the afsc do the last gingers Easter egg run


THOUSANDS of scooter riders traveled through Leigh, Lowton and Atherton on Saturday for the 22nd and final Ginger's Easter Egg Run.

Named after organiser Kevin "Ginger" Lawton, the event featured Lambretta and Vespa riders from across Europe, who took chocolate treats to the young patients at the hospital in Pendlebury.

The run was the centerpiece of a two-day rally at Lowton Civic Hall on March 7 and 8, featuring trade stalls selling scooter parts and 1960s clothing.

This year's egg run was the last because the hospital is to close later this year and a new one built in central Manchester which is considered an out of bounds location such a large convoy.

Ginger said: "It's sad that it's the last egg run, but it was a great event this year because we had people from Belgium, Holland and Ireland, among other places."

Caroline said the rallies would continue and they would ensure Easter treats would somehow still be delivered to young patients at the new Children's Hospital being built in Oxford Road, Manchester.

the afsc

The night before Carol and I set off we stood in my garage trying to figure out just how many layers of warm kit you could put on before you couldnít control the scooter, we got it off to a fine tea and the weather report had us scrambling for Gortex.

Early Saturday morning we set off on the trip across the Pennines in extremely foul weather but we hoped for a few breaks so as to not to spoil the Easter egg run, sadly the weather was shat all day and I think numbers may have been down due to the rain?

The weather certainly did not keep the AFSC Egg Runners away from the NW RV at The Greyhound and for me the highlight of the day was seeing the black patch of courage out in force.

 Thumbs up to all the boys and girls of The AFSC who braved the weather, the wind was bordering on scary at the high peeks so top drills for those who rode out.

The concept of the run was to buy and deliver an Easter egg for the sick children in the local hospital and my wife bought a chocolate egg early last week then et the fooker on Thursday night whilst watching Location location Location, still all that chocolate aint too good for kidís?

I had an absolutely fantastic time and I have to thank Dave of The Greyhound Pub for all the hard work and effort he does to make us all feel so very welcome.


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