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the afsc do the Dutch lions

Rotterdam 2008

by simon Cuerden
The clips may take a while to load so please be patient

My Scootering year starts as soon as I receive my year planner from scootering magazine; I highlight all the nationals then try to cherry pick from the zillions of events looking for quality and novelty. This year there where three foreign events that caught my eye but after the usual elimination process I decided on The Dutch Lions run in Rotterdam. Quick phone call to Bagzy n Bish and we soon had a cabin booked with return journey all for £85 per head.  


The weekend was just one week away from our annual thrash at Whitby but we soon had the “roll of honour” gathering momentum and a three pronged attack from Dover, Hull and Harwich.  


Whilst I was busy making my plans Dia was making secret plans of his own! Dia, Brookie, Spenny and Mr Marsh “My GOD!” where secretly planning to surprise us at Hull!  

With only a few days to go, Dia’s secret was blown so we decided to marry our efforts and meet up at Dias brother’s house just short of The Humber Bridge and ride in together.  

Carol, Bish and I rode the short but scenic distance to Lincolnshire on a red hot sunny day and met the rest of the faces.  

Dia had planned the route to give us some sheer excitement as we travelled through the flat lands of Holland. He led us valiantly through every red light on the road and ensured that we stopped at all of the green lights, my excitement was the colour of brown with sweet corn clusters!   

With pin point accuracy befitting an Artillery officer we all met up at the pre determined RV. By now we had at least forty scooters and we set off for the last short leg of our journey to Heerjansdam just out side Rotterdam Holland. 

Already Lou and Andy had secured the harbour and the routine in defence was up and running with all The AFSC normal drills consisting of a cold beer being thrust into your hand as Lou, who by now is a tent erection Ninja, assisted with my erection…… oooh er missus shut that door! 

Friday afternoon and the sun climbed into its zenith to scorch us like a big red scorching thing! Shorts on, T-Shirts and flip flops on and towards the bar for the first of many cheap ice cold Dutch beers. 

As we basked in the sun or should I say baked in the sun, I thought it would be a jolly jape to cool every one down with some cups of water. Soaking Uggy then Bish we soon had an all out water fight that was both welcomed and needed. But like all things good I escalated it up a notch and up armoured the cups to buckets.  

Wils had some, Andy n Lou, Janette then I spied Sarah, a very nice attractive Dutch Scooterist who I thought looked a little too dry and hot. Whoosh and she got a bucket straight up her back, she squealed then turned around laughing, I was onto a winner and had become the god of water, and every one wants some! 

Filling my bucket with ice cold water I saw Anouk. Whoosh she was soaked! She went crazy!! I have never been attacked by a six stone girl before bent on ripping my testicles off, well the one remaining testicle after that fateful combine harvester accident in 2004. 

It was like gay WWF and my attack lasted about seven seconds. I apologised immediately to Anouk who soon calmed down and we kissed and made up, aint kissin and makin up great mate!

The price to get into the run was 20 Euros and this included two nights of entertainment, camping, a free BBQ, snacks on the table, wine on the table at meal times, free breakfast Saturday, free breakfast Sunday, run patch and goody bag, ride out with free bar! Fun games, European Championships football live on big screen, and a music quiz!

What a fantastic set up and what value for money. I am now going to be brutally honest and tell the bad bits…. I was extremely disappointed at the no show by the French, Germans and even the Dutch and the Belgiques. Why had they not come? The whole run was populated by 99% of British Scooterists and this is a very poor show considering the financial lay out for the ferry crossings and time taken off work by the Brits in order to get over for the Friday and stay until the Sunday.  

Our club presences was awesome with the colours of courage flying every where you looked but we did suffer some what with one of our club members doing a couple of embarrassing stunts but we have had words and this will not happen again. 

OK, bad bits over, needed saying, but now back to the good bits and believe me there where enough good bits to blow the bad completely out of the water.  

The Dutch are the most horizontal of people whose tolerance and warm welcome are famous; the whole scooter run atmosphere was that of carnival with silly hats and horns it was great to see the Hull Scooterists, the Colchester DVLC, the Patriots SC,  and all of the Brit Scooterists who partied. 

Surprising us and “dad” was our Daniel who came all the way from Paderborn. Riding up from deepest darkest Germany was our Johnny who quite rightly walked away with the trophy for furthest travelled. Steve Evans, Rob da Rudie and Dave the Face Simons all made a fantastic effort from Germany and it was brilliant to see old friends once again. 

John and Craig kept me entertained all weekend and Craig had made his maiden voyage for his monster lambretta 250 shame it played up, the bike is faster than a fast thing 

Soon it was Friday night and Janette and I lead the AFSC Formation Dance Team in our Buffalo stylee hip hop house rap shuffle, you’ll all be doing it next year! The music was brilliant with some well wicked Ska and reggae dubs being laid by a very young Dutch DJ complete with base ball cap and pony tail, brilliant music and I think you should be given a later slot, well done young man! 

The Northernsoul and Boss sound where sensibly delivered and the dance floor was a fun place to be.  

Saturday morning and we tucked into our breakfast, again I salute the Dutch Lions for going that extra yard with a professional hot plate and a relaxed but efficient manner, we all can learn from this me thinks. We decided after to take a short walk into the village to stock up on essentials. Carol, Bish, Willlllllllllllllllllls and I found our selves in the pleasant square amongst the even more pleasant Dutch locals. Wils needed to exchange some sterling into euros so he walked into what he thought was a bank, the lady said in Dutch “This is an estate agent!” he should have gone to spec savers! 

By eleven hundred hours all of the scoots where revving up and assembling for the "Wacky Races" tribute. Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Professor Pat Pending and Penelope Pitstop may not have been there but the driving skills where! 

Our ride out was set at a sedate pace and followed a picturesque route around a local beauty spot we rode off taking in the sites of the odd windmill and the famous Dutch horses.  

Every thing was going swimmingly until we reached a very long tunnel, I think this was actually a “time tunnel” because as soon as we entered it we all became 17 year old boy racers and went mental chicken fookin oriental! 

I heard that there where a couple of near misses, I didn’t see them as I was in the prone position racing the tricky Lambrettas! The GTS two up had no problems what so ever keeping up with the tuning loonies. 

Soon we where all calmed down again and made it to our half way pit stop to enjoy a beer or soft drink courtesy of Steve who is an ex pat living in Holland, thank you for the very generous and kind gesture. 

The ride back was the reverse loop and as soon as the road widened we had a break away group of Whacky Racers and again it was heads down no nonsense mindless boogie bang your head on the wall racing!  

We had the luck of the gods on our side this day as a near miss ensued evolving me and knobby who decided to stop and change directions as we missed the tunnel turn. Lord knows how I missed his scooter and the skid mark was only marginally longer than the one in my shorts! Carol was giggling and said it was brilliannnnntttttttttttttttttt! I thought it was going to be like a crash scene from Mad Max! 

Returning back, alive and unscathed we decided to go swimming. Lou videoed some of our antics, take a look but be patient for them to load, it’s worth the wait I promise and ester Williams has nothing on us! 

After a super swim and yet another side splitter it was back to change into our best drinking trousers for the BBQ. The Dutch Lions again out did themselves providing an all you can eat BBQ complete with vegetarian options and wine and olives on every table!  

Saturday evening and we as a club decided to stroll into the village for a beer and get a group photo. Mr Marsh was pleased with me and Spenny and decided not to throw us into the village pond! “You rock Mr Marsh!”  

Back at the camp site we danced the fandango under a Dutch moon; there was music in the air and lots of lovin every where! Yet another superb night. 

All too soon it was Sunday morning and our little group of expeditionary’s had to break away to catch different ferries at different times, always the saddest part but we had Whitby to look forward to and every one was riding high on the moment. 

We have now sewn the seeds for our 2009 adventures with a deffo revisit to the Dutch Lions but we have also discussed a plan to fly over to a warmer clime in celebration of all things scootering so watch this space. 

For those who came to Holland thank you for the good show and the effort. For those reading this who are considering it for next year then you are most welcome, we don’t do cliquey in the AFSC, all are invited and welcome. As always I shall publish the dates for next year as soon as they are released so plans can be made.  

I thank The Dutch Lions and I thank all of the clubs and solo riders who allowed us to party with them in a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere, we very much appreciate this, see you all on the runs. 


Yours Simon Cuerden President the AFSC.

the afsc do the Dutch lions in Rotterdam 200

by Uggy

This rally looked on paper like a real back to basics event and we were not to be disappointed. The trip started for us on Thursday afternoon with a nice leisurely ride down to Harwich from Bedford.

We arrived in good time and sat and had a brew whilst waiting to board and also the arrival of others who didn't show, not to worry as you all know 2 of us could have a good party in a cardboard box if we needed to

As we sorted out our shit a load of guys arrived on Ducatis who had been to the TT races a quick look over the scoot and nothing said at all it was time to board and as we did the distinct sound of a load of Lambrettas and vespas was heard in the distance. About 35 - 40 came round the corner together, now we were in business!!!

Scooterists from The Lowestoft Deserters and Colchester DVLC pulled up, on the boat cabin sorted it was time to hit the bar and cut the shit for a while, We met Heath, Andy, Alan and other members of the Lowestoft lot and had a good old giggle and sunk one or 2 beers before heading for bed around 0100 hours, once back in the cabin we attacked the mini bar with a full Bn frontal attack, bad move drinking champagne as a night cap,

Jeanette woke me around 0730 the next morning in quite an abrupt way, We had docked and every one else had left the boat, ah well a quick shower and dressed down to the car deck to find the load guys waiting for us to get off, (oooops)

Once sorted we headed for the RV of McDonalds in Barendrecht, we cruised passed the others that had been on the boat and made the RV in about an hour, (sat nav is the way forward) At this point we had no comms with anyone so presumed that all was well and they too were on the road. after being at the RV for almost an hour and a half i said to Jeanette that we would head off to the run as Andy, Lou, Blitz Wils and John were already on the site, Just as i put my kit on The DVLC lads pulled up and my phone rang, Dai on the other end telling me that the lads from the Hull ferry had got split up so he was doing his best to round the herd up, 15 minutes later all
AFSC members were in situ at the RV and it was time to cut the shit before heading off to the run, So helmets on Scoots running i had 30 scooterists following me as i had a sat nav, (Hope i don't get lost now lol)

The trip form the RV took us less than 15 minutes and it was tents up beers out and lets party.

Having sorted ourselves 's out It was time too head towards the bar and start the socializing with those we had not met before and those we know from old, Marshy, Brooky, Spenny, Wils, Blitz, John, Dai, Si, Carol, Andy, Lou, Bish. great to see all.

At this point Daniel arrived much to his dads surprise, Dai hadn't seen Dan in almost 15 months and bring a tear to his eye it did.

Now we were all sorted Wils went into town to get some money changed. An easy task for almost anyone you would think but no not for our Wils, into the bank he strolled and headed for the good looking girl behind the counter to inquire about changing his Stirling into euros, When she replied in broken English, ''Im very sorry but this is an estate agents the bank is next door'', Well done Wils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think that the day was getting on now but it was still only about 4 in the afternoon, the beer was flowing and the banter was top notch, Bish was being his normal silly self and balancing benches on his chin, (see photos) Si had started throwing half pint pots of water around to cool people off in the Dutch sunshine, all very funny until it all went tits up and he threw a bucket of water over one of the Dutch girls who didn't quite see the English sense. Leaping like a gazelle she set about Si with some real venom and she was going to leather him for his stupidity although the rest of us could do nothing but laugh at him and let him fight his own battles.

So as more scooterist arrived we headed into town to the only pub to break up the day and have a beer in a real glass, the locals were great and welcomed us with open arms as we threw money over the bar, off to the take away for some diner it was then back to the nighter, The night just drifted on into a drunken blur for most of us and a paralytic blur for others, It is at this point i wont go into some of the antics as it will only embarrass folk but im sure you will hear about it at Whitby,

The nighter was good with all the normal scooterist tunes being played and some great sets of northern, Ska, MOD and indie being banged out during the course of the night,

Jeanette and I headed off to bed around 0230 and most had turned in after one long day of travel and beer. top night had by all i think.

Saturday morning was upon us in no time at all and the Lions had put on a great breakfast for everyone, Once we were all up and about and in reasonable form to ride we headed into town to the local cafe for coffee and banter. A game of paper, scissors, stone ensued as the decision making tool for what we would do for the day, Carol won and someone else made the decision. lol

The ride out it was to be, (how on earth we got an atomic bomb in PSS is beyond me but hey ho)

So off we went on the ride out through some lovely Dutch country side and then onto a small village pub.

As we pulled into the pub car park the landlord had set up tables outside to use as a bar and all the drinks were on the house, Steve an English Ex pat had paid for the drinks out of his own pocket(a very nice gesture indeed) and i must say he has the nicest Ser ii that i have seen in a long time.


The ride back to the site was as good as the ride out except for blitz blowing his scoot up, again not to worry the Lions mech lad had it sorted for him and all for the cost of 65 notes for a new fly wheel pick up. not bad at all. Marshy was having little problems with his too, so a quick tinker with his carb and job sorted, i took it down the road to make sure it was clearing through all the gears and boy does it move.( not sure on your breaks though Steve).

The highlight of the day was the chance to see the
AFSC Synchronized swimming team put on a display at the local pool. And also a chance to play tig ball in the pool, fecking great my sides are still hurting now from laughing so much. Once we had all showered and towel whipped one another and thrown Simons shorts on the roof it was time to head back to the site for more of the same as the night before. The Lions had put on a BBQ which was outstanding and as much as you could eat was the order of the day,

As we sat around chatting and drinking we decided to head into town for a couple of pints at the pub again, By this point John Wymark and Dave Simon had made the epic Journey from Bosel to Rotterdam good on you guys top performance.
Rob the Rudi also made the trek with Rich a work colleague respect too.


All sorted for the evening we took over the local pub for a couple of hours of more banter and the chance to do a group phot of all attending
AFSC members, We headed back to the nighter for what was set to be another good one and we weren't to be disappointed either.

AFSC did well in the race for the trophies with Si wining best auto, John Wymark winning farthest travelled male and the AFSC winning best turned out club, well done everyone. The rest of the night was again much of a blur for most with most of us staying up until 0500 before turning in.

Sunday brought the normal headaches and packing rituals before saying our good byes and headed for our separate port locations for the journey home, Andy, Lou, Blitz, John ,Wils left at 0800 to get to Oostende which all went tits up The Blitz blew up on route and needed to be recovered back to the IOW, John won the award for furthest travelled on the way home as he went to Zebrugge instead of Oostende, and also ran out of petrol but respect to him he did get to Oostende and get the same ferry as the rest, well in mate. Jeanette and I headed for Hoek van Holland and got there with no dramas, The remainder headed off to Rotterdam and again got home with no Dramas,

I have to say that The Dutch Lions put on one Hell of a run, 20 euros all in camping, BBQ, Ride out, free beer, breakfast, what more do you need, Well done to all members of The Dutch Lions SC, A top, top weekend had by all.

I look forward to seeing most of you again this coming weekend at Whitby

This is Uggy signing out very tired, but very happy,

Ride safe Friday guys and girls, cant wait for it...


"The Roll of Honour"

2 Carol Cuerden "Click to enlarge the picture" Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
3 Bish Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
4 Bagzy Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
5 Dave Rapson Ferry booked - going to Rotterdam from Harwich
6 Uggy Ferry booked - going to Rotterdam from Harwich
7 Jeanette Ferry booked - going to Rotterdam from Harwich
8 Rob Mc riding from the Land of LOA en route to Whitby
9 Steve Evans riding from the Land of LOA en route to Whitby
11 Craig Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
12 Kathleen Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
13 John Wymark riding from the Land of LOA
14 Craig Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
15 Viv Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
16 Jimmy Foaely Ferry booked - hull Rotterdam
18 Fozzy & Sarah Ferry booked - going to Rotterdam from Harwich
20 Womble & Val Ferry booked - going to Rotterdam from Harwich
21 Andy Ramsgate to Rotterdam
22 Lou Ramsgate to Rotterdam
23 Wills Dover-Calais
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