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Help For Hero's Scooter 

Here are some pics of Pete Attila's Help For Hero's Scoot before and after.

She is a 1964 LI 150 Spanish winter model.

My mates Simon and Dave from scooter indulgence have done an excellent job in refurbing her. Total cost 3k.

The aim is to show her at as many rallies/festivals as possible and then raffle her off at the end of the year, We would like to achieve 100,000 a tall order I know.

With the help of you guys, scooter/.soldier mag and the SUN I think this is achievable. I need admin support and I have been speaking to H4H to see if they can run with it.

The scoot was only finished on just recently and we've already raised some dosh for the H4H's.

The scoot is standard apart from the 22" carb, a slightly bigger can and the spare wheel mount (i have the original mount). Please can you do your thing and help promote her.

If you have any questions please see our forum or e-mail me