I was totally resigned to the fact I would be working offshore on this rally weekend, so wasnít to concerned with all the usual build up on the AFSC and Animalís Guest books for the various rallyís which were taken place on this weekend, then on the Friday morning I received a phone call from my work to say my check in was cancelled as their was no bed spaces available on the rig, until at least the Monday or Tuesday, FANTASTIC!!!

As the various Aberdeen scooter clubs would be coming to my house to collect Kathleen on their route down the east coast, all I had to do was pack my scoot, fuel her up and I was ready, sure enough 10 bells their were 20 odd scooters in my drive way, the blokes and girls from the Aberdeen Outlaws SC, Aberdeen SC, Aberdeen Lambretta Owners Club and Stonehaven SC and a few solos and of course myself and Kathleen from the
AFSC and Animalís Fae Naboombu SC (Paisley)

We set off after a few quick repairs, Kathleen riding my precious 1969 GP 200 Rapido!! And me on the AF 250 with its new rally sensible double fuel tank, (Thanks Gaz P210), The ride down the coast in the sunshine was excellent as usual, down through Dundee and over the Tay Bridge, over the Fourth Road Bridge to Edinburgh and around the mega busy Edinburgh ring road, where things started to go a little pear shaped, we had our first minor breakdown, Rodís P200ís spark plug spat out from the cylinder head, I stopped to offer my assistance, a quick tighten up and we where back on the road in no time! We eventually caught the rest of the Aberdeen Crew near Dalkeith, where I was told Kathleen was missing!! So a quick phone call to find out where she was, she had broken down around 15 miles back and was not very impressed!! We had only passed her in the busy traffic while she was stuck by the side of the road! While she waited for my return many scooterists and a few bikers stopped to offer their assistance, Thanks! But Kathleen wouldnít let anyone near my Pride and joy!

I rode back to find her in the middle of one of the busiest roundabouts in Edinburgh, I had to ride a further 3 or 4 miles back before I could turn round, a quick look at the bike, no spark! Shit!! We pushed the bike to a safer place where I could work on her, under the safety of the flashing lights of a road incident vehicle! Thanks guys!! Problem turned out to be a dodgy HT lead, fixed in a few minís we where on our way again.

We travelled along some really nice winding roads through the beautiful country side down to the border town of Kelso, where we were met at the rally site by the usual friendly faces, we paid our £15 for the whole weekend!!!! What a Bargain!!! And made our way to the Animalís tented city and quickly opened my usual Warstiner or two, disaster one of my precious Warstinerís had burst in the bag , and had soaked all Kathleenís clothes, shit!!! What a waste of good beer!!! Put the tent up, and talked the usual shit with scooterists from all over UK.

Later we headed for the main hall, where a massive bar, a proper cafť with real food and proper toilets where available all under one roof, brilliant! Friday nights entertainment was a SKA outfit and a few DJs playing a good mix of Scooterist sounds, it was great to catch up with the
AFSC members present, Jimmy the Blade, Sharon, Dave and Pauline Bellis, Barry ďBuckfastĒ, Big Andy (Ex Sigs) and Teri (Dundee) to name a few, their was a also a few more AFSC badges knocking about, whoís names I didnít catch.

Saturday, I awoke with the mother of all hangovers, top tip donít mix Warstiner and Cider!! Once in a fit state we rode down town for the usual hangover fixer, coffee and some lunch, and a look at the many scooters parked up in the town.

Back on site, we caught the custom show and parts fair where their were some real top bikes on show, pity that a few werenít ridden to the rally! A stroll back along the campsite to the Animalís club BBQ, before the usual shower and a change of clothes, we headed for the big hall again for the main evening event for the weekend, The Complete Stone Roses, this brought back many memories of the late eighties rallyís when the Roses were pretty big on the Rally Scene! They went down a storm and the hall was filled to overflowing!

Next door in the Northern Soul hall the Soul Kitchen boys from Paisley were spinning the sounds, the hall was absolutely heaving, and the sounds blinding!!! we stayed in the soul room until the early hours watching some top Northern dancers do their stuff, a bit of bad news filtered through that one of the lads from the Aberdeen Outlaws SC had been taken to hospital with a broken leg, which believe it or not he did while dancing!!! Russell I told you SKA was dangerous!!

It was soon Sunday morning; a big breakfast in the main hall, scooters packed up ready for the ride home, most of the Aberdeen clubs had already left by the time I was sober enough to ride, so just Vicky and Patrick from Stonehaven SC, myself and Kathleen made the long, wet, cold ride back up the east coast to Aberdeen.

Kelso is a fantastic rally, unbelievable value for money, great facilities with everything on site, excellent entertainment and all for an unbelievable £15, Awesome!!
Everything you need in one place for a cheap rally weekend! Many of the English scooterists attending because of this year National Rally status said they would defiantly be back next year.

To the Steel City SC (Sheffield) thanks for the Polo shirt and hope you made it home OK. See you again at The Isle of Bute (Rothsey)

Kelso, The way all rallyís should be done!!! Brilliant!!

Ride Safe

Craig Ballantyne
Animalís Fae Naboombu SC &
AFSC (Scotland)



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