Lee Jenkins
1 ....Lee Jenkins ( Alfy).
2 .... 35.
3 .... Gutersloh.
4 .... full screw serving in bfg 
5 .... Married to Karin , 3 kids all girls under 10!!( must of sinned in my last life).
6 .... cycling, drinking jack daniels!!
7 .....None at present looking for a new one as just sold it before move  
8 .... never attended one, a few of us just used to buy wrecks and do them up.
9 .... always fancied doing iow.
10 .... any scoot does for me but I like the p200e, T5 (but not sure about the square light) Had a couple of raced up pk small frames ( mallossi dellorto etc) into any old school, retro, classic  look I suppose.
11 .... Any weller,madness that sort of thing, not relly into the modernstuff but I like linkin park , ramstein.
12 .... The Jam snap, linkin park, .
13 .... into all sorts real wide music taste ( from james Morrison to slipknot) strange I know!!1.
14 .... Drew Barrymoore ( dirt bag).
15 .... Any boring political idiot.
16 .... people that are late, and tommy two shits
17.....A1 scooter club from aldershot
18.....Some prat of ebay  
19.....Saw an advert about a rallye in shq