Aaron Culley

1 .... Aaron Culley

2 .... 05/08/81 - 28

3 .... Swindon , Wiltshire

4 ....Army

5 .... Never married and currently single but i do have 2 pretty girls kaira is 5 and mia is 1 who live with their mum

6 .... skiing , skydiving, rockclimbing, when money weather and time allows it

7 .....Just about to buy a vespa px 125

8 .... Sandford rally , was my first of many and have started regular meetings with the swindon in crowd club

9 .... Im hoping to do witby bay and Llandudno :)

10 .... More inclined to the vespa area px200 px125

11 .... ska , a bit of northern soul

12 .... the ultimate northern soul album , left right and centre, the original northern soul album

13 .... Ska

14 .... Angelina jolie on the back of a px200

15 .... juilian clary would drive me mental

16 .... walking

17.....purdys in southhampton

18..... Not had a bad dealer experience as of yet and i hope i never get one :)

19.....I have 2 scooter friends in afsc john foskett and marcus jones both of whoom im serving with at the moment they both dragged me to sandford last week and now im hooked im just about to buy my vintage scooter and do a few more rallies and next year i plan not to miss a single rally as well as attend some northern soul and ska nights