Warning, this is a long winded write up so get a cuppa before starting

(I forgot to bring my digital camera so can you send in your pics ASAP)  

If you’re reading this write up and your not a club member, then please forgive us for what may seem as an overindulgence. HiH as with any other run we do brings a certain “reunion” atmosphere and besides we are all allowed to get a little emotional every now and again.

Some of the AFSC AFSC enclave Ravey Davey

Holiday in Holland is without doubt the very best scooter run in Europe, The Speed demons South East England & Germany, have provided a hard corps rally for many years now and it has been a privilege for the AFSC to have been involved with this run for the last three years.

View from above Simon B n Craig Rob The Mod n Dia

The time line to HiH gets a little confusing with both AFSC UK based members travelling along with the AFSC Germany based crew. The AFSC HFC usually meet early on the Thursday for the hard slog down to Borculo but this got very complex to say the least due to different time’s people could leave work.

Wednesday 27th July 05 Sticky and I arrived at Borculo for a final recce and a meeting with the local residents committee. Walking into the camp site with absolutely no sign of scooters was a little strange to say the least. We were informed that the site owner and his neighbour were locked in a running battle; it was getting a little messy with complaints of noise and petitions to get the scooter run cancelled! I was concerned that the scooterists were not welcome but it transpires that the neighbour had even complained the previous month when the local Scouts held a Jamboree on site! The word “Tosser” springs to mind!

The local police, shop keepers and residents were more than happy for the scooterists to return so diplomacy was the order of the day. It was agreed that we would re-locate the entrance and have the chill out side zone on the rear of the main building. Our concern was the noise, well not the noise but the prospect of trying to control two thousand scooterists in party mood. Quick visit to the centre of Borculo, Chinese, then back to Elmpt (formerly known as Bruggen) via the airport (formerly know as RAF Laarbruch) I was knackered before we started!

Rob da Mod n Gaz Womble n Rob sorting the games Scooter ball

Craig Ballantyne’s travel arrangements made me feel tired just to hear of them! Flying in from Scotland then to travel up to Fally to collect his AF250 has to get a special mention! Bill Anderson running his 125cc LML aint gonna break any land speed records and coming in from the frozen north gets my thumbs up! John and Sarah Foskett, Mark, Brookie, Pauline and Bagzy, along with Womble all riding over from Blighty. Bagzy nearly set Pauline on fire when his water proofs melted by his exhaust and Bookie’s exhaust decided to fall off!

Thursday morning Sticky, Tracy and I set off for Borculo, we were the first on site and this gave us time for the last minute dot comm problems to be rectified. Dave, Mark and Johnno soon arrived and went into full swing setting up tentage and the AFSC admin area. Thanks to Womble for collecting the AFSC banner from Treacle’s house, a 200 mile round trip, your a star mate. Thursday night at HiH is a very special occasion that has grown into a party not to be missed. There is a real sense of kinsman ship amongst the scooterists who travel for this friendly rally, it's great to see old faces and meet those who have taken the HiH plunge for the first time.

Sitting outside taking in the warm barmy air, watching the scooters arrive and dodging the razor sharp banter is a privilege not to be missed. I must admit to have over indulged some what, because my recollection of Thursday is a little blurry to say the least. We sat opposite the Basingstoke Scooter Club, the piss taking was merciless! Mega to see you lads and we will defo look out for you lot on future runs for a beer or three!

Simon Cuerden Fun Games Whoops

Stumbling back to the tents in the early hours of Friday morning the first thing you notice is how quick the camp site fills up. Come sweet slumber enshroud me in thine purple shroud, well a softie doss bag at least! Friday morning 0600hrs Brookie decides it would be a good idea to wake me up, if he wasn’t such a massive bloke I think I would have told him to take a hike! But he is massive so I did get up, besides, have you ever tried arguing with him? It’s easier just to do it! Sparrows fart o’clock at least presents a chance of cleanish toilets and hot water for a shower, who wants to sleep anyway?

Shit, shower and a shave, it was now time to venture into Borculo for the finest breakfast in Holland. The destination was our usual "café de pee take" were we could eat and take the Mick in the manner our club has become accustomed too. Omelette and chips for B/Fast isn’t gonna fire any ones rocket……….unless your at HiH!

Friday was upon us and the day was scorching! A steady stream of scooterists were now beginning to arrive from Germany,the Nederland’s and the UK. As soon as any AFSC member arrived they pitched up and lent a hand on the main entrance, taking money and giving out goodie bags consisting of run patch, program and HiH stickers. 15 euros is an excellent price for a scooter rally of this stature, those who decided to bring cars were charged 50 euros for the car plus 15 euros per person! They were warned via the HiH website so I have little sympathy!!!

No helmets in Borolo = 70 euros each Brookie, John, Mick, Craig, Steve, Jonno, Mark, Ted n Bill Pauline n Bagzy

Mick Fullbrook took to security work like a duck to water, we will try to sort out an NVQ for you Mick. Bill Anderson was given the opportunity to practise his combat medic skills; it did tickle me whilst watching him diagnose a suspected broken arm. Bill said “there’s fuck all wrong with you mate” in true Army fashion. This had the desired effect and I watched in amazement, as a miracle like cure was given out!

Friday evening and the gangs all here, Dia and Elian arrived just as the weather decided to turn the heat wave into a torrential down pore. We had decided to have a BBQ both Friday and Saturday and our tent became very popular due to the rain. We seemed to attract a lovely young Dutch couple, I think they were about eighteen, well she was drinking?

The poor girl must have been half freezing as the little floral dress she was wearing was soaked. Most of our lads tried warming her up as best they could; she told us that she had won prizes for her boobs? Well we can all say that can’t we!............They were nice but nowt special, besides I couldn’t get a decent look coz our lass was there spoiling my fun!!

Dave Bellis did us more than proud, cooking the BBQ that was enjoyed by all.

AFSC   Bagzy, Pauline n John

The Friday night do kicked off with three separate do’s to choose from. Northern, Scootering tunes and Hard Core Dance. John and Sarah Foskett appeared to be on the door all night, excellent job, well done. John is of the stature that would make you think long and hard before arguing with him and his mate is even bigger!

Our first outing in Holland for our multi coloured polo’s proved to one and all that soldiers, and sailors, can get in touch with their softer side. A parade of “powder blue” and “raspberry” polo’s swished into the night do as if to say “I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses” I was a little disturbed at an argument I over heard between John Wymark and Dia, I don’t think it's important if the color is “powder blue or duck egg blue”. Exellent to see, I’ll stick to my Dark navy Blue even if it does make me look a bit butch, besides the raspberry looks too much like Hot Pink or Medium Whoopsy?

The Herford Constabulary arrived late Friday night with Ravey Davey breaking down on his SX200, Rob the Mod and nice to see and meet Pat Paterson, Rob asked Dave to lay on Truncheon meat for the BBQ (I’m here all week).

Rob, John, Dave n Simon B Gaz n Craig Check out the rain!!

For me Friday was spent breaking in my new Sambas (sponsored by Craig and Claymore Scooters) everything was going real well until Steve Evans pointed out that I was wearing Indian Sambas and not the real McCoy! Whoops!  

I’m not sure what the other two rooms were like, I spent my evening going mental in the Northern room and stagging on the main gate. it was great to see so many AFSC members both UK and German, meeting with Hauke Kretschmann was spot on! Even if he did get drunk and ride naked through the camp site!! :-)

The music was courteous of Champ and our very own AFSC member Martin, Sunny the Dancer! Fantastic rare grooves playing the just right tempo with the just right feel! Champ you blew every one away mate, scorching set!  

Saturday was upon us before a blink of an eye and we found ourselves back at Borculo’s market square for B/fast, Gaz Powell  was in good form and sparred with me like a professional! The funniest thing I ever saw was him asking the waiter to change some toy money for him, brilliant!

Si B n Rob Rob da Mod very drunk Haggis, Si B n Pat

Back on site, afternoon and a visit by the local police. We were ordered to cancel the “Quarter mile” I was well pleased that none of the scooterists complained, I think most people understood the problem. Next on the agenda was the fun games. Always a little hit and miss, excuse the pun, quite difficult to get it right. I mean, would you ride the distance to Holland then potentially trash your scooter? I wouldn’t………. there were a few who wanted to thought!

The first race was on foot and consisted of a flour, marmalade, smarty and beer race, not for the faint hearted and certainly not for those allergic to wasps! The second race was a beer and banana race, the heavens had opened no less than an hour ago and the grass was like an ice ring! Still there were a few competitors up for the crack! One chap had borrowed his fathers Vespa Cosa complete with buttie box and rain visor, it wasn’t quite “Ferris Bueller's Day Off but I think his dad would have gone mental any way! There were no accidents and every one appeared to enjoy themselves, I am glad that we had Bill with us just in case!

Haggis appeared along with The Salford Knights who were very much missed at the BBQ, Jethro you are a top lad and I’ll see you when I get back to England later this year.

The rain had stopped and the time was upon us for the custom show. This year the standard was tremendously high,  Mick Gauntlett, owner of Shock, was outing his latest creation. Womble, Bagzy and Brooky all had top scooters on show. The winner of the day was dressed to kill ridden and owned by our very own Bagzy! I managed to get a few beers in with Steve and Gibbo from The Shed magazine and Dressed to Kill is featured in the center spread, what a fantastic thumbs up for the AFSC, well done Bagzy Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Rob on his way to HiH

Saturday late afternoon, Dave sparked another BBQ up, the heavens opened once more and drowned the camp site yet again. I think Simon Brunskill was seen canoeing on a roll mat! Note to the club, the little square piece on the top of the tent actually needs to be on to stop water coming in. more than a few of us got soaked or at least retuned to water logged tents. Pauline, Bagzy, Dia and Elaine all needed to do the hotel thing to dry their kit off.  

The Leicter lot

Saturday night as per normal drills became a blur, I think there were strippers on, and I think there was lots of things on. It’s impossible to get around everything during holiday in Holland. Not as big as the Isle of Wight, very much different though, if the IOW was The Monkeys then HiH must be the Rolling Stones!

Seven ex service men approached me during the weekend enquiring about AFSC membership, the word is spreading, today Holland tomorrow the world!

Well that’s about it for this write up, I have no doubt missed people out and no doubt I have missed loads of ‘stuff” if you want to add some thing then e-mail me, I am desperate for your feed back.

The Leicter lot at ferry port The bridge too far
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