By Rob James
“I swear I was there”
When it was decided some time back, that this years AFSC AGM was going to be at Skeggy, I was chuffed to Naafi Breaks. You see Skeggy is my local seaside town and to most people here in the East Mids.

After weeks of anticipation the day of reckoning finally arrives. After a good biff and kipper I'm up Friday morning and the scoots in the garage packed ready to go. Wave bye to Mrs Acid and the kids and up the A46 to meet Rick 63 and Baggy at Lincoln. The cross- winds are manic but make the RV in good time. Did the meet and greet and cruised up to Horncastle whilst jettison a bottle of Rock Oil off my sprint rack. I order my first of many sausage baps of the week-end at the Caff. An old boy admires the 3 scoots outside in the square and announces he is the President of Blackpool Lambretta Racing Team!!

We're the first to arrive at the RV, which resembles Chisel Beach on a good day. Poor Spence arrives next and spills his Vespa on the shale and scratches his mudguard. Hope you've sorted it now Spence! Decide to wait for the next arrivals to warn them of the surface. Great to meet the German boys again as last seen at the Isle of White last year.

We ride into the campsite to stake our corner of Skeggy and sense a great occasion in the making. Lots of beer and banter and picture of the crew for Scootering Mag. Off to the Ship in high spirits, proud to wear the blue polo of the
AFSC. I choose the `Do` and continue the beer in happy mode. The skinhead/Trojan room takes me back to the `70s and skank to the Liquidator.

Decide I've quaffed enough ale and decide to leave the `Do` remembering I stored my Medium Doner £3.25 under a hedge. Relieved to find it again and walk back with Spud to the campsite. Still chomping when i look down and find it crawling with a hundred ants and sling it in shock. I'm an ant-eater - get me outta` ear.

Sat morning arrives sunny and windy and off to the showers for a rinse. Find it covered in grass but the water wakes me up. Queue for another sausage bap from the wagon on site. Zip to the parts fair and see a spare wheel cover for a tenner. Some nice scoots in the custom show but like the `Harbor Lights` scoot parked outside. This is quite different and has a mural of Scarborough Harbor as its theme, which strikes a chord being my first scooter rally back in 81.

Get back for 12am as looking forward to the ride out. I remember something about the Bateman's Brewery at Wainfleet, having read it on the website. No sign of Mik so I tell Si I might know the way. We fuel up and off we go! Ravey Davey blocks the traffic to let the 50 odd scoots round the roundabout. Check the mirror and the convoy is intact as we start to leave Skeggy. Start thinking, last time I led a convoy was off a Belgian motorway into Antwerp creating havoc with the wagons. Now see farms and fields and more fields and the wind forces me down a gear to 3rd . There it is – Bateman's Brewery lets turn right here. We arrive safely and eventually find a pub to drink and eat and make the Landlords day.

We make our own way back to the BBQ which reminded of all those great times when we had Troop Piss ups and Squadron Do`s. Dave Bellis and Spence did a sterling job keeping us fed with burgers and sausages, whilst we told our war and scooter stories. At the same time the sun was burning up our faces. Off to the Ship again to watch Treacle perform with his fountain and Minge pose and continue the high jinks. I opted for the Night Do again minus Medium Doner £3.25 and talked to Rick 63, Baggy and Cobby from Lincoln/Newark collective for planned meet ups.

Sunday I was knackered and said my farewells to the remaining gang before making the fairly short trip back to Notts on the Tripster.

My head's buzzin from the rally as I eat up the miles on the scoot. Back out on my own now as Rick and Baggy left earlier via another route. The power bikes are out and some pass me going the other direction for their days outing. I think of the characters that make these scooter rally's; especially the not so handsome guy from Peterborough who wears the kilt and his mug is on page in the Shed Mag. Suddenly in the middle of nowhere in a hamlet there he is! Standing outside a phone box all on his todd no scoot to be seen. Hope you got back ok mate. Start to smile as the `bizzies` pull over a group of power bikers having just come through a 30mph zone….

This was the best rally I think I have ever been on and would like to thank everyone who went and made it what it was, as now we have something very special going.
Camaraderie and espirit de corps.


Rob Acid I swear I was there!