the afsc do scarborough
An estimated 4800 Scooters!
Does anybody know how long to World War Three?
I wanna know, I've gotta book me holidee
They want me in the army, but I just can't go
I'm far too busy listening to the radio
Parkas, Doc Martins, Northernsoul, King Kurt, Grass Skirts, water pistols, bleached jeans, boxer boots, cut downs, Arthur Francis, Dyro Speed, DTC, If you where to make a list of "Scootering" icons Scarborough would soon be included. Scarborough is pivotal in our scootering culture with an almost Juxtaposition to Brighton. A definite salute goes to Brighton for the birth of a cult but it was at Scarborough that the true evolution took place spawning the super mongrel the Frankenstein creation of the unholy marriage between the North and the South. Brighton is the Mecca for all things Mod but the New Testament was honed and homed at Scarborough.
Scooters massing in great numbers have not been seen here since 1985! That year was dogged by police harassment, a boggy camp site, unwelcoming residents and a murder! Yes there have been half hearted attempts to get back to Scarborough over the years with CCI Rallies and the odd pirate run but the lean years of scootering and the need for time to heal a few wounds saw scooters staying away for 22 years! I gotta big up The VFM for getting us all back and all the hard work is much appreciated.
My return to Scarborough as per normal starts with The AFSC Forum, who's going, where are we meeting and the like so on the Thursday night Bish, Daz and Bagzy planned to descend on Château Cuerden for a few shwallies some scoff and a kip so that we could ride together on the friday. Daz the Dog was the first casualty scooter wise with "Wise Guys" seizing up just south of my gaff on the M1. Plumbing van deployed and scooter recovered to my garage. Bagzy arrives on his gleaming "Dressed to kill" and we watched as Daz began his normal drills of stripping and assembling his scooter! Beaten by a piston ring and a good friday Daz was now having to co pilot Bish.
Good Friday and the sun was belting down! We set off towards the run. A steady stream of scooters all heading the same way where weaving through the grid locked bank holiday traffic all feeling good to be alive and riding a scooter as we passed car after car of hot and sweaty screaming kids freaking out to the freak weather and the A64 car park! Soon we arrived at AF Rayspeed where we stopped and paid homage to the scooter gods. Bagzy and I arrived in Scarborough early friday afternoon and the scooters had already started taking over the sea front. My one and only criticism of the weekend was that there was no official camp site and we where left to our own devices that fragmented us to say the least. Thanks to the mobile phone we all managed to meet up. Craig and Kathleen, Barry, Adam, Phil Little, Jimmy and Sharon Foley, Chris and Claire, Northern Dave, Carl 32, and haggis. We did make a school boy error in deciding to go for a quick half before finding a camp site but hey ho!
Finding a camp site was not without its dramas and the price of £19 per tent with an extra £1 per person per night was scandalous but we where in no position to argue. After we set up camp Chris and Claire phones from the front gate informing me that they had been refused entrance as the owner was now concerned we where all going to cause trouble! A bit of diplomacy was needed and Chris and Clair were allowed in. Pretty soon we had a little AFSC enclave and it was brilliant to see the Black Watch "Buckfast Crew" join us having ridden from NI, Big hi to Barry n Obi. Our pitch neighbours were The Nottingham Gatecrashers Scooter Club, Mich of the AFSC thank you for your most excellent hospitality and beer!
My tent buddy was Mark “Dewy” Dewhurst who snores louder than me and will now and forever be known as Mark “Spewy” Dewhurst!! We all had a cats lick and piled into the overly expensive mini bus for the five mile trip into Scarborough. The pubs by now were heaving with Scooterists and it was impossible to go more than two pubs without bumping into AFSC Members. Gregory "Kaboo" Hoste the AFSC Rep for Belgian Forces had made a special trip over and we finally met up in Wetherspoons for a cold steak and a beer, Barry and Adam were on top form and I think Wetherspoons should become a normal drill RV for the AFSC.
Friday night was spent on the lash with us eventually drifting into The VFM do. All the stops had been pulled out with some thing for every one in three massive rooms! Craig, Kathleen and I stayed mainly in the Northernsoul room with some of the Animals Fae Naboombu SC and the Scottish Scooterists. The whole evening was fantastic and we did nothing but bump into The AFSC, Steve Perkins, Martin Green, Tiny Payne, Andrew Gruenewald (over from Germany!), Bill Williams, Mike Palethorpe, Wally Wasslin, Mark from Lammy Art and max from Max Patches! I know there where tonnes of others and I will personally buy any one I haven’t mentioned a pint in Margate as a sorry but I was very drunk!
Great to see so many faces and it looks like this year is gonna be massive!

Yours Simon Cuerden 
The whole thing's daft, I don't know why
You have to laugh, or else you cry
 You have to live or else you die. You have to laugh or else you cry.


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