2010 the afsc assist the
Chernobyl Children Life Line
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The run up to getting the children over here for a month’s respite involved raising money, doesn’t it always?

AFSC Member Jonathan Crossley and I found our selves being roped into a show run by a local youth charity called “Kidz du care”, I’ll wait until the youtube clip is ready and let that tell its story but we raised ₤1200 for the Barnsley Link of The Chernobyl Children’s Life Line and this enabled us to bring 12 children over from Belarus for a month of detox.

Food AWARE is a social enterprise set up to find ways of redistributing surplus food from landfill or waste,
to human consumption or other environmentally friendly means of reuse.




Nastasia and Masha are visiting Barnsley as part of a respite campaign run by the Chernobyl Child Life Line. These kids have all been affected by the legacy of Chernobyl.

Nastasia and Masha are staying with Carol and I for a month as part of the Chernobyl Children's Life Line whose mission is to get as many youngsters to have a months worth of uncontaminated food, this allows thier immune system to rebuild and it is predicted that this in turn will prolong thier lives by two years!

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On the evening of the 8th of July the Barnsley PALS SC took the kids out for a run around Barnsley and surrounding area finishing at Jump W.M.C. The Barnsley PALS SC for buffet and a children's party with a magician.

The Barnsley PALS SC and The AFSC raised enough money for another child s to come to Barnsley from Belarus in 2010.

Nastasia and Masha  
Nastasia and Masha riding out  

Carol and I sincerely thank The Barnsley Pals Scooter Club for this wonderful effort and both Nastasia and Masha are delighted with the leather bike jackets, helmets and gloves donated by Ron Daley's Scooters of Barnsley.