Martin “Penny” Pennington

1 .... Martin “Penny” Pennington

2 .... 17

3 .... Wigan

4 .... RN

5 .... Single

6 .... I have played rugby for a number of years for my local team Wigan St Cuthbert’s up until I joined the navy, now I play for my ship HMS Ocean. I go fishing when ever I get the chance and also go and watch my two teams, Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic on my weekends off.

7 .... I own a silver PX 125 and my dad has a PX 200

8 .... Im relatively new into the scooter scene so I cant recall many runs in the past

9 .... Being a young lad iv only been to scootering events with my parents, but the ones I remember best are Gingers Egg Run a local event close to home, Run To The Hills and Great Yarmouth.

10 .... Vespa GS 150, Vespa PX 200, Lambretta GP 200, Lambretta SX 200, My dad made a custom Lambretta GP 200 called diciannove, ill always remember that scooter.

11 .... 5 favourite tracks at the moment are 54-46 was my number by toots and the maytals, do I love you by Frank Wilson, Time bomb by rancid, my girl by madness and rat race by the specials.

12 .... And out come the wolves by rancid

One Step Beyond: 45 Classic Ska Hits

The Best Of The Specials

13 .... The Kooks

14 .... Peter Kay

15 .... Gok Wan

16 .... The new plastic scooters or the lml stars im not a fan. And classic scooters being cut down.

17.... The Vespa I own at the moment is the first scooter iv ever owned but when ever my dads wanted work done he’s gone to Pete Merchants soley scooters of Rochdale, never heard a bad word about his work.

18.... Yet to have a bad experience with a dealer.

19.... A PTI during my training is a member and I found out more information about the club.