Darren Paul Balderson

1) Darren Paul Balderson. ( Minty )
2) 44.
3) Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.
4) Ex 7th Royal Anglian
6) D.i.Y, wielding, woodwork.
7) PK125. Also looking for a Px125.
😎 Never been to a soul event, worked many scooter rallies at Santa pod raceway though.
9) looking forward to going to Bridlington rally as my first non working event.
10) Anything that's been a labour of love to build and maintain.
11) I don't have any one present. If it's got a good beat or melody then I'm happy.
12) The very best of the jam. Brother in arms. Madness ( any album )
13) fleetwood Mac.
14) Del Boy.
15) Jordan.
16) ignorance, people who smell of BO.
17) buying my first scooter, the seller was prepared to wait for me to get the money together in order to purchase from him.
18) local triumph garage.
19) Tony Martin ( current member ).