the afsc at Llandudno national

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The “AFSC Gortex Warriors” on the road again.

Llandudno is beautiful I love it and always have. From the moment you get onto the A55 and get that coast line in view you are treated to spectacular scenery that can make you take your eyes off the road.


Counting down the villages and towns on the way, Rhyl, Abergele and Colwyn Bay, brilliant! What a perfect location for a scooter rally and what a perfect scooter rally it was.

The weather report promised gale force winds and stormy rain but they where far off the mark and we enjoyed the warm sunshine and made the most of the coast, oooh I do like to be beside the sea side!


On arrival to the VFM campsite we paid our £10 for the weekend and found waiting a cold beer and the
AFSC welcome we all know and love. Thank you very much Andy and Lou for saving and bringing my tent along, tents kinda help especially if you are camping. Neil and Dena , Sue Alex, Gary, Carl, Lisa, Ian, Craig, Kathleen myself where all camping whilst Blue, Taff, Uggy, Jeanette, Andy and Lou had secured digs. There where a healthy smattering of AFSC members who had travelled down and the weekend was spent meeting new friends.


Sadly Ashley came off his scooter on the way down from Chesterfield and was hospitalised for the weekend, The
AFSC would like to pass on our thanks and respect to The Misfits and all the Scooterists who assisted Ashley and for the kind soles that got his scooter home for him, respect!

I spoke to Ashley on the Sunday evening and he is ok and has been discharged from the hospital.

Friday night was superb with a live band, a disco and boxing, the boxing was provided by The
AFSC when some Scroat decided to throw a coward punch at one of our biggest members. After a bit of fresh air and a kebab every thing calmed down and we carried on normal jogging as we do.


Saturday was spent riding out to the custom show and having a walk through the bitterly disappointing parts fare, I think we have long since reached the parts fare apex and we are now sliding down the bumpy slope with a lot of people taking the piss?


Saturday afternoon gave me a chance to catch up on a few zeds, it must be my age, Lisa and Ian decided to throw one on and embarked on an afternoon binge that would make any teen proud. Kathleen and Craig left early Saturday for their mammoth journey back up to Aberdeen and a nineteen hour trip on scooters!


Saturday evening we made our way to the scootering RV…. Witherspoons and it was at this point our first and only bullock of the weekend was dropped, we decided to all go for an Indian. The food and the service were disgusting and my Deli Belly is as a direct result of that visit!


A few beers and then into The VFM do where Basketcase where doing their thang up stairs in the main room, I took the comfort zone of the Northernsoul room where I remained until endex having a mega time. Stumbling back to the camp site with Carl kebab in hand and falling into a deep slumber thanks to Blue bringing my Yarmouth ditched camp cot and roll matt and all too soon it was time to don Gortex once more for the road back home.


All in all Llandudno was a brilliant rally with every one having a great time. Kelso is only three weeks away and I am counting the days!!!