Ride for BLESMA 2012

Ride for BLESMA 2012

Cav has come up with the fantastic concept of “Ride for BLESMA 2012”

BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association) is the national charity for limbless serving and ex-service men and women and their dependants and widows.

The concept is a complete year of fundraising for AFSC Members as individuals and groups culminating in a big push “Ride for BLESMA”.
BLESMA and The AFSC Committee are onside and we have a plan!

BLESMA have allocated The AFSC an account number and a code to pay monies in along with a running balance that can be seen on line! This way we can maximise our efforts to incorporate individual projects and group efforts such as The AFSC Thrash collection!

Further to this Cav has come up with an idea that gives a massive end of year push for fundraising and the all-important raising awareness in the form of “Ride for BLESMA 2012”

“Ride for BLESMA 2012” will see a group of AFSC Members meeting up in the Newcastle area where the first of many fundraisers will take place!

The operation will have 8 phases:

Phase 1. Sunday 30th September 2012 RV At Newcastle with Simon, Daz and Cav the Sunday before RTTW

Phase 2. Monday 1st October 2012 morning set off to RV at Mik n Sue’s in Cleethorpes, Mik is organising a fundraiser so we can pass the tins around for BLESMA!

Phase 3. Tuesday 2nd October 2012 set off to Chester to meet with The Chester AFSC Posse and Bollox speed, Joe will replicate Mik’s efforts

Phase 4. Wednesday 3rd October 2012 set off to Leicester to meet with Dave and Mitch and The Phoenix Nights SC and again collect for BLESMA!

Phase 5. Thursday 4th October 2012 set off to RV at Daz and Philippa ‘s in Dagenham, Daz is organising a fundraiser with The Vespaholics so we can pass the tins around for BLESMA!

Phase 6. Friday 5th October 2012 set off to RTTW and meet up with the crew, get as much money as we can from the bikers!

Cav has done a magnificent job on this but he needs our help to make it work!

We need willing volunteers to shake the tin, BLESMA are sending us all the appropriate paraphernalia!

We also want any one and every one to think of achievable ways they can raise money and awareness for this charity that has never ever needed help as much as today!

Thoughts please…………………………………