Steve "Munnsy" Munns

1.Steve "Munnsy" Munns
3.Herne Bay Kent
4.Ex 1PWRR
5.Married Barbara kids Ryan & Rebekah
6. Family History & WW1 History
7.LML 2T (though now after a GP200)
8.IOW rallies
9.Local Kent Rallies Brighton Mod weekender ...Ride of Remberence
10. Vespa T5 Lammy GP
11.marmalade sky. the rifles.FTJ.Johnny Marr.Miles Kane
12.The Messenger.Snap. Quadrophenia
13.Stone Roses
14.Barbara Munns the wife
15. David Cameron
16. Hairy bikers and people who mock and dont understand the Scene
17. TASS ...Margate
18.none yet
19. Through other friends members