Just back from Mersea, what a thrash! Thank you to all the club members for making this a very special occasion. It was a privilege to party with you all.
I’ll do a write up after a little kip, if any one has any pictures of The AFSC at either The IOW or Mersea can you please “Photo Bucket” them or send them to me in bite size pieces via e-mail. If you would rather do a disc and snail mail it then please do but e-mail me a couple to be going on with.
Yours “chuffed to NAAFI breaks” Simon Cuerden afsc50@hotmail.com

I just received this e-mail from Owen & Betty Fletcher who are local Mersea Islanders it reads;

Hello there,
On Saturday morning Sept 1, as usual, we visited the Art Cafe in the village of West Mersea, it soon became apparent who you all were, it, to us was great to see the friendship that exists among yourselves, and as a lady stated, that joined our table, those lads and girls out there, deserve all the good times they can get. We were in total agreement with that remark, you all do a brilliant job, its a pity the politicians don't always do the same!! I spoke to one of your members who said he came from Portsmouth and that he had 16 months of 22 years to finish, he also said that some of you had been to Iraq, . The wife and I, hope you all got back to wherever safely, and that you will visit the Island again, its a pity you were not here on Sunday morning, to see the annual dredging match for oysters, in the River Blackwater, there were approx 14 vessels in full sail many dating back to the 1890's, using the same method that was used by my great grandfather and his brother on their smack 'Primrose' in the early 1900's it was quite a sight.
Our son was in the RAF during the Falklands conflict, and in Saudi with Bae in the first Gulf war, my father served in the RAMC during the 2 World War, going ashore on D-Day on Arromanches Beach going through to Belsen Concentration Camp (he never spoke much of that) and my grandfather volunteered for the First World War serving on HMS Royal Oak.
I took a photo of you all when we left the cafe, one or two stood up shouted and waved, will send picture shortly. also please give our regards to one of your members who had his coffee severely doctored with all sorts, he was not best pleased!!!!!!
Where ever you go, what ever you do, LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Kindest Regards, Owen & Betty Fletcher.


I have e-mailed them thanking them for their kind words.





The AFSC Annual Thrash for 2007 was held at Mersea Island near Colchester.
It’s taken me ages to think of an angle for this write up, I was considering just writing "WOW" because this is what Mersea was to me! But I have to start at the beginning so we get the complete story............ well as much as my alcohol stewed brain will let me!!



The choice for Mersea wasn’t an easy one, we had loads of fantastic venues to choose from and every one had input via our forum but this is where we fell down I think. Mersea and Skeggy were voted on after an electronic vote and to be honest there wasn’t much in it but Mersea won.

The build up to Mersea was executed with the usual AFSC proficiency with a set of orders, a route card, a recce, a comms plan and a host of club members volunteering to make our visit go as smoothly as possible. I thank Carl and Blocky for the recce and local knowledge, Craig Blitz and Taff for the advance party and Daz for providing the breakdown cover. Gaz the Gnome for the tentage and Viv for the Kilts. We all thank John Wymark for donating the AFSC Run Patch, brilliant mate! Jay thanks for doing the comms and it was a shame you couldn’t make it in the final hour but we will catch up soon.


My run started on Thursday as a car creamed into the back side of my scooter possibly writing it off on the A1 whilst on the way to Carl’s birthday party in Suffolk. After a five hour recovery I was forced to make a decision and that was to go by car. I have spent the whole run season frowning at cars on scooter runs and here I am being as fake as a “Trannies Fanny”! Oh well these things happen and I soon arrived at the hotel prior to Carls 40th birthday bash.


Carl had laid on a sumptuous buffet of sausage rolls, crisps and potato salad, well that’s fookin all that was left when I got there! Mind you he did do two jelly vodkas that both myself and Roann scoffed! Yum yum!! At the party warming up for Mersea was Craig n Kathleen, Bish, Mik n Sue Boon, Sue gets a special mention for riding all the way on her own scooter! Ian and Lisa "What a fackin liberty" Botham, Sue Alexander, Sarah and Fozzy Foskett and Womble, Jimmy Foaely and Sharon. I know there were a few more but by now the Vodka jelly was making the garden spin!


  more pics of the AFSC here  
And more here thank you ro for sending them

Hotel, shower snooze and then back to Carl’s to join the procession of scooters on the way to Mersea Island. As soon as we arrived it became quite apparent that those who had said that they would set up a tented village for the AFSC had really meant what they said. Big up to all of you for setting the tone for the whole weekend, mine tape, TAC signs, 12 x 12 and a friendly smile and a cold beer, what more could you ask?

Soon our little harbour filled with some old and new faces, we are very lucky that the glue that binds us all is our military camaraderie. I know we have some thing really special and we were all in the party spirit.

It was pleasing to see Bagzy and Lauren coming down from Pompy and to see Rob, John and Dave coming all the way from Germany! Mind you I think they just came to wear the kilts! Rob James on Acid trip looking as beautiful as ever, that’s the scooter not you Rob!

Daz, Rain, Jono, Stef and Rhys plus all the Sproggs who I hope are the future of the club.
Joey and family, Joey riding all the way from Chester, as he does most years. Phil Little, looking like the top mod as always. Dai and Elaine Ransom, Dia can be seen erect and square to the front on one of the nurses photos, funny as fook! Blocky, Spence and half of Grasp, Blocky try not to get too drunk next time as your rugby tackle nearly broke my arm mate, only joking Blocky you hit like a girl xxx.

Rex, great to meet you at last and we are all looking forward to your do later in the year. Chippy n Kim, Chippy great to see you mobile and not in pain! You look healthy and happy and big up to you for coming on your scooter even though the vibration made your leg turn around! I wish I could have seen the motorists face as this happened!!

Marshy nice to see you, are we ever going to see this LD? Dave and missus Rapson and the complete cast of The Bill next time we will lay “Truncheon” meat on for you all. Simon Brunskill and the Brunskettes good news that you have settled in. Smudge Smith I hope you enjoyed your self as much as you looked. Gareth and Angie Voice, Gareth was we the only two loonies to get our faces painted?

Tony and Corrina Duckett plus all the naughty nurses, thanks for the effort ladies you all looked brilliant and gave me wood! (See Dia’s picture). Garry Mac, nice to see the old guard brother and Spence from Liverpool but now Norfolk, we didn’t get much time to speak mind you I was very drunk most of the time! Uggy and Jeanette, Uggy I kinda felt attracted to you in yer kilt mate it made you look very feminine and whispy……. Not!

I have no doubt missed loads of people, apologies for this if I have. Mersea for our club was a great success although we were down in numbers compared to our previous bashes I think every one who came had a good old thrash. I enjoyed every min of it and found my self wandering around looking up, I mean for, DPM kilts!

I will end on this note re the next
AFSC Thrash, we are doing Whitby and this is plenty of notice for those who need to ask partners and get time off. We will always find our selves in between Op tours and this pains me but our thoughts will be with those who are out there making the world a safer place.

I had an excellent time at Mersea, I thank those who made the leap of faith for the first time and I hope you felt at home because you are.

Yours, still wearing ma kilt Simon Cuerden.

ORDERS click here

"The Roll of Honour"

1 Simon Cuerden  
2 Dave Plent  
3 Bagzy  
4 Gaz OGSG  
5 Daz  
6 Carl  
7 Dave Bellis  
8 Tony Teach  
9 Rob The Mod  
10 Rob James  
11 Jay  
12 Daz With family Jono, Stef and Rhys
14 Craig n Kathleen  
15 Spud Slater  
16 Phil Little  
17 Mitch  
19 Bish  
20 Steve Hunter
21 Jeff Smith  
22 Joey  
23 Taffy Roberts  
24 Marshy  
25 Haggis  
27 Dai Ransom
29 Mik n Sue Boon  
30 Dinger  
31 Blocky  
32 Rob "Titch" Titchener  
33 Ian Botham IAN BOTHAM  
34 Craig  
35 Spenny "The Rotter"  
36 Brookie  
37 Biff Baker  
38 Spen  
39 Dave Rapson  
41 Chippy n Kim  
42 Sapperbaz .
43 Eric “Scouse” Bennett  
44 Darren "Crooksy" Crooks  
45 Nutty Newton  
46 Rex Shafee  
47 Paz  
48 Garry Mac Gary McLaughlin  
49 Simon Brunskill SIMON BRUNSKILL  
50 Roann Leatz  
51 John Wymark  
52 Sue Alexander  
53 Will (LUMS) Drewe  
54 Shaun Murphy  
55 Vivian Coombs  
56 Ned Kelly  
57 Robert "the Vern" Pryer  
58 Smudge Smith  
60 Dave and Mandy Allan  
62 Sarah and Fozzy Foskett
63 Womble  
64 Lee Ellams  
66 Tony and Corrina Duckett
68 Gareth and Angie Voice  


70 Spence  
71 Lisa "What a fackin liberty" Botham  

1) Is there a B&B near the site?
The Mersea Island is for campers only. The nearest town is some miles away.  There are proper showers and toilets on site, as well as a canteen and fast food vendors.

2) Are Dogs or other pets allowed onto the site? YES But dogs must be kept under control at all times
and you must clean up any mess immediately.

3) Is there a family enclosure? YES The family enclosure will be situated near the main camping area.
4) Are caravans allowed on the Site?  YES See parking arrangements on the day.

5) Are children allowed to the rally and do we have to pay entry for them? YES ..... and NO There is no charge for well behaved children up to the age of 15 (fifteen).

6) Can I come to the rally as a day visitor? YES

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