christopher harris

1. Christopher Harris (“H” and from the old days “Chopper” Yep Ron “Chopper” Harris Chelsea Yuck)
2. 52
3. Portsmouth
4. 24328679 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers followed by Territorial Army Postal and Courier. Yes Simon Cuerden was once, my PSI although I did help Simon in his accommodation (Sergeants Mess) in ReinD and yes I remember his T shirt with Alex and his 3 droogs on………..
5. Nearly Divorced (I hope)
6. Tai Chi Chuan, hiking, camping.
7. Vespa LX 125 Yes starting over again
8. My real favourite was August bank holiday 1985 IOW
9. Looking to get some
10. Never personally had a favourite and over the past 30yrs have seen far too many fab ones.
11. I’m an old git but do work the doors on some of the new bands which seem ok
12. No real favourites
13. Shakira, Cher, Dean Martin, Al Jolson, Glen Miller, Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons the list goes on, I’ll shut up
14. It changes daily
15. The for now “wife”
16. People who let me down
17. None
18. None
19. Simon Cuerden use to talk about it