By Mik Boon
“I swear I was there”
Where do I start , my recollections of sticky rock 2005, the AFSC AGM. I guess it started about 6 weeks before I’d even met another member of this great club. A phone call from the main man Si Cuerden. The usual sort that lasts an hour! Mik mate as you are fairly local could you recce Skeggy for us? An RV, the campsite , a boozer to hold the AGM , a greasy spoon and a location for a ride out. Piece of piss, Sue driving me map reading it never works any other way. 45 minutes drive into deepest Lincolnshire. First thing we saw was an enormous art deco pub the Ship Inn and Atlantic diner. Time for a pint and chat up the gaffer. We are the armed forces scooter club mate can we take over your pub Saturday night whit bank holiday for a sober meeting? The answer was as long as you don't cause any trouble.
One down, ride out next, where to go in Lincolnshire guide for the discerning piss head was consulted. I might not be an expert but surely even I could organise a piss up in a brewery? Bateman's of Wainfleet , seven miles away not too far but good enough for a good ride. Visitor centre , Pub , gardens big scooter park, perfect.
We found the campsite , after three drives past it then a trip to the fire station to ask where the hell it was. To be truthful when it was empty it looked like what it was, an overgrown field with a couple of concrete bunkers in it. We picked an area we wanted and rang the organisers to reserve a space for around 50 people. Not a chance just turn up and take your chances was the reply. Win some lose some !, I am an ex Erk It’d take more than a mere no chance to stop me. lost the greasy spoon battle as well there were one or two but none big enough loads of good traditional English fayre, kebabs, Currys, Chinese etc so we wouldn’t starve!!
The Rv posed a problem. Due to the fact that so many people, still around 50, were coming from such far flung places We needed somewhere far enough again for a ride in but not making people go too far out of the way on their route in. so it had to be on the A16 \ A158 between Partney and Skegness. At Burgh le Marsh we stopped for a coffee at the Lyndhurst garden centre and found a massive car park and a lady who thought it would be OK to allow a few old servicemen to park up and have a cup of tea and slice of cake. That’s sorted then sit back and wait for the bank holiday. This was my first rally since 1977 that was Skeggy as well and my first and last. One fight from Friday till Monday Mods ( we called ourselves suedeheads then) fighting skinheads , fighting Gypos ( quaint lincy dialect for filthy dirty rockers) even fighting fellow Mods if they came from more than 16 miles away . So I really didn’t know what to expect.
I had not met anyone from the club except Daz until about 4 weeks ago when we had the pleasure to have a local ride out and met Rick (63) and Baggy from Lincoln. Sue had the jump on me having been to Yarmouth and meeting up with Dickie, Dee, Bagzy , Pauline and Tigger. Being a shy boy , this was a blessing as we were invited down to Oxford to see Who's Next , staying with Daz then Dickie and meeting Treacle and Tracey at Dickie , so now I knew people as well as banter on the site.
Its Friday were up and running . Travel light I thought. Bungeed me Parka and some waterproofs to the GP, Sue following in the car, “Lets go then Love. “ Not a chance we need to load the trailer , were taken the BBQ, The big tent, a bed, deck chairs, oh and the camping toilet. So finally off we go arriving at the camp site about 1200 hrs. I am the first scooter there, at least 15 cars a bus and a burger van but I'm the first scoot. Lay it on thick with the guy on the gate . I’m the advance party for the Armed forces scooter club mate can I rope an area off for the rest of em arriving. Not a chance again. Right best lie I thought, Listen mate we need a secure area where we can all be together , If Al Qaida figure out we are here they could infiltrate the site and cause havoc. “OK take some space but not too much”. So I rope a good sized area off Then Brookie and Marshy turn up and we extended the area a bit more to about a fifth of the site . sorted . The fun is starting The first highlight the Germany lads and solos riding in about 1500 hrs mob handed what a buzz everyone helping out putting tents up, copious amounts of beer being slung down countless necks. Friday night walking down to the ship meeting new faces talking to people I have never met in my life and being accepted as one of the family. I guess the 50 had just doubled! The fun in the castle with the bouncers no trouble at all . Every other scooterist in skeggy almost bowing in deference to the AFSC. What a buzz.
Saturday I woke to a sore head a few coffee’s and I was ready. Got the GP ready for a ride in to skeg for breakfast Sue on the back clutching her broken rib, We rode off with Booty and Sallyanne on the sea front I heard a rattle nothing new on mod machine, then quiet a double Decker up my arse and we are going nowhere , poor old Sue with her rib and I'm shouting f%**ing get off quick whilst paddling it into the side. So decision time what do I do, stripped the plug out got a spark, petrol seems OK not a clue what's wrong but it aint going nowhere. Nick ran Sue back to camp she fetched the trailer and loaded her up , Its 1130 ride out at 1200 sod it! we drove home dumped the GP , loaded up the LML and back to skeggy. Just in time to meet up with people coming back . Unlucky Alf strikes again. BBQ time Dave Bellis and Spence grafting their backsides off, Sue took Si on a beer run, seemed a good idea at the time so we took the opportunity to drink more beer.. The pink ladies came out absolutely blinding laughs.

Saturday night I don’t remember a lot about for some strange reason The picnic table and moon milk incident sticks out, but the memory of Treacle on the Karaoke will live with me forever. I explained to the DJ that treac had tourettes but he insisted he would let him carry on after all it’s a disability and we cant discriminate can we? Fool! Bobby Goldsboro’s Honey will never be the same again Tears streaming down my face My back was physically hurting due to laughing so much.
Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to some of the finest people it has been my honor to meet. After two days these were not club members but dear friends, the Name of the club should be changed to the
AFSF ……the armed forces scooter family. By Mik Boon “I swear I was there”