Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe
Locks Heath, Southampton
Gunner in the Royal Artillery from 1986 to 2001
Married to Emma Lowe for five years with no children,
Cooking and walking the dog
I own a Vespa GT160 1968
I.O.W Exmouth Wareham
60't looking mod scooter, SX, GP, GS, Rally and TV
Paul Weller's new album
Quadrophenia, Thw Who live at Leeds and The Who Now and Then
Neil Diamond, Madonna and Snoop Dogg
Dessert Island, Pete and Roger from the Who
Don't, it would have to be Jade Goodie I hate her!
Pet Hates, Non riding scooter do people, kids on scooters at 06:00 in the morning at scooter do's
Best dealer, Allsytles
Worst, anything from fu*ing India
Found you on the net