John Cordery

1. John Cordery (JC)
2. 41
3. Saint Plancard, France - Elmpt, Germany - Kabul, Afghanistan
4. Ex Royal Corps of Signals
5. Married to Joanne Cordery
6. Sports bikes (sorry) & classic cars
7. Vespa (LML) 150 with Malossi 177 conversion, 2002
8. Sorry, virgin
9. Looking forward to Isle of Wight, August Bank Holiday
10. Any Lambretta (one day) and original GS
11. Cee Lo Green, Plan B, Le Roux, Beyonce and (still has to be) 'the Mod Father'
12. Days of Speed, My Generation, Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
13. Stevie Wonder
14. Wife Jo (sad I know)
15. Brad Pitt (just in case a bird did turn-up). Using that principle, I should put you down for Q14!
16. People with self-importance for no reason (we know lots)
17. Slick Scooters (Andy), Colne, Wiltshire
18. Rival Scooters in Melksham closing down
19. Al Chester (Member)