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  Simon Cuerden 1984  
"Hi mum xxx a few pictures for you".... well i was 45 years old on Saturday! Where have all the years gone? Here are a few pictures of me pre bags under me eyes and beer belly...........
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carol and her Sister Jayne 1967 1984 carol and her Sister Jayne 1967
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I write, therefore, I'll never be forgotten--or forgiven.

1977 first scooter run to Bridlington on the train with some school pals to see Beverley Mods Scooter Club. "Feather cuts, flares and copper side panels". Got my first scooter a bashed up LI 150 for riding around the fields, as soon as we got bored we abandoned it, I wonder if itís still there?

1979 GP 200 (still got her, see picture above) spent the first part of the year avoiding bikers who wanted to kick my head in for having a scooter then the next half of the year watching the same plastics get scooters them selves!

As one of Maggieís three million I decided, in desperation to join the Army in 1984 I started my basic training. Always kept my scooter and did at least one all-nighter a month some times more!

Started writing free lance for the Northernsoul publications of the day, they were very much an underground movement Manifesto, Echoes and blues and Soul did the odd bit for Scootering.

I watched with suspicion as the Military Scooter Clubs (British Forces Scooter Club, Cheesy Hammy Eggy Scooter Club and The Pokey Pink Thing) came and went not really wanting to mix my hobby with work.

The Pokey Pink Thing crumble into a sham leaving a lot of my mates pissed off so in 1996 I decided to start the AFSC.

1 .... Nickname.... Simon Cuerden 

2 .... Age.... 45

3 .... Town.... I now live in a small village on the Pennines between Sheffield and Barnsley.

4 ....Occupation Ex Army (Postie) just out on completion of 22 years, reached the dizzy heights of Staff Sergeant,  I am now a self employed  plumber.

5 .... Married? Wife's name, kids? ages etc... Wife Carol, Zak 11 , eldest Dan 22, ZoŽ 16 and Luke 13

6 .... Hobbies other than soul/Scootering..... No this is it, I'm a Northernsoul freak!

7 ....Plastic Scooters yes, no...... I have a Vespa GTS 250 ie "Down Town Custom Replica".

8 .... 3 Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the past.... Wigan Casino, Scarborough! Bridlington and

9 .... Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the present.... Skegness the AFSC AGM 2005 was brilliant and The IOW AFSC AGM 2004 was brilliant, All the German Runs.

10 .... 5 Favourite Scooters Custom or model "I really love Lambretta Chops although I have never owned one"

 Rossa 350 

Little Bitch

Ratty Vespas with lots of attitude

Any Scooter that is ridden 

11 .... 5 Favourite present sounds.... 

My Baby's Got ESP (Four Below Zero) "Reminds me of crazy summer nights"

How Can I tell Her (Curtis) "The Bradford Bensons before Queens Hall"

This Will Be A Night To Remember (Eddie Holman) "Fantastic Dancer!"

Nine Times (The Moments) "Still gives me Goose bumps" 

I Wanna Give You Tomorrow (Benny Troy) "The best record in the world"?

I have a top 100 Northern Records and my head is like a broken duke box I will list them one day but it will change the day after. 

12 .... 3 Favourite albums.... 

Quadrophenia, The Story Of The Who and Rattus Norvegicus The Stranglers I never really got into the Two Tone stuff but Trojan Classics do it for me

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group.... I like the classic albums from Black Sabbath to The Stone Roses

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island with ?.... Girls Aloud, even the Ginger one!

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert island with.... Dia Ranson when he talks golf!

16 .... Pet hates.... Ungrateful people and those who judge me without knowing me, People who think its a cool idea to change the AFSC patch every time they turn their printer on! "Leave the AFSC Logo alone!"   

17.....Best dealer MB Developments every time for the fastest most reliable Scooters in the world! My good friend Sveny Boros "Borgo" his spanner work and attention to detail on Vespa and Lambretta is outrageously good! Borgo isn't a dealer but I have to mention him here as there is no one in Germany to touch him.

18.....Worst dealer experience None as yet!

19..... AFSC Founder Member




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