afsc north west pre season bash

Spring, 2008 and The AFSC's first flurry out, all be it without scooters but a welcome end to the winter months none the less!  Simon Westway had arranged our little get-together thanks to The Greyhound Pub in Westhoughton near Manchester that is owned by Scooterists with the pub decked out with some excellent Scootering memorabilia, it was the perfect setting to shake away the winter blues. On behalf of the club I would like to thank Simon for all the hard work and effort put into making this a fantastic night and a great opportunity for The AFSC NW Members to meet and all at a zero budget! The night was very special as many AFSC Members had travelled quite some distance to have a cold frothy one or seven, Dia had performed his usual magic and turned a pumpkin into a mini bus! The AFSC Banner had taken pride of place in the lounge area and the many local and not so local Scooter Clubs attending where invited to sign our banner. A great night was had by all and there is a definite buzz in the air as we eagerly look forward to Gingers Easter Egg Run on the following Saturday. Remember we also have The AFSC Southern Pre season Bash April 19th at Pompy!


Operation pre season do by Simon Westway

Everything had been put in place ready for the evening all that had to happen now was for members of the
AFSC to turn up. (should never of worried about that one)
I thought to myself get there early ready to greet people as they arrive note to self next time leave even earlier got to the pub for half seven only to find it was already packed with scooterists from far and wide even some had ventured across from Yorkshire.
The juke box was playing the normal scooter tunes that we have all come to love. Then at half eight the band started to play Dave has had these lads at the pub before and they went down a storm last time this time was no different an hour set from them. Once the band had finished the buffet was put out and the feeding frenzy started.
the juke box struck up once again people started to mingle and catch up with old friends and make new ones i would like to thank everybody that turned up for this event especially those who had travelled a good few miles to support this do hopefully the next one will be closer to yours Joey

Norman Stanley Fletcher

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