“Bully Boys Scooter Owners Group”

Every thing about this scooter run was in stealth mode, the location, the flyer, Carol and I nearly didn’t get there!

Some while back I was e-mailed the flyer, it was in English and I thank who ever translated it, was it Stephan? Please let me know?

Simon Brunskill Ted Carol n Simon Simon & The Villains

As with most of the Germany runs there is a certain flurry of anticipation with our guestbook filling with travel arrangements and rendezvous point for our members to meet. This wasn’t the case for the “Bully Boys Scooter Owners Group”

Without sounding cruel to the run organisers; the event was met with a certain degree of indifference? I am not too sure of the reasons for this, our club members in Germany usually go into overdrive before a scooter run and as this run was a stones throw from Osnabruck it was strange that not many showed an interest?

The “Bully Boys Scooter Owners Group” are not exactly house hold names on the German Scene, I for one have never heard of them so it was a bit of a leap of faith on Friday afternoon when carol and I decided to drive to the run.

Ted N Urte Anne, Steve, Jonno n Craig John Vermacht Wee Johno

Taking the easy option and opting to travel down in the car gave us both the choice of turning around if the run was a disaster the 300 mile round trip on a rainy Friday night 2 up on a P200E was not the wife’s first choice for “what we should do at the weekend”.

On Friday the 16th Sept 2005, I rang one of the 2 telephone numbers printed at the bottom of the flyer, the directions given sounded like a children’s treasure hunt, near Osnabruck, A30 exit Bissendorf then follow the run signs, what could possibly go wrong?

Carol and I bombed up the sat nav to get us to the Bissendorf exit and I decided to ring Stephan just to confirm the signs. I was hoping for an address but Stephan assured me that the signs were well marked and we were to exit and follow straight to the run.

The night was as dark as ink; the rain was torrential as we left the autobahn at the Bissendorf exit. The first sign to the run was clearly displayed and we anticipated eagerly our first beer. An hour later and after circling Bissendorf we had to ring Dia Ranson to surf the net for Stephan’s telephone number!

Carol n Simon Brunskill Jonno n John Ted discovers a bunion Craig n Simon

We were directed off road and down a country lane that the “Hammer House of Horror” studios would have been proud of, I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit that some scooterists will not have found this venue. To say secluded would be the understatement of the year! I had images of local yokels dry bumming me in their corn shack for the winter!

On finding the run venue, that can only be described as an oasis in a desert of trees, we were greeted by the comforting and familiar site and sound of, Steve Evans, Anna, Craig Ballantyne, Johnno, John Wymark, Ian and Lisa Botham (I’m lying, there in Canada) Simon Brunskill, Ted and Urte. In an instant the long and winding journey was forgotten as we tumbled into our usual routine of beer, banter and bullshit.
The venue consisted of a large wooden building isolated and in the middle of nowhere, there were hot showers, toilets, a car park, a camping area complete with BBQ and bonfire area, a large wooden dance floor, a bar, a kitchenette and a small area that was used as a cocktail bar, a large veranda that was covered and gave a large area for those who chose to eat or drink outside.

One of the “Bully Boys Scooter Owners Group” came round to collect the entrance fee from carol and I, we told that because we were leaving the next day that entrance was free! Top result, we were given free soup on arrival, a fantastic idea, and on top of this breakfast was included!

It was nice to see Craig and Steve coming out, they have moved in together and seem very happy and contented. Craig gave me some rubbish about Kathleen being back in Scotland and Steve was now on his own, I say “whatever” it’s fantastic to see you both so happy, even if Craig does look a little thin. Carol and I gave Craig some of our free soup and we were both comforted to see him eagerly sink both bowls.

Steve told me how they are both saving money by using Craig’s dishwasher to the max. They use the top tray for socks and underpants leaving the bottom section for the normal plates, pots n pans, Steve says that the secret is to add just the right amount of washing powder and dish washing powder, they did have one or two moments of fun when too much detergent was added and the soap suds crept into the lounge as they were watching The X Factor last Saturday.

Ted gave me an update of our forth coming
AFSC party, the flyers that our John Wymark has done are quite fantastic, both in English and German. Soon it was time to go into the night do as a Ska band, The Villains were warming up. Now I am not the biggest fan of ska in the world but I have to admit to being pleasantly blown away by The Villains so much so that we are now in talks to get them to appear at our AFSC Party! Watch this space!!

The party mood was in full swing although the numbers were well down, Beck’s beer was flowing well and we made one or three visits to the cocktail room, Johnno was a little miffed that they didn’t have his favorite tipple. I am not too sure of its name; it looks a little like yellowish lime juice and Johnno said it tastes salty? It’s nice to see him on the piss.

All the “Bully Boys Scooter Owners Group” were pleasant and were eager that all the guests were enjoying themselves; the scooter run was certainly a credit to them. If this run was advertised a bit better and signed posted a bit better then this run will establish its selves next year on the German calendar. All The Armed Forces Scooter Club present had a super time and I am sure that we will visit again.



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