The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC fanzine

The club was originally formed in 1981 as “The British Forces Scooter Club” Gary McLaughlin, Paul Stannard and Yorkie Stout where amongst the first. It was then the first forces and scootering affiliation started. There was nothing formal at that point, just mates, with 2 common links, who would informally meet at rallies and send the odd Bluey to each other while on Ops etc.

The security climate during the eighties altered and it was not the done thing to advertise that you where in the services so The “British Forces Scooter Club” had to undergo a change and “The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC” was born named after a popular Royal Navy dish known commonly as a ‘Cheesy Hammy Eggy’

The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC was born, with the membership criteria being any forces
Involvement, from serving members etc to civilian support staff at bases etc. The Rev Mike Brotherton RN, who was at HMS Nelson in Portsmouth, coordinated the newsletters. Membership was £6.00. All mail was sent in the civilian post due to security, communication was a nightmare, no internet, and no mobiles etc but membership was healthy as was the scootering interest in general

The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC followed the same fate as most UK clubs did during that time with mortgages to pay, families to raise and careers to pursue, the numbers declined and the Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC folded.

Here is issue 2 of The Cheesy Hammy Eggy SC fanzine produced by the Reverend Michael Brotherton MB