the afsc Isle of Wight scooter rally 2008
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Itís the biggest scooter rally in the world, it has been for many years now occurring every August Bank Holiday weekend.


The best way to describe the IOW Scooter experience is to imagine visiting an amusement park, like Disney land, knowing full well that you are never ever going to see all of the sights and attractions on offer as there are just so much to see and do but you are gonna try any way!


Trying to keep a scooter club together on the IOW is an impossible task and too be honest every one kinda wants to do their own thing with such a diverse selection box on offer for all tastes.


Every previous year I have camped but this year John, Barbara, Craig and Viv most graciously offered to accommodate a fair slice of the AFSC pie, well pie eaters, at their house. This lent its self to some super parties with the added bonus of hot and cold running laughter 24hrs per day!


On behalf of all who stayed and partook of your wonderful hospitality over the weekend, the AFSC thank you xxx. We all had a fantastic time with our mini heat wave and uber scooters.


There is no way on earth that this write up can be done encapsulating all of the jolly japes and high jinx with out fear of prosecution by various institutions including the Chinchilla Appreciation Society and the Stop having sex with pets league. Remember, fur is for ever and not just the IOW!


Friday night was a complete buzz with most doing the king ludd then on to the ice rink. Beer n dancing, dancing n beer, great atmosphere, great giggles and great memories.


Saturday was spent recovering from Friday and trying to get Craigís mega vespa fat boy tike into the custom show, sadly we where beaten by the IOW traffic but this scooter will turn some heads when it makes its real debut hopefully later this year, watch this space.

Max and craig where selling some special edition
AFSC Patches cast for The AFSC to raise money for The British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association and these where selling like hot cakes, great for the club and very much needed for this very important association who provide support and care for amputees and other disabled ex service personnel.


A lot of silliness can be spoken about scooter clubs with many people taking things too seriously, itís a scooter club at the end of the day and not the officers or sergeantís mess. When we all do a scooter rally itís our opportunity to kick back and howl at the moon, if you canít do it on a run where can you do it?

At the IOW we all had a brilliant crack in the truest of British traditions, we also managed to raise a great deal of money and raise awareness for our adopted charity, BLESMA. Once again thank you to Craig and Max for going that little bit further. And salutations and respects to all
AFSC Members who partied at The IOW.


Yours Simon Cuerden
President The Armed Forces Scooter Club.