martyn field

1 martyn field
2 44
3 sheerness
4 Ex 144parachute field ambulance
5 divorced and single
6 collecting original 2 tone records and memorabilia
7 Vespa PX 125 officer honest 210 Malossi kit
8 all the mersea islands all the cambers Whitby 2006 when the scooter i had the time a Lambretta series 2 won best restored lamby in the custom show
9 anything i can manage to get on the events the smaller Kent clubs have been holding are a must to attend
10 any Lambretta that has been cared for especially like choppers so itís hard to list not a fan of GTS s
11 not keen on the music of today sorry lolol
12 specials no1 dance craze one step beyond and the selector album
13 sex pistols
14 anyone from the sas lol lolol oh and wills if we have got loads of beer
15 me cos im a fucker lolol
16 cars that cut up Scooterists
17 beedspeed
18 being told to get 5 mates to pick my scooter up turn it upside down and shake it till the speedo nut came bk up or be charge about 150 quid for him to get it lololol
19 if youíre a Scooterist and havenít heard of the afsc then ure not a Scooterist