Dean Deano Stainton

Dean Deano Stainton
47 yrs young
Yeovil town
Married to Hayley, a community Sister (Tram leader / Nurse) with 2 pad rats (girls) 12 & 5.
I'm a black belt 1st Dan in Tae Keon Do (Korean MA) and ferry the kids to clubs when not in the garage fixing the scoot / cars.
My scoot is a 02 Vespa PX 125 (150) in midnight blue.
I love the Sandford rally run by the Modrapheniacs as its close and always we'll run.
I'm looking forward to Stagfest even though I can only make the Saturday and it'll take me 6 hrs to get there!
Vespa Rally 200 & PX 200e, Lammy SX200, TV175 and any scoot built in 1968.

Favourite scooter: Deck chairs at dawn. 😀

Current sounds: Habberdash, Rizzle Kicks, Lilly Allen, The Specials, The Jam & The Who (sorry)!

Albums: The Who live at Leeds, Led Zep -Physical Grafiti, The Jam - Snap.

Non Mod band: Frank Zappa & the Mothers.

Desert island yes: Bear Grylls.

Desert island no: A hungry bear!

Pet hates: Rudeness, theft, lying, ignorant drivers, B.O, poor managers, religion, weak (American) lager.

Best dealer: South West Scooters. Nick C knows everything.

Haven't got a bad dealer story, sorry.

I found the
AFSC on the internet although I had heard of it from colleagues prior to this.