afsc Packing Checklist

This checklist is meant as a starting point. I don't actually carry all this stuff. You can print this page out and personalize it. When you get back home, check what you actually used to fine tune your list. let me know if there are any amendments to be made,
Riding Cloths (times two if you have a passenger)
Foam Earplugs Gloves
Jacket Head over "goes under your lid"
Gortex Jacket  Boots
Riding or Snow Pants Sweatshirt
Gortex Boots Sun glasses
Cool Vest

Check your tyre pressure as you fill up, this is a must!

Well planned rout card with fuel stops, make sure there open! Yarmouth is a long way from any where!!

Plan your route sensibly; we are not teenagers any more. Give your self an extra hour and try to ride in day light if possible.

When driving into petrol stations and coming off slip roads there is a real danger from spilt oil and diesel so slow down and ride as if you may come off!

Get the AFSC Members comms onto your mobile, we are here to help each other.

Washing and Shaving Kit
Wash bag Talc or foot powder
Toothbrush with travel cover Hair Brush (for the none bald)
Toothpaste Towel
Shower jell  Wet wipes,  first thing I put in my pocket


Aspirin Ibuprofen
Your Medication  


Spare Bungee Cords License
Spare Bungee Net Motorcycle Registration
Disk Lock Insurance Card
Chain and Padlock spare fuel and oil
Rain Cover GPS Pop bottle (1ltr) of fuel
Spare Ignition Key Pop bottle (1ltr) of fuel


Electronic Items
Batteries for phone, camera, walkman Torch with head band
Battery Recharger Phone
Walkman, MP3, Cassette, MiniDisk Phone charger to plug in


Miscellaneous Items
Butane Cigarette Lighter Pens
Tire Pressure Gauge Small Notebook
Leatherman Folding Multi-Tool Sunglasses
Compass Reading Glasses
Sun Block Address Book
Chapstick Maps
Mini-Windex Thin Blanket for Ground Cover
Travel Sewing Kit Tins of beer


Extra Tools
Small set of sockets from with long 13mm and 10mm reach Small tin of nuts and bolts with washers
Adjustable Lock tight glue
8, 10, 12, 13, 17mm sockets Screwdriver w/ interchangeable bits
8, 10, 12, 13, 17mm comb.  spanner Spare tyre or tyre or repair kit
Duct tape and plastic tape Mole Grips
Set of bulbs Pliers
Set of cables Needle Nose Pliers
Spare plug keep this in your Plug spanner and it will protect it Allan keys


Spare Parts
Roll of Electrical Tape 10, 15, 20, 30 amp Spare Fuses * 2
10 Zip Tie-Wraps Small Can of Tire Patch / Inflator
10' 16 gauge wire Duct Tape
1 quart oil Oil filter
Silicon sealant Epoxy


Two Spoons Daily Vitamins
24 hrs ration pack x 2 Breakfast Bars
Pocket Knife 3.5" Blade Nuts / Raisins / Granola
Camping Can Opener Coffee, Tea
Two Liters Water A couple zip-lock freezer bags


Overnight Camping Items
Sleeping Bag  (Army bouncing bombs are great but unnecessarily big) Eye mask, I cant sleep with out one
Small Two-Man Tent Insect Repellent
ThermaRest Tent Pegs
Travel Pillow Small Bath Towel 
Gortex Bivvy Bag Bin Bags these double up in bad weather


Camping Cooking Items
Camping Stove Stove Jet Cleaning Kit
Gas Bottle Waterproof Matches
Pots & Pans Plastic Cup
Utensils Small Hatchet


Asbestos Cancer
Asbestos Cancer Counter