Phoenix nights AFSC thrash 2015 By Mik Boon aged 58 and a quarter

It was a bit worrying , the run up to this year’s thrash weather forecast was a bit iffy to say the least with thunderstorms predicted the week before. The club had voted yet again for Phoenix nights, I think our 3rd time at the Leicester phoenix rally in the Greene king Stadium Hinckley. Not surprising , can’t get much more central in the country and an extremely well run and organised affair .
My Weekend started forcing myself to go to bed before all the election results came in at 0200 hrs. That is the last of the politics for the weekend. Banned from now until endex.

I was for once convinced I was getting there and back with no dramas and a bit quicker too on my 9 month old 4 stroke LML 200 . First time Sue has missed a Thrash in ten years but she couldn’t make it, so I was off on my own. No creature comforts that I couldn’t carry myself . Kit kept to a minimum, I loaded her up, everything in a Bergen plus tent. It all fitted on the back rack so I put the front rack back in the garage and set off on my 110 mile run to Hinckley.

Weathermen had got it wrong lovely clear day not even too cold well wrapped up with my paisley scarf giving me a look of sartorial elegance as well as keeping the arthritis at bay.
My 5 litre tank full and no 2t oil to pay for this was a cheap run. I managed to get to Newark in 70 minutes the only issue being my heavy load pivoting 6 inches behind my number plate was making it a light on the front and the side winds on the Lincoln bypass making my bum go half a crown \sixpence. So I decided to pull in at Newark, fill up and swing the load round onto my back seat. This 4t is the dogs . Off the clock at 120 km/h (no miles on it) looked good till I glanced at my sat nav showing 104…. Still its Chinese I wont trust that . I managed to squeeze 2 litres of fuel in, 85 km on 2 litres!!!. Making good time and overtaking things on the new A46 dual carriageway but getting a real buffeting by the wind, I finally slowed down when my posh scarf flew off behind me…. I found it wrapped around the back rest when I stopped , phew!!

Arrived at Hinckley at 1300hrs just over 2.5 hours including stops, pleased with that, to find I was first there. Asked the guy on the gate, where the AFSC Rv was, to be told he didn’t know anything about it, best ask Mitch who was working in the Marquee , so I rode over there…. That’s when it happened. Stopped on the thick gravel . lost the centre of gravity and the Bergen pulled the scoot over . tried to catch it and pulled me glass back. . helped up eventually by a couple of the phoenix lads and managed to ride the scoot to the allocated camp. Have you ever tried to pitch a tent blow an airbed up unpack a Bergen , all whilst laid on your back. Its an art form I tell you . Any way crept inside stopped bottom lip quivering and had a little lie down . te minutes later I heard voices so crawled out to see Tim Hart , Kev Francis and the sex god that is Hoggy , all the way from darn sarf. Soon joined by Leigh Cooper and Andy Leslie .


Later on Ian and Kerry Sutton came in two up on the GTS , Tongy came for one night due to work commitments , sterling effort for a couple of hours donut free partying . Simon arrived with th AFSC mobile party, 12 X12 , tables chairs even a bin bag stand \ makeshift zimmer frame for me. , pulled by his soxmis isuzu trooper , which pissed Dave Kellet off big time on his soviet mission PX ,  . Then we got a phone call Daz Swift had blown his piston on the M24. So Si Hooked up the Horse box and we nipped off to rescue Daz. When we got back the thrash was in full swing Ravey Davey had arrived on his very nice mod Lambretta. And Dave Kendall on his obviously nicer show winning mod scooter . Rob Murch and Jodi arrived just as the rain started.


The rain carried on starting , so we retired to the bar. Once in there, members started trickling in in drips and drabs. Dave Allen was playing DJ Dyl in the Elvis room , sorry Dave missed you mate. ( missed the gorgeous Mandy more like fnarr).


A few patches clocked and introduced , Then coaty walked in dripping as if he’d swum from Chester, with Angie and family. Soon followed by the north west crew of Daz and Rhiannon Coleman, and Joey and Helen. Dave Condron unplugged himself from his dialysis machine to come with Pauline and he still rode rode. The remaing half of Dangerous Dave hobbled in unexpectedly , with Jayne amazing that these two stars were there and I was feeling sorry for myself with a pulled back, get a grip man.


bed time in my lightweight tent and lightweight doss bag , the down side of May rallying is you cant predict the temperature, I was fluffing freezing , the up side is you don’t need to get up in the night for a piss, just chuck the yellow ice cubes out in the morning.


We awoke to a very bright if cold day perfect for a ride to breakfast and a war memorial. Tony Martin arrived about 0900 with his two lads , brilliant helpful kids they were too. James Brown got on down yeoww , Gus Mccourt had to come by car due to work , and thankfully he did , as I could barely walk never mind ride , so we all got ready to ride out to the meticulously planned by Ravey route and itinerary. Except davey he was still playing with his ding a ling and wouldnt get up. Eventually he rose , at his own pace, he aint in the army now is he  . He handed out his hand outs , fired up the power point projector and pointed out the fire fighting equipment and emergency exits…. Seriously well done Davey it was perfectly organised.


We set off to the Nags Head at Stapleton for breakfast and was met with brilliant hospitality and a friendship request from th landlady. I think it’s a once sided friendship though she wouldn’t flash her tits.

We left there at 1200 zulu time or was it BST or eastern standard , any way we all left, and rode into Hinckley for our now traditional memorial. We had completely overlooked the fact that it was VE day on Friday and as we arrived it looked ominous when a RAF Regiment airman ran over to us in full number one uniform to enquire what we were doing. He then told us to wait a minute while he fetched the standard bearers and band from the nearby united services club. We had ourselves a full blown parade. We marched ( hobbled) up the mountain to the memorial and held our little service and wee then invited into the club for a pint. Very humbling experience to see some of the old guys and girls in their blazers and medals and they made us really welcome and even let us play with their helmets and horns. . We swapped a couple of thrash patches to go on mobility scooters and they actually gave us a genuine RAF association banner. WOW! Proud day for the AFSC.
Back to the campsite we were met by Jinx and Xiaohui and Tony and Corrine Ducket. Tony is now looking a fine shade of Russian fieldmouse auburn instead of ginger ,and shenanigans begin. As has been tradition since 2005 with the ladies dressing up , Sue not being there organising it meant the lads took up the challenge some had put a bit too much thought into it. Swifty looked stunning in a nice off white tutu and bunny ears and Dave Condron in a nice sari and full make up looked lovely but the 70s porn star tache looked a bit gay. Simon in his flowery ensemble. Coaty though, won Miss world in a very slutty but sexy full bosomed low cut purple number , I did feel a tremor but it is only coleslaw down the back honest Steve. We managed to fill every collecting tin BLESMA had given us , we raised £324.06p with our running total standing at £3763. 60p from a very generous ( as usual) scootering fraternity.

By now, I was feeling a bit low and needed to get home . Sue was coming with trailer to pick me up , it never rains does it, yes it does, The car wouldn’t start . all electrics blown when the trailer board plugged in. RAC called but took 3 hours. I called RAC to see if they could pick scoot up on medical grounds, but not without a doctors cert. Oh well best mke the most of it then. A few unknown pills and a couple of pints and it would be fine.

BBQ lit Port poured toasts to the new princess, the queen and the AFSC….. and Coaty for a fantastic job on cooking the barby and making the cakes and supplying the bread etc. well done mate. The club salutes you. And its back to the club for another night of frolics a very peaceful laid back atmosphere at phoenix this year , but the thrash was buzzing. What were we worried about low numbers ? I estimate between 45 and 50 members at the rally. Which is a decent turn out by anyones standards.

Following morning all hands to the pumps especially tonys lads helping to pack away the 12 x 12 and kit etc , all packed up and goodbyes said. I had been offered a lift home in a car and the scoot in a van by Grimsby Scooter club , for which I am eternally grateful. It was over till next year. Roll on next year . our 20th anniversary, we wont be voting on the thrsh location next year… because were putting on our own .. were getting a London bus with una stubbs and shit…… oh no that’s a film innit. Next years thrash will be at Chester and will be the armed forces scooter clubs own rally . date to be confirmed . a good time is already guaranteed.

Mik Boon

Phoenix nights AFSC thrash 2015 By Simon Cuerden

The AFSC Members voted for Phoenix Nights which is a brilliant Scooter Rally but early on in the season with unpredictable weather and Friday was miserable to say the least with cold persistent rain threatening to wreck what promised to be a superb AFSC get together, the Greene King Stadium at Hinckley Leicester looked quite empty and a little sad at tea time on Friday and my head dropped at the thought of a wash out.

But one by one and in small groups Scooterists began to arrive and damp but cheerful AFSC Members soon warmed my cockles, Oooooh er Missus please! Soon we had the AFSC Harbour Area secured and the Erection Section swung into it and threw up the 12 by 12 and sorted our kit in their normal professional way, numbers started to climb and very soon we got down to the serious matter of drinking and catching up, it was brilliant to see old and new faces amercing themselves in the camaraderie that we have become to expect and this is a very unique thing and one that lubricated and gels The AFSC.

 If “Banter” was a currency then we are the richest club in the world and at times it was like living in a Monty Python sketch with every cap badge and service you could imagine united under the love of Scootering and it is here that I shall make mention of out Twentieth Anniversary Thrash in 2016 which will be in Chester so watch this space as it is going to be epic!

Friday slipped away helped along with beer and lamp swinging stories pull up a sandbag and I shall tell you a tale, the laughter and fun went on into the early hours with late arrivals were greeted warmly and the normal breakdowns were put behind until the Sunday.

Saturday morning and we were inspired by a change in the weather and the wind and rain died down and we were greeted by welcomed sunshine just in time for our ride out to breakfast, The Nags Head was reccied earlier by Dave Gibbs who did a sterling job, the breakfast was a welcome start to what was going to be a perfect day and we had thirty one AFSC Members riding out for what has become an AFSC custom and what an awesome sight!

Dave led us into Hinckley and gave us a hand out telling us about Hinckley War Memorial, The memorial is overseen by a statue of the Angel of Mercy. The statue was positioned so that at the eleventh hour of the eleventh month, the shadow of the angel's outstretched arms falls across the listed names. We had paid our respects at this unique place on previous years but nothing could have prepared us for what happened next, we entered the car park and as soon as we removed our helmets we were greeted and welcomed by a Drill Instructor from The RAF who asked if we wanted an escort to the Memorial, we ended up with two Standard Bearers and a RAF CCF Band who marched us up to the place of remembrance, it was a privilege to say the least and the occasion was felt by us all. Rhiannon Coleman laid The AFSC Wreath then we observed a minutes silence as we paid our respects, Dave then gave The Exhortation and we left this very special place after remembering and respecting those who made the ultimate sacrifice whilst not forgetting those who bore wounds both visible and invisible.

We were then invited into the Royal Air Forces Association Hinckley for a shandy and we got to meet some of the old and bold who took great delight in showing us their war memorabilia and it was a fantastic and very welcome change and an addition to our already packed schedule.

After our farewells we rode back into the camp site on top of the world, a bit of personal admin followed by the fun games where Team AFSC won the 5 aside football tournament and some changed into ladies dresses to go and shake our asses and collection tins at the Scooterists who were already well and truly on it!

The afternoon started to get a little blurry as the sun continued to spoil us, Daz had done us all proud with AFSC Thrash CD’s and Coaty excelled himself with the BBQ management and Doughnuts which this year looked and tasted sexier than ever!

Forty odd for The AFSC BBQ, we cracked open a bottle of Rum and toasted in the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and we all rejoiced which then led us to open two bottles of Port, two bottles of Whiskey, many bottles of Rough Cider and associated beers and shit that went down very well indeed, all AFSC Members and welcomed guests were fed and watered and we drank and revelled in the company of Soldiers and the ghosts of friends gone but not forgotten, it was warm, fun, funny and hysterical, soon some drifted over to watch the bands, some went to bed, some had sex with the doughnuts and some played with the fire, all chilled and the night engulfed us and before we all knew it Sunday had arrived and time to strike camp.

With many long distances to ride, there were lots of hugs and handshakes, friendships were cemented and memories were made, it was yet again a simple thing we did yet it recharges batteries and restores faith in our camaraderie, we are a band of brothers.

This weekend at The AFSC Thrash The AFSC raised for BLESMA ……


AFSC Collection £269:06

The total to go to BLESMA is £324:06

2016 promises to eclipse anything we have done before and that will be some act well worth seeing but our 20th Anniversary Thrash next year is going to rock.

See you at RTTW and in Chester in 2016.





  a.       Sy                             -        shark watch normal drills


b.      Weather                    -


   c.       Ground Orientation  -    


Just add your post code into the "FROM" box
 then copy YO21 1TL into the "TO" box,
hit "GO" and you will get a map of the route to the AFSC Annual Thrash


 camp site is
The Greene King Stadium
Leicester Road, Hinckley, LE10 3DR Hinckley


   d.        Task Org                   -    Ravey Davey B/Fast & Ride Out

                                        -    Mik Boon & Simon Cuerden BLESMA Stall

                                        -    Coaty IC BBQ

                                        -    Joey (ic Mech assist)


1.             SITUATION 

En Forces

Friendly Forces




2.             MISSION   The AFSC are to meet up at PHOENIX NIGHTS Rally for 2015.


3.             EXECUTION


a.       Concept of Ops.   

 (1)                To mirror previous AFSC Thrash's and to giggle as much as we did last year.

 (2)                Scheme of Manoeuvre  On the Friday my gaff is open to club members riding from the North as a pit stop

The location will be secured and the tents erected followed by a shower in a can, AFSC male members are to change into official AFSC drinking kilts. The swamping and falling over will commence. Saturday morning we will ride into out for Breakfast then ride out to the War Memorial and pay are respects, return to the harbour area, scoff then run the BLESMA Stall, Ladies Dresses are expected please, the night do, kip then Sunday breakers for those brave enough. Farewells, hugs n stuff then ride home.         

3) Outline of Phases.   This will be a 11 phase operation:

PHASE 1      Arrive and set up AFSC HQ Normal Drills and all hands to the pumps for erection section

PHASE 2      Personal admin then drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 3      Saturday Reveille when you decide but Dave Gibbs needs to be up!

PHASE 4      Ride out for Breakfast at Nags Head Dave Gibbs to lead

PHASE 5      After scoff we ride to The War Memorial Dave Gibbs to lead

PHASE 6      Return to Harbour Area

PHASE 7      Coaty sets up BBQ

PHASE 8      Change into dresses

PHASE 9      Mik and Simon set up BLESMA Stall


PHASE 11    drinking and swamping PHASE 11    Sunday farewells

 c.             Phases



RV Location

FRV Location


Make sure you sort ya scoot out, map up n charge your mobile.
15 Crane Moor Nook
S35 7AN for those who need to pit stop
The Greene King Stadium
Leicester Road, Hinckley, LE10 3DR Hinckley
Arrive 1400hrs
Set up AFSC HQ



Recce Gp

Dave Gibbs Aaron Mitchell

FRV Protection Gp

Drinking party as per normal drills



Veh Separated

Veh Lost

Veh breakdown

mobile 07877333236 Call Simon Cuerden for directions after 1400hrs on the Friday


c.       Coord Instrs.




1700hrs RV

Been doing it all year

P Info/Media

Dave Gibbs and Joey with camera write ups to follow after end ex


d.       Summary.

The mission is quite simple and that is to have a good old thrash with some like minded people who work hard and play hard.

4.             SERVICE SUPPORT




Dress DPM kilts and colours as per SD Drills.      





If we can fix your broken scooter then we  will, there are enough spanner ninjas but please remember to keep them well lubricated


5.             COMMAND AND SIGNAL




This will be updated as soon as you send in your mobile

IC Comms
Simon Cuerden  07877333236