Christopher Rawdon

Q1 Christopher Rawdon.
Q2 49 years old.
Q3 Swinfleet nr Goole. East Yorks.
Q4 24720216.
Q5 Married 3 kids.
Q6 Scuba Diving. DIY.
Q7 GP200. ( Jaffspeed )
Q8 Brighton. Southend. Scarborough. All done in late 70s.
Q9 Bridlington. Lepton. Coast t Coast.
Q10 Like all Custom Scooters.
Q11 Just the sound of my Scooter starting first kick.
Q12 Any thing from the 70s.
Q13 Slade. T REX. Most Glam rock Bands.
Q14 Wife. She is they only one that would put up with me.
Q15 Def. The Farther in-law.
Q16 People that throw Rubbish any were. Litter Bugs.
Q17 A.F.
Q18 Not had one yet.
Q19 Found out about
A.F.S.C. Through Martin Robson at Beverley S.C.