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the afsc on the northern aces weekend 2008
by Lisa Botham

Ian and I were particularly looking forward to this rally as it was the first one we did after returning from Canada last year and we had an absolute blast. We set off on Friday afternoon hoping that the bad weather would hold off until we at least arrived in Chester. The sun was shining all the way through Yorkshire bliss! Then we hit Saddleworth on the M62, anyone who knows this stretch of motorway will be aware that no matter what the weather is like anywhere else in the region it will always be pissing down here! As we pressed on we passed a cyclist, yes that’s right a bloke on a push bike going up the hard shoulder of the M62. We were laughing so hard we had to pull over at the next service station. As we were standing by the scoot the same guy on the bike approached us and asked us for directions to Bury! By this time I couldn’t talk for laughing. We pushed on towards Chester, getting wetter by the minute. I’m sure you can all imagine what I had to say about that!

15 miles from the site and the scoot decided she didn’t want to play anymore, something wrong with the clutch. Ian called Dave Bellis who had Cloud 9's number one Jimmy on standby to come and get us with the van, thanks guys! However luckily Ian managed to bodge it so we limped into the site at around 8.30 pm. Luckily the Boon’s had already put up our tent so we headed off to the bar to seek out the gang. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for quite a while and meet new faces too, Dave and Mandy (aka Captain Scarlet), Spenny and Daniel (Elton and David), Sean and Margaret, Mark B, Rob, Joey and Helen, Sue, Pauline and Dave Bellis and the Cloud 9 gang. If I have forgotten anybody forgive me I was ratted! After way too many beers we headed off to bed at around 2 am only to wake people in our area by discussing the merits of Purple Pedro! Sorry to anybody who heard us.

Saturday morning came and with it more rain. Joey kindly offered to fix the Vespa for us so Ian and I headed off to his house. Thanks to Helen for the cups of tea and the chance to get in out of the rain, I really appreciated it! Scoot fixed and beers collected from Tesco we headed back to the site. The 5 a side match was hilarious with most of the players blowing out their arses after 5 minutes. The star of the show has to be Joey’s lad who made them all look like the fat old bastards they really are.
Sally Ann and Bootie and Simon Cuerden arrived so it was nice to catch up with them. Again too many beers were drunk and Sue Boon stole some little boy’s bike and made him cry. You wicked cow Sue! Thanks to the Cloud 9 lot, as always their hospitality was fantastic and the company extremely enjoyable. Lots of photos taken, lots of jokes cracked and generally just a bloody brilliant night! Apparently the band did a blinding job however I missed them! Nothing new there then!
Sunday morning I awoke after around 3 hours sleep to find Simon Cuerden dry humping my husband and shouting “sasquatch”. Bizarre and something that could only ever happen when the AFSC get together! We all headed off for breakfast at a local Little Thief and went our separate ways at around 11.30 am.
Thanks to Joey and the Northern Aces, you did a superb job again lads and I look forward to next year.

I had a great time with you lot again and it was nice to see faces old and new! Roll on the next one!

Lisa Botham AFSC