Chris (Tigger) Morley  
Simon Cuerden's VESPA 250 GT "S" TYPE



Well they say that you can't polish a turd and no matter which way I looked at the new Vespa 250 GTS IE  I could not get my head past the "it aint a GP" phase!, but I still wanted one!!

The spec sheet and performance just can not be beaten by any steel framed scooter that links in with our Scootering way of life. For years I have  treating my GP to every trick part available, 37 modifications in the last 15 years! That's not even including a Suzuki 225 stage 6 conversion and a steel linered TS1 kit straight from the race track! Now don't get me wrong, I aint ever getting rid of my GP, but my days of thrashing down to The IOW sat on a Snetterton seat wearing a Flight Jacket and Deck Shoes are over! My 43 year old body will sadly not take it any more :-(

It is also said that a Lambretta, if correctly set up and maintained, will be as reliable as a Vespa. Hands up who believe that? ........ Craig put your hand down, you are a Lambretta Magician so it doesn't count!     


fat chicks

Now comes along this new scooter, ok it's an auto and I must admit this made me feel as uncomfortable as my last prostate exam!

The GTS is kinda like the fat chick of scootering, always there with a friendly smile and a great personality and the added bonus of a great blow job!!! Brillliannnnnnnnnnntttttttttt! Fat chicks are pretty as well, ok ok I know some of you will need convincing so what we need is make up! 


polishing the turd

Not long after getting the Scooter home I decided that an extreme make over was needed. Now the hard part, to choose a paint theme, my first choice was "Coca cola" but that didn't last long.

I then remembered Craig Ballantyne telling me how he had just built his dream, an Arthur Francis Replica, and that got me thinking. DTC By Macca was my favorite custom paint job and the first Street racer I can remember seeing. Also as DTC was an eighties icon what better to mix "Old School" with "New School"

OK there will be some scratching their heads as to what is it, there will even be some who think its a Domino's Pizza Scooter! But the bike is for me!

The next stage was to research the paint, a couple of DTC replicas had got it wrong and I was determined to get as much aesthetically correct as possible. The main problem was to transplant a paint theme from a full bodied GP onto my ugly ducking.

Simon and Jane at Scoot Graphics where approached and I was extremely impressed by their professionalism, Simon knows his stuff and is a perfectionist. The original DTC design was based around the AF Rayspeed racing colors and I wanted this "morphing" into our AFSC logo.

Scoot Graphics rose to the challenge and for those who remember DTC, they will see how spot on the metamorphism is.

It was now time to find a painter capable of transplanting an idea into reality, Rüdiger Giesen who works at Reiner Brenner of Brüggen was commissioned, he relished the idea of getting away from doing crash damaged cars and he was truly exited about the project.

The whole process was meticulously done so that all of the DTC dimensions and pattern would be followed whenever the Vespa allowed, when the Lambretta line could not be followed, Rüdi came up with the solutions that worked.

The "Micky Mouse" mirrors have been removed and the gaping holes left from the stems have been blanked off and smoothed. The back rack  was the next thing to go! Luckily, unlike the GT model, the rack does not need to be cut off!! The seat has been recovered to break down the shape and coordinate with the paint work.

I collected the finished scooter yesterday and I am over the moon! I know some will not like it, some won't get it, but I love it! I will always remember the look on Craig's face when a lad was heard to remark, "Who is Arthur Francis?" And for those who want to slate it because its an auto.... well I have pushed GP's further than most have ridden Vespas!

thank you's
Massive thanks to Jane and Simon at Scoot Graphics , Danke schön Rüdiger Giesen sorry for giving you a headache!

Thank you to my wife (Not a fat chick) Carol for letting me get yet another Scooter XXX and as soon as I get The TV 200 I will stop.... I think?

The (Silver) Vespa is a PX 200 E and I must say it is a brilliant example of all things good in Vespa. Now fitted with a Cosa clutch and a cheap n cheerful Polini exhaust. The auto lube went tits up some time back so I now have to mix the oil like the Lammy's, all in all a brilliant Scooter, my daily ride and my first ever Vespa!
The Lambretta is an Italian GP 200 with a 235 MB Development Special stage 6 tune. I have Mike Davis's race barrel fitted using a steel lined and tuned TS1 barrel (Mike Davis dominated Group 6 in both FBSC and NSSA) All the normal goodies are fitted , Stage 4 Yamaha piston, Pace Maker gears, Rotax Rod, 6 plate clutch, electronic ignition, fully blown exhaust, hydraulic front brake with TV1 links, race crank you can see the restoration process here: MY LAMBRETTA RE BUILD In 2002, at the end of the run season, Borgo and I decided to re-vamp my GP, it was looking a little tired, funny how you don't notice the road ware over the years. Borgo set to work giving her a complete over haul that took six months to complete. My engine has now been dyno tested by Planet Scooter who fitted a Michuni 34mm flat slide that is the best carb I have ever used! An 18 Liter long range fuel tank has replaced my "will I make it to the next garage" original tank. The first time I got my Scooter back from Borgo we entered it in the Hamburg custom show. It won best Lambretta and best of show! I was well pleased..............and that's not just because I beet Dai Ransons GP & LI!!! (Yuck yuck yuck) I also have a small frame Vespa 50 with a 80 engine fitted, my wife pretends that she owns that :-) Then there is my Lambretta Cento, not the sexiest of the Innocenti stable but a Lambretta none the less. I plan to restore her one day................I promise!
The orange (Ginger) Vespa is another PX it has a Malossi 225 Kit with a Taff Speed pipe, coasa clutch and race bearings.

The little white Vespa is a Primavera ET3 125 with a Malossi 57.5mm 135cc kit, a Mikuni TM 24 and a Leo Vincini pipe.

Womble's "The Who"

Rosi bought the T5 two month ago on eBay. A Yankee seat and a flip over backrest are waiting for it in the garage, the engine is 99% complete with a 170ccm Suzuki conversion, MRB reed block, 30 TMX Mikuni carb and a Taffspeed MK3 exhaust. Rosi will run her out for The Cloud 9 do at Paderborn 12 - 14 August 2005


Race Rapido 250cc
The Race Rapido 250cc Kit is made up of a 72mm cylinder, a forged two ring Asso Werke piston kit and a top end gasket set.

This kit is the top of the range. It requires a 60mm Road Race Crankshaft and modification to the neck of the crankcase to accommodate the increase in neck diameter of the cylinder. The original cylinder head has to be opened out to suit the larger bore.

Mickey Jolliffe

The Small Frame is a British made 150 Sportique, she was made by Douglas in Bristol, and found her first owner in September 1962. She has appeared on several websites and she's the Sportique on the website. She is completely original with one exception. I had to change the fuel tap as the amount of corrosion of the brass pipes restricted the fuel flow. She runs equally well on unleaded as the potent stuff and since sorting the fuel problem I've had no problems with her. I may even get round to getting her paintwork sorted one day, if I do I'll update the piccies.

The PX is the new catalyst version. Bought her a few months ago from a crap dealer in Weymouth, Powerhouse scooters and performance bikes, please avoid this dealer at all costs, he even threw in a damaged crash helmet as well. She's looked after by South West Scooters in yeovil now, perhaps you've heard of SWS owner, DJ Andy, very well known on the Scooter scene, worldwide.
Anyway can't tell you a lot about her, I'm going to add some more Chrome and black details, body graphics along the Madness/ nutty boys theme, my stepson Thomas has already named her, Madness is in the eye of the beholder, great name.

Squish and Anne Marie
Squish and Anne Marie with their scootz, the skelly's a newly built 175. Built and painted by our own fair hands and the LI well its just an LI really 1968 and bog standard Anne Marie is sat on Squishes old Sevettas and son lee is on his PX Malossi 210
Chris (Tigger) Morley's ride
Dickie Bird's fleet

Gary McLaughlin's CHOP
Gary McLaughlin on his new chop with his son Kieron and pal Chris. Kieron was one of the NSRA Little Devils SC and now a member of The AFSC Sproggs! Have a look at our new AFSC Sproggs section and if you would like your own sprogg to join let me know. Yours Simon Cuerden


Gary Cunningham 's Ride

I bought the T5 from a member of a local club who had hit a deer on a Gilera runner what the hell a deer was doing on a runner i don't know (How the hell did it get a helmet over its antlers?) It needed a few bits and £40 later and waiting weeks for the mud guard to come back from the painters its now in one piece.

GALLERYMEATHEAD.jpg (10307 bytes)



After a little deliberation I finally bought my first scooter a 1982 P200E from a guy in Weston-Super-Mare. I say a little deliberation it only took 20 years (I don't like to rush things you know). So I head out to Weston and arrive 5 hours before we are due to meet I thought to hell with it be impetuous for once, and then think what do you do in the middle of February in Weston? (well that's another story) When I finally see the scooter its all there, well some of it is. There's a few bit here and the rest is way over there. I get it home and put it all in the garage and leave it for a few day. I set to work and do a little at a time mostly before I go to work and after a bit of effort and the sort of language that would make a nun kick a hole in a stain glass window its finished. I know its a bit cheesy but I would have painted it nipple pink if i thought it would have been on the road any quicker!

Steve from 1688 Scooter Club Ska' d for life, Li 125 (150, soon 175) S111. She's called Forever England it took about 51/2 months to restore.

StevesMY_SCOOT.jpg (262752 bytes) 

I've changed the name from "Forever England" to Ska'd for Life" It's now a 175 with a PM Pipe and 26mm carb

Steve roney's rides







DAVE GIBB'S RIDEThe scoot was bought from a guy in Northumberland in '94 who was selling it as he needed the money to buy a mountain bike for racing (?). With me being in Colchester it was a bit of a gamble driving up there (in a minibus borrowed from the unit) to have a look as I hadn't even seen it. The guy had described it but it was difficult to picture and I was a bit dubious when he told me it was red. I've got nothing against red scoots but some shades of red can look pretty poor. The long drive up there and it was love at first sight, bought and fitted into the minibus (just) for the drive back. The GP as you see it in the photos is pretty much as I bought it, which is not bad going after hundreds of miles on rallies and 4 years in storage in various garages whilst I was out of the country. I've added the chrome front hub (from an LI, which happens to fit Indian GPs), the Micron pipe and had the wheels chromed. John 'Logdumper' Grey spent a lot of time sorting the scoot out for me whilst I was away (thanks again mate) including, amongst other things, a new Stage 4 200 piston/barrel, clutch, new ignition switch (keys got lost in storage), new battery and generally setting up the whole thing properly. I'm still running her in, but she already goes like s**t off a shovel and it's hard work keeping her at 55 mph when she obviously wants to go faster. Even after several years of the same paint job and the fact that it's Indian (1979), the GP still turns heads and I'll be sad to see her go.

I was on a day trip to Gibraltar when I stepped into a dealership selling cars and motorcycles. The first thing I clapped my eyes on was a very tidy GP, but my attention was soon drawn to a quite spectacular SX. The asking price was a bit out of my range, but I took a business card anyway. I finished my holiday and returned home with dreams of the Lambretta still in my mind. After a month or so I decided I had to have it and started the long process of selling my GP (queue the violins!), buying the SX and arranging for it to be shipped to UK. Eventually the scoot arrived at RAF Lyneham (God bless the RAF) after being flown over from Gib on a Hercules. I've done a bit of research and discovered that the SX is actually an early Servetta Jet 200. It transpires that the scoot you see pictured is one of the last of its marque, which changed to the more widely recognised Jet with air vents in the tool box door. Of course only time will tell just how good (or otherwise) the scoot is but whatever happens, she looks the business!
DaveyMcClean.jpg (102642 bytes)
From this.............. To this............



Lambretta LI Ser 2 all done, its running an imola kit 30 mm carb, 48mm imola big-bore, GP-200 gearing for touring, long range tank by Cambridge Lambretta and stainless runners and dampers apart from silly little things it's been fine even though I was running it very lean on the oil 1 jug per 5 ltrs during its running in only thing I'd say about the imola kit is to use heat resistant loctite to fix the barrel studs in to stop them coming loose like mines did coming back from run to the shires

 Mark "MAZ" Maslin'S RIDE




TS1 225 Tuned charge super.


Toth Hurtaud'S RIDES

AFSCtothLI.jpg (54565 bytes)Toth (Christophe Hurtaud)
Li 150 Series 3 Italian de 1962
region Parisienne
fourche de SX, tablier 150 Special, selle de Servetta, garde boue plexi et ailes présumées de GP.


AFSCBeechmeonscoot.jpg (63832 bytes)The paint job was done my by good self!  At the time I could only get black check stickers, so I put them on and painted round them! CLICK TO ENLARGE STEVE BEECH'S RIDE Not too bad overall.  Had the scoot since April 2001, Bought in Middlesbrough and ridden to Chichester (8 hrs + sore arse!) It now has front crash bars fitted and soon will have front carrier and 2 spotlights ( )  Can't do too much yet as it is still under warranty. If anyone is thinking of not paying the fifty quid for the three years warranty, then PAY IT!.  I have just had to have the engine stripped and engine case replaced, noisy bearings inside, and a crack in the case.  Would have cost a fair bit, but still under warranty, (Cheers Piaggio).
Don't want to do too much more to the scooter as I would like to keep it as standard as possible seeing they are stopping making them next year (PX200).  May stretch to a sito plus exhaust, still looks standard, with minimal carb changes. The photo was taken at Goodwood race circuit in Chichester, I am trying to get some of the stickers for the scooter, but as yet they only do windscreen stickers! Overall the scoot has been excellent, no problems with cables, rust or anything silly like that.

AFSCBeechlongscoot.jpg (108377 bytes)I have also fitted a Stereo system on the scooter.  Highly recommended, motorcycle kit from Heine Geirike (something like that anyway)AFSCBeechcloseside.jpg (118393 bytes) £35.00 for black or £45.00 for chrome speakers.  Waterproof so they don't mind a bit of water.  The amp is about the size of a packet of 20 cigs. wires direct to the battery, and plug in your walkman / cd player and stand by, IT'S LOUD!!! Only thing needed is a spark plug HT lead with a suppressor, not the standard HT lead or you get engine noise, which although impressive sound, drowns out the music. This is an excellent bit of kit and highly recommended.  V V loud, pisses boy racers off in their nova's, as it is louder than them!!!

(also louder than Police Dog van too)

Steve Beech
Mickhart1.jpg (85225 bytes)  Mickhart2.jpg (123457 bytes)

Engine: 1982 P200E Malossi 210  kit, ports matched, central head with short reach plug Race crankshaft T5 4th gear Cosa clutch
Standard SI24/24 Carb with Mikuni fuel pump Taffspeed Exhaust


Steve's two Vespas driving me nuts. On the left u can see my T5, I bought the blue PX 200 e about one year ago for 400 euro. Well it was a total standard scoot and still in good shape for his age (1982).  

RR2.jpg (122658 bytes)

The latest one bought it in Rome for 400 euro. It’s a 1962 made Innocenti LI 125, everything standard. Will get a new paintjob and a TS1, but right now it’s just a dust catcher in my flat

Readers1.jpg (269434 bytes)

Steve and his Servetta SX 200 1990 in Braunschweig Germany, Stage 4 Tuning, 30 carb, PM pipe Top speed 140 km/h only 3 broken crankshafts in a year Sold in 1991

Readers5.jpg (191384 bytes)