The area surrounding Fallingbostel, Hohne and Celle is known as The Heide. This is German for "Heather", it is rather similar to the Yorkshire Wolds with many wild life parks and farm areas. The word Heizer comes from the word used to describe the stoker on a train, when the word "Heizer" is used to describe a driver of a scooter or car it is slang for "fast or crazy driver" Well that's the name of our little Anglo German Club.........The Heide Heizer!
In 1997, when Dave Gibbs and I found ourselves posted to Hohne BFPO 30, we believed we would be on our own in the Scootering world. We were soon to realise that literally ten minutes away from us in a little German village called Wolthausen there was a weekly meeting of the Vespa Club of Celle. They would meet every Sunday at 1100hrs to participate in the German ritual of drinking beer! It was here that we met The Heide Heizer Scooter Club, a bunch of like minded Scooterists who attended the German Nighters and Runs. 
I should first explain that there are a few subtle differences about the German and British Scooter Club Scenes. As we all know the Germans have adopted "Colors" as worn by the Motorcycle Clubs. The Heide Heizer have a Ram, the emblem of The Heide area. The second biggest difference is that with most German clubs you can't just tip up one day and join. You have to be asked, this consists of attending the runs with the club along with the many Nighters so the club can get a feeling for you. It was well over a year of scootering with this club before Dave Gibbs and I were asked to join. I must admit to being very proud of this honour and I now wear my Heide Heizer Colors with great pride, as does Dave.
Our Colors
Boris with our latest member Flying the colors at Hamburg Nicko's side car Dave Gibbs in Brunei
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Boris (on the left)
Simon, Dave, Sebastian, Christian and Boris
Simon (left) Boris (right laughing)
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Simon and the wheel of doom
Anja (Boris's girlfriend)
Carol (Simon's wife)
Zak (Simon n Carol's son)
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Simon at Filthy n Sly Run
Simon, Carol and 
Carol n 
Simon being a Mod
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Simon in Paderborn
Simon's Scooter 
Setting of for Tarmac Spirits Run
Belsen near Hohne
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