outside for half the night.


Sunday came far too soon , Packing up and saying goodbyes after such a fantastic weekend was rough, but at least the sun was now out , still windy but a dry ride home for most. This gets my vote for the best thrash ever . We had a few newbies in the club at their first Thrash. The general consensus was They loved it and were made welcome by every single member present. Makes me proud to be a member

Did I mention the toilets had backed up? Eeeeew..





AFSC Phoenix Nights ORDERS


   a.       Sy                             -        shark watch normal drills


b.      Weather                    -


   c.       Ground Orientation  -    

The location is:

The Greene King Stadium,

Leicester Road,



LE10 3DR.


Leave the M69 at junction 1 and head north on the A5, signposted Nuneaton and Earl Shilton. Straight over the roundabout and past the Limekilns Pub, then over the next roundabout. At the Dodwells Bridge roundabout take the A47, signposted Earl Shilton, through the Dodwells Industrial Estate, this is the Normandy Way. Continue on this road, past the Tesco Warehouse and the Triumph motorbike factory, over three more roundabouts and past the Safeway/Morrisons supermarket. At next traffic light crossroads go straight over signposted Earl Shilton. Carry on this road, down the hill where you will see the Stadium on your right. At the next roundabout turn right, 3rd exit, then entrance to the Greene King Stadium is on your right. Map/Directions



Camping area pre booked and marked out for The AFSC.

Modern shower block with actual hot water!


The cost for the weekend is £10 for advanced Tickets ring Les, 0116 2833619 or Julie, 0116 277 0390

Advance tickets are limited and must be pre booked and paid for by 26th April 2011

For those turning up on the day it is just £15 for the complete weekend including entertainment and camping

Caravans/Campervans are £10 extra

There is a complete menu of entertainment with 2 rooms of music and the usual fungames to keep us all entertained.

   d.        Task Org                   -    Mitch (Secure tented area - BBQ)

                                        -    Chalky (BBQ)

                                        -    Mik (AFSC Banner)

                                        -    Teflon (AFSC CD)

                                        -    Sue Boon ic AFSC Ladies 

                                        -    Dave Gibbs Recce Officer (Ride out to Brunch & Hinckley War Memorial )


1.             SITUATION 

En Forces

Friendly Forces

Speed Camera Database - Leicestershire.



2.             MISSION   The AFSC are to meet at Phoenix Nights 2011.


3.             EXECUTION


a.          Concept of Ops.   


(1)                To mirror the previous successful AFSC meetings getting as much enjoyment out of the weekend as possible.

 (2)                Scheme of Manoeuvre  Friday morning onwards we arrive at Hinckley. The location will be secured and the tents erected followed by a cats lick and change into drinking trousers. The swamping and falling over will commence. Saturday morning we will ride to The Nags Head Inn, Stapleton for breakfast then we will visit Hinckley War Memorial for those who wish to pay their respects. We then return for the fun games and enter as many AFSC teams as possible. Scoff for the evening will be at our AFSC BBQ followed by the traditional burning of the bum cheeks. Then the night do, kip then Sunday breakers (Local Asda around the corner) for those brave enough. Farewells, hugs n stuff then ride home.


3) Outline of Phases.   This will be a 9 phase operation:

PHASE 1      Take over an area for the AFSC tents

PHASE 2      Set up BBQ area

PHASE 3      Friday night drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 4      Saturday ride out for breakfast see admin instruction below these orders

PHASE 5      Visit Hinckley War Memorial see admin instruction below these orders

PHASE 6      Saturday return for games

PHASE 7      Saturday AFSC BBQ and drinking comp, burnt bum tattoos optional

PHASE 8      Sunday ride out for breakfast

PHASE 9      Sunday farewells

 c.             Phases





Make sure you sort ya scoot out, map up n charge your mobile.

The Greene King Stadium,
Leicester Road,
LE10 3DR.


Joey and Chalky will need assistance setting up so all hands to the pumps on this phase



Recce Gp

Dave Gibbs recce the Nags Head Inn, Stapleton and Hinckley War Memorial

Mitch location for AFSC tents & BBQ


FRV Protection Gp

Drinking party as per normal drills, Dickie 2 Coats ic cocktails

Sue Boon to coordinate AFSC Ladies costumes



Veh Separated

Veh Lost Joey         07799585426

Veh breakdown

Normal drills


c.       Coord Instrs.





Been doing it all year

P Info/Media

Photos and write up Dave Gibbs but if any one fancies doing more then please do


d.       Summary.

The mission is quite simple and that is to have a good old thrash with some like minded people who work hard and play hard.

The AFSC Annual Thrash Commemorative patch will be available to all AFSC Members { £5.00 per patch} who attend our annual get together

There will also be a free AFSC Music CD for every AFSC Member in attendance!


4.             SERVICE SUPPORT




The wearing of regimental/service headdress whilst at the war memorial is appropriate and often worn on occasions such as these.  The club appreciates that your act of remembrance can be a very personal and private matter, we encourage all AFSC members to bring their headdress.

Dress AFSC Colours as per normal Drills. DPM kilts optional for the evening

AFSC Ladies as per Sue Boon normal drills

AFSC Packing Checklist



If we can fix your broken scooter then we will, there are enough spanner ninjas but please remember to keep them well lubricated


AFSC Garments

Tel:  0114 272 3999



Black AFSC Hoodie £17 (p&p included)   Black AFSC T shirt £8 (p&p included)



5.             COMMAND AND SIGNAL




This will be updated as soon as you send in your mobile

Simon Cuerden  07877333236
Joey                   07799585426
Sue Boon           07824515344

The Armed Forces Scooter Club

Reference: RD/01/11

See Distribution Date: Feb 11



A. AFSC Op Order
B. The Highway Code 2007 Edition


1. As part of The Armed Forces Scooter Club Annual Thrash 2011 and in accordance with Reference A, a ride out has been planned to take place on Sat 7 May 11 at aprox 1000hrs  The ride out will include additional activities outlined below. All AFSC members attending the Annual Thrash are invited to attend.


2. The aim of the ride out is for all AFSC members taking part to enjoy a morning of camaraderie, esprit de corps and relaxed Scootering over a short route.


3. General Conduct. It is envisaged that the majority of AFSC members attending the event will arrive at the Greene King Stadium on Fri 6 May 11 as outlined at Reference A. However, those arriving on Sat 7 May 11 are also encouraged to join the ride out. Club members are requested to assemble in the allocated AFSC camping area at 1000 hrs with NMB 1030 hrs.

4. Outline of Events. Having assembled and made ready to move, the following events will take place:

a. 1030 hrs – club members depart Greene King Stadium en masse.

b. 1040 hrs – ride out arrives at The Nags Head Inn, Stapleton. Photographs to be taken prior to entering the pub if required.

c. 1100 hrs – club members enter the pub and consume brunch.

d. 1230 hrs – ride out departs The Nags Head.

e. 1250 hrs – ride out arrives Hinckley War Memorial with the opportunity for club members to pay their respects to fallen comrades.

f. 1330 hrs – ride out departs War Memorial {regimental/service headdress optional}.

g. 1350 hrs – ride out arrives at Greene King Stadium. Those members wishing to purchase provisions prior to returning to the rally site will have the opportunity to split from the main ride out and visit the nearby Asda supermarket as highlighted at Para 7.d.

5. Safety. All riders are advised to ensure they are wearing appropriate protective clothing and that all possible precautions are taken to ensure a safe ride in accordance with Reference B.


6. Comms. Details outlined at Reference A remain extant. The undersigned in his capacity as ride out organiser can be contacted on 07526 670584.

7. Navigation. For navigation and information purposes, the following addresses and web sites apply:

a. The Greene King Stadium, Leicester Road, Hinckley, LE10 3DR

b. The Nags Head Inn, 15, Main Street, Stapleton, LE9 8JN, Tel 01455 845056

c. The Hinckley War Memorial, Argents Mead, Hinckley, LE10 3DR

d. Asda, Barwell Lane, Hinckley, LE10 1S, Tel 01455 636145,+hinckley&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=supermarket,&hnear=Hinckley,+Leicestershire&view=map&cid=9539333600564476019&iwloc=A&ved=0CEAQpQY&sa=X&ei=BpxITbbROIfOjAeE0rnyBg

8. Marshalling. It is envisaged that some marshalling may be required during the ride out and volunteers will be sought on the day.

9. Public Relations (PR). The undersigned assumes all responsibilities for PR during the event. The management of the Nags Head have been informed of the club’s attendance and Hinckley Borough Council has been informed of the visit to the war memorial. The Hinckley Times has also been contacted with a view to running a story on the event and the club. All participants are requested to take into consideration that they are representing the AFSC and the Armed Forces as a whole and act accordingly.


10. Dress and Equipment. Dress for all participants is Scootering Equipped Riding Order (SERO) including helmet, optional gloves and wet weather gear as required. The wearing of regimental/service headdress whilst at the war memorial is appropriate and often worn on occasions such as this.  The club appreciates that your act of remembrance can be a very personal and private matter, we encourage all AFSC members to bring their headdress.

11. Medical. In the event of a medical emergency, those in the immediate vicinity should render First Aid when possible. The emergency services should be summoned as soon as possible by calling 999. Hinckley and District Hospital is located at Hill Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1DS, Tel 01455 441800.

12. Fuel. All riders are requested to ensure they have sufficient fuel for the ride out (approximately 10 miles) prior to starting.

13. Accommodation. As outlined at Reference A.

14. Catering. A brunch has been booked by the undersigned at The Nags Head. Additional supplies can be obtained from Asda as outlined at Para 7.d. above.

Signed on original

DK GIBBS (aka Ravey Davey)
for AFSC

Distribution: Internal: Action: All AFSC members attending the Annual Thrash


All AFSC members
The Hinckley Times – Editor
The Nags Head Inn – Management