Neil "Bomber" Brown


1 .... Name.... Neil "Bomber" Brown

2 .... Age.... 37ish!

3 .... Town.... Born in Weymouth, living in Salisbury on posting!

4 ....Arm or Service?  Originally a Devon and Dorset now 1 Rifles

5 .... Married? Wife's name, kids? ages etc... Wife, Erin (kids, Holly 14, Jack 11, Anna 5)

6 .... Hobbies other than soul/Scootering The odd game of golf, a few cans of stella and socialising. Like meeting up with the lads who I dont see all the time for a weekender!!!

7 .....Plastic Scooters yes, no not bothered Not really bothered !

8 .... 3 Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the past.... I Remember all the scoots around Weymouth when I was a toe-rag! Oh yeah crashed my mates vespa 50 into the boys club wall! (Looking forward to my first run out with my new found
AFSC mates in June, once my scoot is finished) Concerts - Weller, Belfast - Weller, Dalby Forrest - Weller, Leeds Uni

9 .... Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the present.... I will let you know when I've been to one!

10 .... 5 Favourite Scooters Custom or model Vespa PX Street racer, Lammy SX, VespaGS,

11 .... 5 Favourite present sounds.... Weller incl the Council and of course The Jam, OCS, Oasis, The Who, Sterophonics!!!!!!!!!!!

12 .... 3 Favourite albums.... Difficult Q - need more time to think!!!

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group.... The King, especially after an ale or two!

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island with...... My wife as she is looking over my shoulder!!!

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert Island with.... The X wife

16 .... Pet hates.... Small talk!!

17.....Best dealer .... Have ordered stuff of the Web - PMT and SIP, cant really comment yet! Robbo, Stu, Martin
AFSC Bovvy lads are the nuts!!!!!!

18.....Worst dealer experience.... NTR

19.....How did you find out about the
AFSC? Via my mate Mike Symes from Catterick. Have been looking for a Vespa PX for years at the right price and finally brought won for 150 notes, currently doing her up with the lads at Bovvy!