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If you want to find out what the AFSC is really about then just ask one of our members on the scooter runs. We pride our selves on being friendly, tolerant and approachable and although fiercely proud of our camaraderie and service we like to party with other scooterists of all shapes and sizes.

The Armed Forces Scooter Club is a 'traditional' scooter club for members of the armed forces who share a love for all things scootering. We are a “world wide” scooter club and have amongst our members serving and ex servicemen from many different nations who have served or are serving their countries with honour.

Whilst most of the club ride traditional Lambretta and Vespa geared scooters, we welcome all scooter riders and even have a few monstrosities tucked away in our sheds & garages ourselves!

The club was originally formed in 1981 as “The British Forces Scooter Club” Gary McLaughlin, Paul Stannard and Yorkie Stout where amongst the first. It was then the first forces and scootering affiliation started. There was nothing formal at that point, just mates, with 2 common links, who would informally meet at rallies and send the odd Bluey to each other while on Ops etc.

The security climate during the eighties altered and it was not the done thing to advertise that you where in the services so The “British Forces Scooter Club” had to undergo a change and “The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC” was born named after a popular Royal Navy dish known commonly as a ‘Cheesy Hammy Eggy’

The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC was born, with the membership criteria being any forces
Involvement, from serving members etc to civilian support staff at bases etc. The Rev Mike Brotherton RN, who was at HMS Nelson in Portsmouth, coordinated the newsletters. Membership was £6.00. All mail was sent in the civilian post due to security, communication was a nightmare, no internet, and no mobiles etc but membership was healthy as was the scootering interest in general

The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC followed the same fate as most UK clubs did during that time with mortgages to pay, families to raise and careers to pursue, the numbers declined and the Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC folded.

In the early nineties Brett Rhodes was in the Army stationed in the UK, Bret would travel to the UK Scooter Runs and soon became aware of other serving scooterists and “The Pokey Pink Thing SC” was born. The name “Pokey Pink Thing” came from Brett’s wife, Emma’s pink fluffy rabbit who was carried on all the runs and referred to as a Pokey Pink Thing! It was the norm back in the day for scooter clubs to use novelty names and it was still not the done thing to advertise your service connections.

Again this scooter club folded leaving service scooterists a little frustrated and let down, the whole UK club scene was suffering an image problem with misappropriation of subs, right wing politics and petty squabbling that tarnished many a clubs reputation.

In 1996 I was posted to Hohne where I met Dave Gibbs; Dave was a member of the former “Pokey Pink Thing SC” and he told me of his disappointment with the club folding. I was then posted to Banja Luka in Bosnia for six months and during this tour I put a “Spoof” advert in Scootering magazine for the fictitious “Banja Luka Scooter Club”, I had seven people write to me asking if a services scooter club was being re formed!

November 1996 The Armed Forces Scooter Club was formed.

2008 The club is thriving and, although there is more organization due to the growing number of members, it is still run on a flexible and informal basis. The membership includes many regular rally going scooterists, but also many people who are only able to attend a few events each year due to various commitments.

We have an annual “Thrash” where a UK Scooter Rally is chosen, usually centralish and close to the start of the season so we can at least have one date where
AFSC Members can attempt to gather. We also organize the odd “Do” but we are not in the business of organizing events we would rather concentrate on riding scooters and celebrating our service connections.

We hope you enjoy looking around our website and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.

Yours Simon Cuerden
AFSC Founder Member

What is The AFSC?

Full membership will be afforded to all serving and ex serving members of HM forces and partners, and NATO Forces
Associate membership to emergency services of UK.

All others will be afforded friendship status only.

New patches will reflect these amendments.

No member already in the club will be affected by these amendments

What are the prerequisite for me to become a member?

You must own and ride a scooter and have served your country. This includes ex and serving members of the armed forces

I left the services many years ago can I still join The AFSC?


I am already in a scooter club, can I still join the AFSC?

Yes, most of our AFSC Members enjoy membership of their local scooter clubs just as many are Lambretta and Vespa Club Members

I served in the TA can I join?


I served in the Bundeswehr can I join?


Are French and Spanish Legionnaires welcome?

Yes as long as you have your discharge papers.

I do not have internet access at home, can I still join?

Yes just send snail mail in with your membership form complete with a photograph and we will do the rest.

What service information is required?

Your service number along with your service dates, location of service unit/ship. Basically as much info as you can give to stop the “Walter Mitties”

Do I need to own a scooter?


How can I become an “AFSC Associate” or “AFSC Honorary” member?

We have enough associate members at the moment

Can my family members become members off The AFSC

Not really but your children can become "AFSC Sproggs", we have a web page especially for them. Partners are most welcome they are here because of you and if circumstances change and you become uncomfortable then they leave. 

How much is it to join and how much are the subs?

The club is free to join and there are no subs. You will never be asked to part with your cash!!!

Has the AFSC got a patch?

We have a patch that can be worn and given to any one, this is a black embroided patch and can be bought via our menu page and we have an official AFSC Member’s patch that can be purchased from Mark at lambretta Art and Max from Max Badges (You will be asked to authenticate your service)

Are there any club rules?

No. But there is a high standard of behaviour expected and as The AFSC grows so to does the need for discipline and respect for the club and its membership. We only ask that you don't take our wonderful club for granted and please dont take things too seriousley!

Do we get a vote? Is The AFSC a democracy?

No The AFSC is not a democracy, we are a scootering collective with varying degrees of active and not so active members. It would be a nonsense for say a member who never attends a rally to vote fairly against a regular rally going member. We do have a elected committee that are used as and when needed.

How do I join The AFSC?

Just copy and paste the membership form found via our menu page.


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