Mark (Moggie) Gardener

1 Name Mark (Moggie) Gardener

2 Age 46

3 Town Felixstowe

4  RAF Regiment 11 Nov 1978 to 03 Nov 2001

5 Married Linda Gardener

6 Other hobbies Sea Angling/QPR

7 Scooters Lambretta LI 4 125 1967 + LI Special 150 Pacemaker 1963 Lindy has Vespa T5 1998

8 3 Favourite old venues etc Only got into the seen again 3 years ago! was a Mod at RAF Laarbruch (1Sqn RAF Regt) 79/82 not much to do then!

9 Favourite/soul/scootering event/venue Got to be Isle of Wight/ Mersea Island/ Hemsby Winter warmer and any local get together's

10 5 Fav scoots etc I appreciate all types of scoot and the work that goes into them but i do have a soft spot for Mod jobs!

11 5 fav present sounds dont mind A winehouse/Duffy/K chiefes/Zootons/franz ferdie


13 Other artist has to be Bowie

14 The person i would like to be on a desert island with is my wife Lindy

15 The person i would not like to be on a desert island with is any politician

16 Pet hates Politicians!!

17 Best Dealer Bertonies Colchester!

18 I have not had a bad dealer experience yet!!

19 Found out about AFSC through meeting members and rallies