The AFSC (G)

End of season bash 2006
By Simon Cuerden and Dai Ranson



In 2005, after a superb AFSC (G) party a plan was hatched to host a 2006 “End of season bash” with top bands coming over from the UK, this was over ambitious to say the least and as the calendar weeks passed a more achievable plan needed to be formulated.

AFSC (G) crew held a meeting and a more down to earth event was agreed. This started with a leap of faith as the AFSC (G) Membership pooled monies in order to pay for the venue. The venue was to be the usual German “Halle” with dance floor, bars, speak easy and a place to eat.

Within a few days a recce was conducted, monies were collected and the “Do” was advertised on the internet and radio, “what could possibly go wrong?”

No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy”. — Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard von Moltke. With literally days to do, the venue fell through!

I received 7 phone calls in the space of 3 hours, 6 panic attacks and 1 that went, “
Its sorted”, “Dempsey’s’ Midnight Runners,” Dia did what he does best and picked up the ball to score a blinder!

My weekend started with the Royal Navy Boys arriving at my house on the Thursday with “Ship Wrecks” Bagzy and Stan eager to try out their new drinking trousers, we decided to take it easy as we were flying the next day then proceeded to lash it up until four in the morning on Apple Kohrn and Dormunder Pils! We hadn’t left England and my hangover had started!!

With the benefit of cheap flights secured months back, we arrived at Manchester airport just in time to sink three pints before Brooky arrived. Dave and his little daughter Lauren arrived, Spence, Sue and her cousin soon after and we continued to supp.

The plane journey was like the opening scene from “Lost” and Brooky white knuckled it the whole trip “he hates flying”! Touch down in Paderborn and The Modfather, along with Shane Hayter, just returning from Ops, The Jetsons and Cloud 9 were all there to greet us…. Brilliant!

Straight down to Willies Bar and the place was heaving with German and British Scooterists, The
AFSC (G) Drinking Display Team were out in fine force. I was seeing double and drinking triples, Dai saved me by taking Brooky and I home for a well earned crash.

Saturday was as if a carnival had hit town, that or a hurricane, drunken
AFSC with bleary eyes n throbbing heads gathered in the “Heroes” bar at Dempsey Barracks for a pre bash warm up. Nice to see ginger of The Bolton Spartans and Quadrophenia fame. Face after face of the German Scooter Scene arrived, a testament to The AFSC (G), well done lads!!!

The corporals’ Mess of 12 Regt RA was now going to be the venue and a “champagne” service had been arranged with transport, a curry buffet, sound system, bar staff, security, Glow stick route marking, special ID cards for the none serving visitors, coffee, tea, hot showers, Fish n Chip van, Weggers n team you were absolutely top boys!!!!

During the evening festivities a number of
AFSC had just returned from Ops, Simon B was booted and suited and both Joe and Simon looked the business, Shane and Trish Hayter, Trish getting a pint of beer spilled over her but didn’t let it dampen her spirits and Ravey Davey looking like the Ace face, brilliant to have you all home safe and sound.

Both Ted and John were relived as the evening preceded, the amount of hard work behind the scenes from all the
AFSC (G) is a credit to you all and a top event was now in full swing.

The DJ’s for the evening were to be Champ of Germany with his superb record collection, Mick Fulbrook did his usual quality spot, you can see the dancers at you tube:  and Blocky who took the proceedings up a level playing a mixture of the best of the best giving all comers every thing they wanted. Blocky filled the floor every time and showed how it was done with the Ska fans and Soulies lubbin it lubbin it lubbin it.

AFSC (G) party was superb, for me personally it was pleasure to see this corner of the club all “sorted”, excellent!!! “Kin luves it!” more pictures here, danke Cloud 9



Dai Ranson.................

Simon, you have a club to be proud of mate.

Big thanks to everyone who was at the EOSB on Saturday. Special thanks to all those who made the epic journey's from all over Europe just to be there. Janette and Uggy and Craig and Kathleen too.

The Essex crew, great as ever to see the backbone of Grasp here in full support. Also the Northern crew who flew out en masse after terrorising Manchester for 6 hours! And the Southern crew who travelled up there! Good to see the UK Cloud 9 crew in full support. Stan and Bagzy, I hope you fixed the Engine OK? Brookster, got yer bits mate.

Big Ginge from Bolton Spartans(Easter Egg Run)travelling from Belgium, great to have a legend at the do. Bagsy's brother from Holland thinking we were just accross the border, good to see you and for suprising your bruv!! The heroes back from the 'zone' we cannot tell you how great it is to see you all fit and healthy, welcome home boys.

The never ending support of our local clubs and in particular, Cloud 9 and the Jetsons as well as VDT, Hidden Power, Harliquins, the Bielfeld crew,...Special thanks to Toby and Itsch. unity is everything.

Big thanks to the Slop Jockies for top scran(and the bag of Monster Munch) and to the barstaff, Big Andy on the door,.... Joycey, buy a scooter, thats an order.

Tony Teacher who has worked his nads off getting all the raffle together and for a man who is in permanant pain (Man U fan, so i am kinda happy) good on you fella. Johnno, top and difficult decision mate but respect for the sacrifice fella. Chris Atkins love ya to bits mate, remember, we are right here for you man.

My side kick Weggers, i feel threatened that i may no longer be the face!!!!!!! Top boy. Also John Wymark,Ted and Urte for running with the club all year and keeping the flow going. Big up to you. Our very own Super hero Bish, for the Powerpoint presentation, especially the scoots from the Photo Shoot the day before. Lagging after an hour is a new club record!!

Finally from the DJ's Dave Simon, Blocky, Mick, and Champ to Daniel, thanks for the disco rig, lights and support. Son you are yet again a star,Love you always.

AFSC Germany is alive and well and you know what,


See you all at the Suvern Div Bash on Friday.

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