Afsc questionnaire results

Well here you are, the results. I haven't "cherry picked" any comments but to save on reading repetitious answers I have cut them to concentrate on the more meaty bits!

I will summarise at the bottom............

1.    How often do you visit The AFSC web site?

home page


Itís my home page

Nearly everyday

TWICE A DAY before and after work

home page

Most answered daily or every other day.

2.    Are you an AFSC member?

99% answered yes, only one none member answered

3.    If you are not an AFSC member, what is it that makes you visit?

4.    What part of the web site do you most visit?


Guest book



Guest book



Guest book


99% answered Guestbook

5.    Is there anything on here you haven't read or seen?

99% have seen all of it.

6.    Is there any thing on here you feel irrelevant?


No - it is an important part of the club / history etc. we cant all meet down the local, chat about old times / ask questions of a technical nature of the experts

This questionnaire lol. Just one thing si there a few dead links on the main page

Yes there are links on there that are on twice. Events could be broken down into events done and events to be done, at the moment itís too fragmented

Not really except the sad comments from non scooterists/mods on the guest book (Joe Scooterists)

Scotty's site doesn't work and plenty's site link is a copy of the SD

 Some of the rebuild stuff I think

Not too many replied to this

7.    Would you like to see some thing else and if so what?

Proper Forum, a lot of posts get lost

More partner as members


Big Tits and birds

A notice board - similar in style to scooter-boy world would make threads easier to follow, but that would cost.

Readers wives :-)

More piss take photos!!!!

Mod/ Mod Revival (amongst other genres) features or links - Scootering aint all about "norvern" yer know!

8.    Did you attend the AFSC AGM's, if you didn't why not

I was there

No I live too far away

dependant upon tours/commitments else where - I personally do not make it a priority

I did and i swear I was there

Yes i swear i was there

I was there

MONEY. Im not as well-off as you guys. Its simple if id had the money id have been there.

Yes (bit late but got there)

9.    Do you think The AFSC is important?

Not life threatening

Very much so, YES

Not sure in what way we're asking the question, but I love the ideal of the club, and I've met some tremendous people.

Yes, its given me something special that civvy street couldn't give me since I left the forces.

Of course because the clubís AO is so widespread an AGM is good to keep the club bonded

To me yes, to the idea of world peace not sure

To me its very important im the only English scooterist for miles.. Ask the missus the first thing i do when i get in from work is get on the web site. Si i hope you realise just how important this club is to people like me. For certain reasons i am no where as active as i would like to be ,but because of this web site i know everything what you guys are up to.. It really is a life saver...

I would die and rather away with out scooter like minded people.

More than life itself

Yes I do, having left the forces four years ago I feel that the AFSC is my British Legion, Iím not interested in having to belong to a regimental association and having to wear a regimental tie and blazer once a year at some regimental dinner. The AFSC gives me the connection I still need with the forces and has put me in touch with people who have the same interests as I do (scooters and live music).

Yes, probably the best club on the scene.

To me it is, need that military contact


10.    Do you feel the club is structured correctly?

Spot on!

Don't know enough about it, but it appears to be 'divided'

I didnít think there was a structure of sorts

Can't see another club getting it as good as we have

Thanks mate, a committee would not work, the way it is works. Thankless task but appreciated.

No, a club of 15 - 20 scooterists is ok for bumbling along, a club with 200 needs to be structured or it will eventually become a 'house of cards and collapse.

it is right once we start to dilute the decision making process we will loose it.

 Seems to work for most people. I assume this is a response to an email I got last week questioning the AGM location. Don't worry about it, you won't ever please everyone. I ran a club for 3 years with 800 members. it's a nightmare!

Yes maybe, and this is my thought, i think we have to many non forces members and if left to gather more people such as honorary members and civvies it could dilute the Armed forces spirit...........maybe???

No, the divisions thing is shit, it creates cliques and the ďWeíve done more than you* syndrome. I have done it myself and I regret it.

Yep, bit ginger heavy at the top tho!!

In a way yes but i have sent many pics in an not one has been put on to the site. so i cry myself to sleep

Not sure weather I am ND or SD , living where I do , South Warks.

Yes, can we introduce the NWE Division officially as is the case with our North & South Divs?

11.    Can you think of any way to improve the club?

More Regional Detachments

Form a committee

I think that all members coming into the club must 'prove their connection'.

Joe Scooterist has a point. More effort by the members should be made to go to the AGM. We need to hammer the promotion of it early, rally the troops. Solo Riders must put in the Guest book if they have been to a 'Niter or Rally in their local area in order for us to get a feel of the spread across the country.

I would like to see an AFSC ride out at every run. ''The AFSC will ride out at 1200hrs on Saturday the RV will be the main gate'' and make it a standard call to all members at all rallies. So no matter where you are you will always know that at 1200...... That way they can always meet up if they failed the night before.

Nope - because of the geography, small groups meet regularly, structured into larger sections is excellent

Not at this time, if it aint broke don't fix it. We had about 80-90 members at the agm so we must be doing ok, i can see 2006 being bigger.

Just hope it doesnít get so big it implodes

Yes scrap the SD/ND/GD we are 1 club not 12

Possibly more local rideouts "organised" but don't ask me how.

Just keep going as we are, it is always improving. Ask people who join and then never have any contact or interest do they want to be in the club.


12.    Should we charge subs and why?

Yes, so that only genuine scooterists from the services and ex-services will join

No - haven't since you have been in charge, I remember hearing of problems in the past. it aint worth the hassle. Donations for site up keep would be welcome

When we start meeting every third Wednesday in the slaughtered lamb then yes.

Try donations instead of subs


It's a Minefield that ends in tears.

No, subs in any club causes squabbles.

No, I have found, in other clubs, that once members start paying money they feel that the club 'owes them something'. It has caused problems in that people start to take from the club and not put back into it, using the excuse I've paid my money"

No, who will collect, you will then need a treasurer, the people who will dip out will be the ones who are not so lucky with their posting location. People wonít pay, someone will have to chase, animosity is created and it goes onÖÖÖÖÖ

No, because most of us would be to tight to pay them.

Yes why should 1 person pay to run the site

It appears to me that the system is working fine as it is. However, I would gladly pay subs to help cover the costs caused by running the websites etc etc.

Ive personally belonged to clubs that have charged and clubs that haven't. And from my personnel experience it brings only trouble. with none payment money going missing etc NRC, NSRA and LCGB all had problems when it came to money and im against it..

No I don't think we need any funds , if we need a van hire tools etc they can be organised on the ground.

I donít believe that you could police it that well, however if you did I would pay

No, there's plenty of clubs that run fine without subs. When you start raising money, people fall out and you end up with splits and factions. What's special about AFSC camaraderie is the way people club together when something needs doing, and if money's needed for beers or food there's nothing wrong with the ancient art of the whip, as was seen at Skeg 05.

No need until now, why try to fix what is not broken. How are you going to chase people who owe, spread over such a large distance. We would probably also need a proper accountant because of our size.

most clubs do charge subs & these go towards either leg shield banners on the main runs or towards a do I.E. a Christmas bash..

13.    Do you belive the "North and South AFSC Divisions" are a good or bad idea?

Bad - it's one big social club.


I think just a UK club would be fine. We manage over here (Germany) quite well

Neither more regional to help members further a field

Good for local events going on but bad as it seems to draw an us and them sometimes.


Bad, should be one club to prevent breakaway splinter groups

Good, they form rallying points and a bit of good old military banter.

goodish - south covers a vast area (as does the north) - difficult for some areas to attend regularly

It's not an issue for me, the southern div lads seem to be well organised and have a number of rideouts

Yes I do as it enables local people in local towns to visit each other get pissed etc and have ride outs. look at it this way if the Sd didn't exist we wouldn't be having over 20 members meeting and going to a crimbo party hosted by the RTSc, it shows we are a liked and well respected club. If we never had SD and ND then no bugger would meet apart from rallies.

We are all scooterists, but there is a North south divide, it makes for competivness

I think they are a good idea if kept informal as they keep people in touch and are a source of local support. I prefer to be a 'solo rider' in the club though (if that is possible!)

The South Division is a good idea because it keeps Plenty busy. The Northern thing is the same for northern monkeys I suppose. :)

They are a good idea in my opinion. However, the club could possibly use some Midlands cover. (ie Cambridge etc)

Good because its keeping the divisions stronger which is good for the club as a whole

Yes good idea as long as they don't divide the club I guess we could even have east Anglian , Midlands etc if it helps members forge relationships. The southern Div is really only a dozen members between Pompey and Aldershot.

Good idea

I think the north and south divisions are a good idea, but from where I live North is just as far as South and both are nowhere near me..

Yes, as I would struggle to get to almost all Northern do's

I can see the point of having regional groups, but I think North/South is an over-simplification. I live in the geographic north, but I live well into the west too. I just consider myself an AFSC member rather than a North Div member.

Yes it just keeps people together over geographical areas, also a little rivalry is added.

Yes, could they not be Coys or Sqns though in keeping with the military idea?

As the club has members from all parts of the British isles & serving members scattered around the globe it's difficult to have one main base, but i feel at present some members are using the Divisions as A HUGE divide between north & south, & in some cases causing ill feelings...but in all clubs you get W***kers..what ever you do.

I do believe they are a good idea, I also think each area should have its Div or chapter whatever it wants to be called ie Germany, North, South, Italy etc etc

14.    Do you visit the North and South AFSC Division's web sites and if so how often and why?

No, read enough shite on the guestbook

Yes every time

Yes often just to check write ups and photos


Yes to see what my bruvvers and sisters are up to having met a few at meets etc the SD have a very strong 'family' ethos

Yes but i don't mean to be rude but the ND need a little shake up?

I am a member of the South Div

Both yes, southern div takes so long to upload, I give up after a while, we ainít all got broadband. The Northern div doesnít get updated much but I can understand that if the webmaster is busy, itís part of the job.

No never updated

Yes when I need to know something darn sarf. unfortunately the north website is dying on its arse due to Pete being away.

I visit the Southern Div regularly, as I am based in the south

South - once a week, North - once a month

15.    What is the AFSC's biggest threat?

Charging subs

Poisonous sausages from what I've heard.

None from what I can see

Prats who manage to get a polo shirt and cause probs on rallies


Self destruction. The sooner HQ AFSC gets to the UK and established the better. KISS is the answer.

Itself - there is not a scooter club in UK or on continent that have the camaraderie that we have

A Nuclear attack

The scene being taken over by non believers

The North and South AFSC Division's

Work commitments. I find it hard to keep up with the club and can't attend many rallies. Keeping everyone's interest is very hard. I have found that of all the clubs I have been in this one has been the friendliest and does not have the in-fighting and bitching that usually causes problems.

Not showing Simon the support we should, he lives and breathes the AFSC

Apathy and in fighting. Not seen much of either so far so we are still in good shape.

Too many outsiders and people who say they were in so they then get a t shirt and we never see them again only for them to disgrace our club as skeg was an example.

Getting to big and the fact that we aint so young anymore

People losing interest , or not being in touch , I would guess .Lot of members on paper , but are they all still active ? (hope so)

Losing those that spend a lot of their time keeping the site up to date and informative

1st world communism, 2nd infighting if we are not careful.

Possibly getting to big and getting impersonal

Invaders from another planet

The perception and oft times jealousy of other clubs, also in small ways pettiness ie private disagreements should remain so. With 211 members we cannot all love each other all of the time.

Allowing people to join who are not really scooterists or who in fact have no intention of ever turning up to a run or other event. Some people just seem to think it sounds cool to be AFSC. We should be a little stricter on who we allow in, and enrolment should be subject to approval by a committee and a face to face with a local prominent member

Once Simon De-Mobs, might have a power struggle

People who just don't give & take, not everything can be the way you want it... even if they do throw their dummies out the cot..

Those that have joined a couple of years or so ago after the hard work has been done and now they are trying to big it up with insignificant groupings.

Same as any club. Bitchiní from within the ranks

Bad press, apathy, arrogance I believe we need to spread our wings more.

16.    Do we have enough photographs on each page or not enough?

Yes, but it would be nice to see them a bit bigger

Not enough

17.    Does our pages load fast enough?

Depends on server


Like a good TS1

18.    What do you think to our guestbook?

Amusing and sincere. Sometimes too many 'personals'

People need to know that if you have problems at home ie marriage's etcÖ we donít want to read utter shite!!!

Prefer a proper forum to be honest

Brilliant when message post straight away


Excellent - but find it difficult to follow threads at times, especially if ive been away even for a few days

Outdated.......sorry mate it is but i know you wont budge on this. ive noticed that there are only about 10-15 people who are regular posters, that's not good with a club of over 200. You need to re-look at this .

Handles the current amount of traffic very well. I don't see the need to expand it to cover technical or other matters as these are already well covered on the web (e g scooter boy world)

The guestbook is and always will be the focal point of this site, despite the fact there is sometimes a load of shite on it, it remains a good source of information.

Not bad, I think we need a guestbook and a chat room type effort because some people us it to communicate which is not how a guestbook works. Could seem to some that it is just a big wives club/pissed up rambling page.

love it

Its a bit cliquey , been on a few times and never got an answer. Don't bother much now.

Good when unmoderated

Interesting and funny

Invaluable for keeping up-to-date with everything that's going on.

Excellent Ė one of the siteís best facilities.

Sometimes it gets a bit nasty, & a little to political, but you can't stop people having an opinion even if it is wrong ..but the nastiness is out of order..

19.    Do you listen to Northernsoul radio whilst reading the guestbook?

I have to turn the volume off because I'm at work and it's not my favourite soul station.

Always! me & Paddy have spent some late evenings together.


Sometimes, I'm not really into northern soul too many vests and flares for my liking!!!!

No its fucking orrible

Nope, gets on me tits scrolling down the page to turn it off every time.

Can you?

No. Love Northern Soul but Paddy Grady makes my teeth itch

20.    Have you purchased an AFSC product?




21.    How often do you wear the AFSC Patch?


When I wear my jacket.


Every minute im breathing and its in my will to wear it when im gone

Every time i wear my Tracky Top

Everyday as ive got them on everything and im not joking.

22.    How often, if ever, do you wear the AFSC Shirt?

Used to wear it a lot until someone took the piss out of me because I got sent an extra large and it's way too big for me. Not got round to getting a smaller size yet.

23.    Do you have an AFSC Sticker on your scooter?

 Just the AFSC with the crown.

No my scooter is to fucking cool 4 school

24.    Do you think it is important for the AFSC rally going members to meet up together at the runs?

Errr yes !

Very important

Defiantly no two ways about it


Yes, that's what makes going to a rally special. Each run you go to there are different members. It is important to show your AFSC colours on the first night. They should ride out together

Yes - family ethos, camaraderie esprit de corps

Very important. If we are going to call ourselves a club, there should be a pre-planned club meet and ride in
together if this is practical.

Yes as it keeps non forum members to keep up and builds club spirit . It also looks good to see a healthy vibrant club attending nationals.

Yes, even just one drink together can make all the difference

Absolutely, there would be no point in being a club otherwise, it would just be a load of solo riders meeting on the internet.

Yes as we are a family

Yes I do. Although people are members of civvy clubs I think it is important to meet up with other AFSC members and develop that sensational bond that we forces bods have.

If mates wish to meet up they should its what scootering is all about , but should also bear in mind that members also have mates we have been riding with for the last 22 years.

Yes, as a solo rider its always good to know or be able to meet up with someone from the club

Very . Met my first few troops at Cala Gran. Maybe a designated rep per run and meeting point? Organized via the guest book?

25.    Are you planning to attend the AFSC AGM in Skegness 2006 and why?

Yes Because i know we had a fantastic time last year and im sure it will go with a bang again


Yes, I only attend one or two rallies and feel it important to make the AGM.

Not sure if I will, after deciding for Mersea earlier, I started planning next year around it, I will still do Mersea for definite but not sure about Skeggy. Itís a shame it was changed but if thatís the democratic decision then so be it.

Went last year and had a blast but it is the same weekend as me daughters birthday so have entered into kitchen pass negotiations

Yes I am. I want to meet up with as many AFSC members as possible and see this as the ideal opportunity.

I would like to, however depending on work etc, it would be nice to meet some of the crew

Yes, week-end booked - only got up for the Saturday last time and missed the run ashore on the friday so intend to get up in time in 2006 (with scoot)

Yes, because I was a bit shy at the 2005 one and didn't really meet enough people

Yes to meet new people and keep in touch with the rest of you. If this is to be the AGM, then nothing less than maximum effort will do

Yes, coz last year was awesome

Yes as it would be great to meet the English members I donít know and have a great time

26.    If Dave Bellis stays away from the sausages, is a BBQ a good idea and how should we pay for it?

Yes - pay at the queue like some ride outs do, and reimburse initial costs afterwards.

If I were there, a whip round works for me.

Same as Skeggy, per head payment

Very good idea as we all get together just as we did last year collect from all members who want to eat.


No Comment

There will always be skimming at a cash paid event. A couple of quid for your graft yes, but deliberately ripping off your fellow club members is a no no!!!!!!

Yes - a few euros each will guarantee some solids consumed over a weekend if nothing else

Put on a full on event and charge a fiver a head in advance. once you've got enough fivers, you can get the scoff...

Everybody should chip in or people on specialist diets (Vege, like me) can bring there own.


BBQ good idea, £1 for hot dog or burger etc, pays for food and a few beers

Good idea, possibly pay as you eat

27.    Have you considered what National Runs you will do this year?

Not yet - in hibernation for the winter

Everything depends on shifts but as many as possible.

Skegness, IOW, possibly Whitby, because the journey looks a nice one and it's in the summer. If I can find somebody to come with me, I might do a, couple of others. I'll definitely be at Mersea Island, but that's not a

Yes, but I often find the Nationals to be a disappointment, so I'm looking at alternatives like Southport, Rhyl, The Shires, Burton and the Portsmouth Mod Weekender instead

28.    If you are living in Germany will you attend the AFSC AGM in Skegness 2006?

29.    Should we have a guestbook that is "Moderated' or "Free speech" how do you feel about the recent "Joe Scooterist" episode and have you read anything on our guestbook that you find offensive and why?

Nothing offensive as yet, but could suggest starting a basic forum for the 'regulars' and a new guestbook started for those just visiting once. Thought moderator handled Joe scenario well.

Free speech, yea! Utter drivel, No!

Joe, has the same grammar problems as you Si ?

Free speech

Free speech. We are all adults and should be able to make our own minds up as to what people have to say but then again if anything is said that would cause gross offence. Peoples personal comments about wife's, husband, partner as we have seen recently should perhaps be better left at home.


Joe Scooterist in my view was misquoted from the off and everyone took umbrage to it and jumped on the band wagon. He actually told a few home truths don't you think. OK, we had a good turn out for SR but a lot of those were friends and family. What Joe Scooterist missed out was that at any given weekend across the UK there are probably AFSC members at all events, so, we may have 20 - 30 hardcore who try to come together in force but geographically we are spread thin but we are in numbers. I personally find offensive - Derek and Clive!!

Moderated. If three moderators make a complaint / receive a complaint then we ban members no more Joe scooterists needed -

The Joe scooterist thing was blown out of all proportion. I'm pretty sure it was a wind up anyway, although we all bit. It may have even been the person who sent out the stupid email last week..???

Keep it free, if people have opinions let them say it, within reason

Free speech, bin anything that will bring disrepute to club members but as I said before it's not a chat room so outside views should be respected no matter what they are. Some of Joe's views although extreme were not far form the point. Why use the guestbook to tell someone you are going to phone them or any of that bollox.

Free speech all the way! I find the Joe scooterist episode quite amusing and, to be honest, am surprised people got so upset about it. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a Squaddie who wrote it for a laugh.

Moderated ,if its free speech it would make it look cheap & tacky , we can all F & Blind , but who wants it on a decent site , Joe scooterist was just a sad knob head , no I don't find anything offensive , spent too much time underwater !!!

Free speech unless desperately offensive I thought Joe was quite funny after I'd calmed down!!!!

Like most web pages, free speech is a great thing, however maybe a moderated guest book is a good thing

I think the guest book is great just the way it is and I must admit when Joe scooterist was writing his comments it really did get some good debates going.

Free Speech, we is all grown up, if you can't take the heat you shouldn't have joined

I'd go with the free speech option. I think we have enough responsible members to jump all over someone if they overstep the mark. Really hate it when people air their domestic dirty laundry on the guestbook though.

Free speech unless something unacceptable appears and no pseudonyms should ever be used.

We live in a Democracy Simon and therefore even arseholes are entitled to freedom of speech. We just have to live with it and therefore a moderated guest book is not the way, people would just stop using it.

Yes I read Joe scooterist & eventually he did hack me off & I put my pennyworth in.. but more offensive was the lines from the song that wasn't funny just bad mouthed... I don't know about moderated speech I think you'll get a lot of criticism if you block what a lot of people think is their right to say what they think????

Moderation in moderation

30.    What do you get out of being an AFSC member?

Its allowed me to get in touch with the mad bish again

Not much at the moment, but hope its better in 2006

A Family filled with love, respect and support. A feeling of belonging to something very special. A very big heartfelt thank you to you for starting this family.


Apart from probably 5 close friends, not a lot.

Great companionship, need I say more!

What i had 11 years ago when i was in apart from the bergen runs.........The AFSC put back into my life what i lost when i left the army, i couldn't imagine scootering without them.

There are people I have met through being in this club I now consider to be my closest friends. We have respect as a club on every German run we go on and that has taken some achieving. The clubs focus will always eventually switch more over to the UK, but as long as can ride my scoot, I will represent this club at the German Runs

A warm fluffy feeling and something other than the legion for when I am out of the mob.

All arse kissing aside Si, you have done a cracking job so far, for a gwar, long may it continue fella

The AFSC allows me to combine 2 of my greatest passions and I wear my AFSC patch/Polo shirt with pride.

The feeling of actually belonging !! I am extremely proud to be a member of this club how it is now. I do have concerns over how many of us there are in a view to conduct. And also the subs question has made me think a bit..

A sense of allegiance with other ex and serving people , we seem to have a certain sense of humor , only other servicemen can understand. ( BLESS US)

Being able to keep in contact with old mates without having to change clubs on postings is good enough for me

I havenít met an arse hole yet all have been friendly decent people.

A warm feeling in my underpants

Pride and camaraderie

Everything I need. New friends  who I met though the AFSC website. Grasp the best band Iíve heard and seen in ages thanks to reading about them on the AFSC website and that connection with the forces that all us ex forces folk like, now that we are living on the dark side.

Same comradeships that was prevalent in the navy

Wider circle of friends, with the Forces sense of humor that you miss after you've left, and an ability to organise events that is often woefully lacking in ordinary scooter clubs (without the bitching and falling out over petty shite)

Brotherhood, comradeship and being able to call on good friends.

The honor to ride with fellow scooterists whom have all served their Queen and country. The fact that we are all a great unit of people and enjoy the same things in life. It is always great to know that when i attend a Rally i will be riding with honest and loyal people who will be there for me and my wife throughout my life.

An enormous sense of pride, well-being from being a member of (as we discussed last weekend) the best club on the planet.

I get the best buzz in the world when people see me in my afsc shirt cost hay know that we are the dogs nads and they all want to be in the team.

The hairs stand up on my neck when asked " What is the AFSC?" and I'm proud to tell them

The feeling of not only being part of one of the biggest clubs on the scene but also the chance to talk shop and scooters with other members at rallies . No matter what we all say, we all love talking shop.

Firstly I thank all who completed the questionnaire, the answers where  frank, to the point and often funny!

The AFSC is in good order and no major changes are required or planned!

The AFSC Guestbook is an area where we seam to have a difference of opinion and a bit of a paradox. Most want free speech but do not want offensive posts. I propose a team of three moderators who should represent the AFSC Divisions and monitor AFSC Guestbook posts. Your thoughts and volunteers please???

The AFSC Southern and AFSC Northern Divisions are extremely popular and fierce loyalty exists within them. This is healthy and to be encouraged as long as we don't get "breakaway" clubs within the club. Some are asking for additional AFSC Divisions to represent other geographical areas, this is fine and dandy but we need volunteers with the will to see it through. I would like to say that Dave and Dickie and The AFSC  SD have shown the way forward on this and are to be applauded!

Most of you belive that "Subs" are a bad thing and the road to ruin so we will not charge subs!!!!.

Every one seams happy with the AFSC  web site and visit nearly every day, the guestbook is the most popular draw.

The AFSC AGM is vital and we need to take more care in selecting 2007's location in order to avoid swapping and changing. This can easily be sorted at the end of the 2006' season with all AFSC  members feedback. I can assure you all that the decision for 2007's AFSC AGM will be democratic and based on the run going members.

On the subject of AFSC  BBQ during the AGM, this is a brilliant idea! We will all chip in as before but a token system will be used to stop us feeding the masses! This was a concern by many and I would please ask you to give your continued support for future AFSC  events, we will control the cash better and control who eats via a token system. This is easily achieved and a couple of raised eye brows should not stop a fantastic way of getting together and breaking the ice. If you do not feel right in chipping in a couple of quid towards The AFSC  BBQ then you could possibly be in the wrong scooter club?

On the subject of AFSC organised events where monies are raised, a temporary "entertainments committee" must be formed with a structure based on our military ethos, we have to have transparency for any funds produced!!! There are enough of us with the experience to do this. Let's not ever place our selves in awkward situations.

We do not need a list of club rules and regulations nor do we need a committee. No one is being asked to go anywhere or do anything that they do not want to do. You vote with your scooter! Yes we are encouraging AFSC Members to attend the AGM but you should not feel pressured. For those AFSC  Members who have attended before they will concur that it is a fantastic and rare opportunity to get a large slice of us together.

In summery, The AFSC has evolved, it is still the same creature and I promise that I am one hundred percent committed to enabling service scooterists to meet under the banner of The Armed Forces Scooter Club. Petty squabbles are to be expected, and to be honest they are healthy! We should always remember that our military service will bind us all together. It is a family affair that you can all be proud and part of.

Yours Simon Cuerden

AFSC Club President