Best custom Dressed to Kill Bagzy

Best work Dressed to Kill Bagzy

Best paint Dressed to Kill Bagzy

Best Mod Scooter Everton LI 200 Special Dave Bellis

Best Racer Arthur Francis 250 Craig Ballantyne

Best Club The Armed Forces Scooter Club

Bagzy ship Wrecked A sober moment Heather & Womble
AFSC admin running up to The Hidden Power Custom Show wasn't good! The Germany AFSC where at sixes and sevens due to last minit warning orders for Iraq and Afghanistan, and this resulted in problems getting accommodation. I spoke at great lengths with Rob Da Mod and he has kindly volunteered to produce future warning and admin orders so we don't get the same "cluster" happening again. Ted and Urte have offered their services to build and maintain the Germany AFSC web section, fantastic news for British and German AFSC members!  During the weekend I met with German AFSC members of the Hidden Power, The Cloud 9 and The Jetsons Scooter Clubs, and concerns where raised that our German AFSC members where some times over looked. This will now be addressed and Ted, Rob and Urte are to focus on the German scene. great news for AFSC Germany!
Mick doing his thang Bagzy n Rob da Mod Bagzy n Ravey Davey

AFSC members coming over from England were Womble, outing "Shlurple The Purple" for the first time, Bagzy with Dressed to kill, and Dave Bellis with his rather nice LI complete with 200 lump and all the Mod accessories! They kindly came to my rescue after I was let down with transport, and made a considerable dogs leg to come and pick me up. (Thank you) We chucked my GTS 250 into the back and set off towards Hagen. As soon as we reached Altena it was as if we had gone through the Wardrobe to bleedin Narnia! I kid you not, there was at least three inches of snow on the ground and drifts of two or three feet! My good old sat nav decided to take us through a forest to get to the accommodation and both my car and the van got stuck in the snow! We managed to free the van but abandoned the car in  order to get to the warm up party!

Kelso or Skeggy!! Roy from Horncastle, the Kelso Kid n Joe The Scooterist Womble sorting Shlurple the Purple
The 'Feedback' pub in Altena was used for the friday get together and we all guzzled as much beer as we could chuck down our necks, the weekend had started!! Craig Ballantyne by now had joined us along with Ravey Davey and Rob da Mod. it was brilliant to actually have Roy from Horncastle, the Kelso Kid n Joe The Scooterist in one room at the same time! We left the pub at the conservative time of half six in the morning, Bagzy gave us his impression of a sinking ship and Womble successfully found a shop that sold custard tarts! Short taxi ride to the digs, thanks again to Dave Bellis for sweet talking the German land lord to let me sleep in their grand daughters nursery, 25 euros for two nights BnB top result! I was going to sleep in the car!
Dressed to kill DTC Rep Everton LI 200
Saturday morning was spent digging my car out of the snow and taking it easy before the nighter started. The Hidden Power had arranged a viewing of Quadrophenia and we all just kinda chilled  prior to the evening's thrash. The venue was a superb dance studio with high ceiling and wooden sprung floor, it would grace any UK allnighter! The DJ's and music where the top boys of the German scene who cranked out a healthy mix of run sounds, rare soul and some well cool rock steady! The crowd where mainly the Scootering Elite, a testament to the Hidden Power's Kudos. Apart from the AFSC, the Brits where a bit thin on the ground Mick and Heather Fulbrook and Steve Evans arrived just in time for our glass smashing demo, I think we managed to do 15 full beer glasses in two separate attempts! mind you the tables where designed by Laurel and Hardy! All in all another great night spent laughing and joking together. To be honest I can not really remember getting back to the digs! I do remember doing three shots of "Chilli Schnapps" with Bagzy and Rossi in the car park and standing for two hours talking in sub zero temperature!
The Colors Dave's SX 200 Rob Da Mod
Sunday morning was soon upon us and time to set out our AFSC show. We decided to stick with the tried and tested "Scooters in a straight line" formation with the oldest "Mod" scooters first ascending up, or down, to my DTC Replica. Johno and family turned up along with Mark and family. Ted and Urte arrived along with AFSC banner . Shane and family with Tony the Teach so it was an excellent turn out for the AFSC! If I have missed any one please let me know!
Ravey   Craig
I'm not sure if it was me or not? But I think the standard of Scooters and the standard of display has improved dramatically since the last show? There was a Bajaj Cheetah on display sitting on a magic carpet complete with burning incense, rice bowls and menu list! The Scooter Centre  displayed a rather scrummy Italian GP 200 and a brace of SS 90's!!!! I was drooling! The standard of Lambretta has definitely improved and dare I say the oldie styled vespa has some how been pushed to the back? There was a superb unrestored vespa GS that would have demanded big bucks back in the UK and  a gaggle of well weird raked drag style scooters, one that looked as if it was made from ally scaffold poles!
Skinz Shlurple The Purple
The day always drags towards the end, I do not know or understand the reasoning behind holding the custom show on the Sunday? Surely it would be better having an afternoon stroke late show followed by the nighter? This works terrifically at other venues and I think the hidden Power need to re think this as I am convinced the Brits have stayed away for this reason? It is impossible to get back for work on Monday for some. My main criticism was however, that of the judging, how come Bagzy won so much? he hasn't even got mirrors on dressed to Kill? I was  amazed and a little stunned at not winning best of show, well I thought my DTC Rep was better than all those crappy Lambrettas besides mine was probably the only Italian scooter there! My only question is 'Who on earth is Arthur Francis"?
The AFSC did brilliantly, well attended, a massive thank you to all the members who came to give support in coldy coldy conditions! Big up to the UK Crew who came across, Womble's scooter was being finished right up to the last hour. His paint work still needs to be flatted down and polished but it still blows you away! I think today's top tip should be for those considering a well fantastic and tricky paint job to call womble and talk business!! Yours Simon (I should of won) Cuerden
Svenja & Itsch thank you for the pics
the afsc thank Helena for sending in the pictures
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Get ready, we got three million miles to reach the moon
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Now remember, I am your boss skinhead speaking, my name is Caleb
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Now, when I say "sing", I want everyone to get in the groove and start singing
Because we're on the moon



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