Mike Potts

1 ….Mike Potts (Pottsy) .

2 .... 42

3 .... Tamworth, Staffs.

4 ….Ex Royal Signals  

5 .... Married to Louise, 4 sons in the late teens / twenties and daughter currently serving in Birmingham Selly Oak with QARANC she's 25 and mother of my grandson (?) who's 2.

6 .... I study (?), I have 2 degrees and currently mid way through a Masters, oh, I also have an interest in old camper vans and have an old battered 72 Bay window

7 …..Italian GP TS1225, AF S Type SX 200 both MB tuned etc. and awaiting delivery of Scomadi TL300

8 .... In the early 90's it would be Aberystwyth 90, Brid in 93 and Avon Park in 94 on my first TS1

9 .... Llandudno 2010 (first rally back on a scoot and first time back there since 93), Run to the Hills 2010 (with the AFSC lads!), Shed 7 2011 with the old oi boys and AFSC lads from Pompei

10 .... I'm into anything that's well engineered, I like bike engined scoots but equally I like standard GP's…it's the variety in scootering that keeps it interesting for me.

11 .... I was never into anything other than punk and oi when I was younger…now I love all the cheesy rally tunes, it makes me laugh but I love it :)

12 .... 3 Favourite albums….Quarophenia (yawn), Hail the new dawn (?), Mod Mania / Ska Mania

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group….ACDC

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island  with……..Demi Moore..I don't think I need to explain.

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert Island  with….Tony Ducket..he'd start a fight with himself (?), only kidding postie!

16 .... People who knock auto's without ever having been on a long distance rally or tried riding one themselves!

17…..Oh this is hard. MB do some quality stuff and for me have given advice and help, so have Barnsely Lambretta who I see at some events. I do most of my own and an increasing amount of other peoples engine work now.

18…..Resurection Scooters - Bought tat that doesn't fit and can't get any response from them, like a fool I've had this happen twice, it won't happen a 3rd time…bloody eBay! a close 2nd though is a well known dealer who attends most rallies (Scooter Care), I paid him £1500 notes to rebuild my engine and when the inevitable happened and I had to rebuild it myself I found a lot of basic errors..like fitting bearings in a GP clutch causing the non hardened clutch to wear out and after only 1k miles be as sloppy as …well, it was not good and cost me a lot to put right.

19…..A good old friend who got me back into scootering is one of your most loyal members!! He drags me along to any event he can and now I attend something somewhere in the country most weekends!