the afsc at Cleethorpes 2008
by Mik Boon

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Where to start? Cleethorpes rally for us, or Sue to be more specific, started the week before Whitby. As Usual chez Boon is open to any member who wants to stop here. As usual Sue decides her hovel isnít clean enough for pissed up
AFSC members so she starts to clean and polish , then she polishes and cleans ad when sheís done that she rearranges the furniture then polishes again. So cleaning complete panicking kept to a reasonable minimum, She was ready by Wednesday. Just to be on the safe side Reckit and Coleman delivered a pantek load of Mr Sheen Thursday for the final push.

We started Friday badly. I was on nights Thursday so my plan was to have a kip in the morning get up at 1200 hrs. We had a new suite being delivered finally after being 3 weeks late so I had arranged for my son to come over and wait for it. I got to bed at 0745 at 0915 I was woken to the phone ringing with a van on the front. So that was it plan over Got up took delivery just as my boy turned up. Agreed Sue would hate it and went back to bed to be woken again by the phone after lad had left.
This time it was Mitch. Then texts from members on the way I realised sleep was not going to be on the agenda. So I got up washed the scoots and got into the rally mood.
As we are all aware this rally coincided with national veterans day. Parade at 1400 , I got my 50 squadron themed GP out planning to park up outside the RAFA club and join the parade. I had been bragging recently that my Lammy had not let me down for 3 years the last being a burnt out clutch at the Pompey weekender. I should have kept my mouth shut. I pulled out of my drive got to the corner about 5 yards and snapped my clutch cable. I was running to a tight schedule so pushed her back in the garage and jumped on the trusty LML which wouldnít have the same effect outside the RAF memorial but needs must. As I got to the RV I met up with Rick 63 and had a quick Shandy and a yarn together in the club before joining the march.
This was where I met Dave Hall who recently joined. Cleethorpes people and a thin smattering of early scooterists lined the route 6 deep on both paths for around half a mile applauding the parade.
Brought a lump to my throat and set the scene for the weekend. North Lincolnshire people are the friendliest folk you can find and love the scooter weekend. People who donít know a scooter from a Harley have been buzzing for a couple of weeks knowing the rally was near.
The fact that the pubs in the area take more money this weekend than any other in the year, is not lost on us. After the parade Dave went to his parents house in a local village Me and Rick rode back to our house 3 miles away. The fridge opened and the rally started. We changed the clutch cable in the GP very easily and set the tension with my latest eBay investment £12 tool recommended I think, Iím sure it worked ok but on testing I snapped not the cable but the actual lever.
That meant the LML would be the steed for the weekend. I didnít have time to stop partying for maintenance. This is why Iím an advocate of having a spare scoot at all times. We were soon joined By Craig the blitz and Viv. Up from the Isle of Wight, And within minutes Sapper Baz and Ellen riding from Bridlington and RAF Daz who joined them at Beverley. We cracked open the Stella and the girls had the red wine or as Ellen put it, poison!! More of that later. The seven seater car I bought came in as transport back to town as we all opted for the campsite
Cleethorpes rally is, and I know Iím biased, one of the best. The whole resort pulls out all the stops. Most of the pubs in the area get into it and put on scooter themed doís . This does though have the effect of diluting the attendances at the main do and make it look like there's not so many attending. Friday night at the camp site was a coincidental monthly free Northern night. Usually attended by a dozen people this time crammed to the rafters with scooterists intent on a good night and they certainly had one. A phone call from Si and Carol they were at our house and our sons mate drove them to us. Thanks Si I have since found out you told him Iíd buy a tank of petrol????
As the night went on Uggy Jeannette Andy and Lou arrived after a long ride up from Bedfordshire.
The backpatches came in handy as we found Ashley in the bar and made him a fully fledged
AFSC mate. Ellen seemed to have taken some "warfarin" in with her red wine as it came up glowing in the dark and she turned into the bird from the exorcist giving Craig and the rest of us some ( well deserved) abuse.
The night ended too early for us so two quick trips back found everyone back at our house for a 70ís music quiz and a floor show of Si lighting farts and craig demonstrating the best use of Doritos in enticing a border collie into giving oral.
We eventually crashed at around 0400 after a surreal episode of role reversal when my 18 year old complained about the noise.
Saturday morning started early with a fry up then what is becoming a traditional Cleethorpes rally ride in. normally around 80 -100 scoots meet up at the Haven Inn on the A180 to ride the 4 miles to the pier straight through Grimsby and Cleethorpes.
This time the route had changed to make it longer about 8 miles and between 5 and 600 scooters had made the effort. This was absolutely amazing, Baz had trouble starting as the scoots left and we had to bump start his PX the others hadnít noticed and had gone off in the middle of the pack , so me Baz and Daz tagged onto the end and overtook where we could to catch up . the whole ride in took around an hour second and third gear all the way through red lights and roundabouts with out riders stopping traffic to let us through. Very few drivers seemed to mind and the spectacle has hit the front page of the local paper. When we arrived Sue and I shot straight off for a family wedding and got back to the parts fair 2 hours later.
The night we had arranged to meet up at the site again for another good night but got a phone call from Mitch saying there was a local bingo and pub singer on. As I said the northern night Friday was a coincidence. We decided to go to the Beachcomber for the official do. Big mistake, the usual fiver to get in and expensive booze. Not the organisers fault the beachy is always expensive. BUT they had two rooms of music on in adjacent open plan rooms.
Sound systems were crap records scratched and jumping but worst of all both systems could be heard in both rooms and neither enjoyed. As luck would have it Mitchís wife Sharon had stayed in the club because the kids were on site, she rang to say the club had got the DJ back and were getting him back on , we jumped in the AFSC bus , (Thanks again Sue sweetheart for not drinking and ferrying us all over) We arrived to the most bizarre scene ever witnessed on a rally. It was great seeing Jinx and his wife Tina.
The pub singer was fighting for his career against all odds singing Queen songs 200 scooterists drowning him out and abusing him three times he tried to come back eventually giving up and Dennis the DJ getting the ovation of his life as Madness filled the air.. More high jinks abuse and boozing took place this time Alcoholics anonymous helped Ellen stay on the wagon.
The it was Munchies time and the local kebab shop was treated to the
AFSC cabaret. The poor young lass serving who gave as good as she got, was almost convinced herself that she was a transvestite called Dave. Even reduced to explaining to others that she wasnít .
The weather as usual at Cleethorpes held out and in parts was glorious Hopefully everyone got home safe and dry before 1600 when we had a mini tsunami.
Thanks to everyone who made it special .