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I may not be the best plumber you will find but I will be the most expensive


Serving The Dearne Valley and Pennines
in one of  England's most special places


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Simon the Plumber gives:

A full range of both domestic and agricultural plumbing to the Pennines area of South Yorkshire.

We have the experience, knowledge, will, equipment and staff to provide your complete package for all of your agricultural needs.

Remote Winter Watering – We can provide water to your herd beyond the traditional confinement yard site whilst avoiding spending large amounts of money.

My company consists of a six man team of specialist engineers who are fully competent, qualified with public liability insurance.

We provide a one stop service to take fresh water to a herd no matter how isolated and we can remove and dispose of all fluids and contaminants in accordance with EU regulations, Water Regulations and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Our small team consists of six qualified and experienced operators from site survey for H&S, earth works, landscaping and irrigation, when we say “The full package” we mean it!

Try us first or speak to your farming neighbour, our good name is well known and we stand on our reputation.

24 Hour Emergency Service - Quick Response.

Our call out charge is £70 this is payable as soon as we arrive on site, we have no gimmicks and we will not lie about costs. All of our work is guaranteed. We are not the cheapest so if money is a major problem for you then you may be better off looking else were. What you will get is a no nonsense service where your custom is valued and we as a company can become part of your farming and commercial life knowing we are there to support your agricultural, irrigational and feeding needs.

My company also provides a full range of domestic and commercial plumbing excluding gas.

Again please don’t waste my time if you’re out to find the cheapest plumber, I am not that plumber and I will not compromise quality or safety in the pursuit of saving a few pounds. I charge a £70 call out charge for office hours call outs and £200 for silent hours, I do not work weekends or bank holidays.

I am a qualified time served plumber.
Simon the Plumber is a dedicated tradesman with 25 years experience. A proud ex Royal Engineer Sapper who applies the corps values of honesty, integrity and professionalism. 

A High Percentage of my business is by way of recommendation and referral.

Discounts for the Elderly, Disabled and Ex members of her Majesties Forces.
On call for all of your emergency needs as well as remodels and upgrades. Quick response, quality service and low rates. Call us for immediate service.


Call Simon the Plumber

24 hour mobile  07877333236

Office 0114 2838923

Save your self a bit of money before you call us.........

A Leaking or Broken Pipe

  • Turn off the main shutoff valve to prevent water damage.
  • Make temporary repairs to stop the leak.
  • The pipe will have to be replaced as soon as it's convenient to do so.

A blocked Sink

  • Shut off any tap or appliance (such as dishwasher) that's draining into the sink.
  • Unclog the sink using a plunger.
  • DON'T use a chemical drain cleaner if the blockage is total.

A Tap That Won't Shut Off

  • Immediately turn off the water underneath the sink.
  • If there's no valve there, turn off the main shutoff valve.
  • Repair the tap or, if necessary, replace it.

A Steaming Hot Water tap

  • Open all the hot water taps to relieve the overheated hot water heater.
  • Turn off the gas or electric supply to the heater.
  • Let the taps run until cold water flows from them (this indicates the water in the heater is no longer overheated).
  • Close them.
  • Call us make any necessary repairs to the heater's thermostat and pressure relief valve

Call Simon the Plumber

24 hour mobile  07877333236

Office 0114 2838923