“I swear I was there”
Well where do I start, I suppose it started for me a cpl of months ago at Great Yarmouth there I was on the Sunday afternoon having a drink when in the distance I saw a bloke with a armed forces t shirt, being the type of fellow I am I was intrigued. So that was when I learnt of a special family called the ARMED FORCES SCOOTER CLUB.
So when I got back home logged on to the site and joined. Then saw the words Skeggy AGM.
Well to say I was excited (wife says im easily excited) was an understatement. The Monday before the AGM arrived and what happens a heat seizure on my T5 Malossi piston is fried, No what am I going to do. Then I remember I still have the original head and piston so there I am on the Thursday night trying to fix on my head and piston with a lot of help from debs of my local club 2345 and we seem to have it sorted.
Friday morning 0700 im up ready to go loading my scoot with my marquee that the wife got me( a little tent for the week end love doh ) cloths to last a family of 4 for the week and tools in case a jumbo 747 landed for its yearly service (never get the wife to pack). I then go to meet up with my local club the Nuneaton Pacemakers who all seem to on there TS1s no probes on my normal set up but on my shagged t5 well I will leave it to you. 3 hours 25 mins later and two stops on the way I split from my local club as they are staying in the local hotels (ow how the rich live) and made my way to the Rv. I pulled up to the garden centre and nearly lost it due to the surface in the car park how to look a prat. Well what a welcome my hand still hurts from all the hand shaking, that’s it iv arrived 30 mins later we all started up to ride into the campsite and yes you guessed it my t5 wouldn’t start so all the scoots leave leaving myself and the backup van 10th time and it starts so manage to get to them 200yds from the campsite.
Now the fun starts well I think it did can’t remember im still in a daze. My small tent that the wife brought well lets just say it wasn’t that small. After 10mins of fun two of the nicest people I could ever meet you know who you are all I will say what lovely red hair (just in case you’re not sure Sallyanne and Nick came and gave me a hand thank you would have still been there now. After about 5 beers the southern lads arrived with great cheers from all around (better late than never lads). Then the drinking, chatting and meeting new people got started. I felt as if I had been a member for years not just 6 weeks. At about 2030hrs we all started into town to the ship blue shirts all around yes the Armed Forces Scooter Club had arrived. Don’t know about every one else but I wasn’t sure if we were going to be made welcome at the ship as it said scooters very welcome but wasn’t sure if there riders were. The place was packed and even more with about 60 members from the afsc again drinking started got to admit my legs were getting a bit funny at this stage as hadn’t had a thing to eat all day so my self, Rick and Andy went for a kebab across the road .30secs later we headed to the entertainment.
Well you guessed it more drinks. Well that was it a great night DC Fontana were great but best of all were the pair of Vespas inside (Rick will explain). 0200hrs headed back to my 22 man tent a little the worse for ware. 15mins later most started to arrive back so went to join treacle and the others for even more beer when all of a sudden a scoot starts up and sirens start going off then a bugle call treacle’s got his all time best tunes on his scooter so there I am in my shreadies with a carling in one hand a number 1 in the other at 0300hrs listening to trickles tunes with about 15 others. Well how much more could my small body tack. Not much 30mins later im out for the count.
Thank you all for the best day for years.
0700hrs my eyes open but my body can’t move, have I had a stroke no im still drunk god can still feel the pain in my head now. A little later a few of us head down to the front for breakies and to try and find a nice toilet (people will talk lads), But me being me notice I have no petrol so Ended up going the wrong way to get some fuel . Then it was on to the parts fair. Did well only spent £120. Then back to the campsite for well you have guessed it more drinking. Most of the lads went out for a drive but wasn’t sure if I would have been safe so stayed (what a prat I hear you say). Later after they all arrived back the barby started thanks lads was great even more drink then again up to the ship then on to the evening entertainment with trifle and Simon.
God Trifle I could have watched you dance all night. At about 2230hrs went next door for an all you can eat Chinese bet they stop that now. And off back to bed god my head still hurts.
Well ladies and gents that’s my story not as funny as most but all I can say is FANDABADOZEY and thanks to all Simon Mik , Sue and every one else for a weekend I cant ever forget and wouldn’t want to.